Shitsuren Chocolatier (Heartbroken Chocolatier) Chapter 5 – Setona Mizushiro

Hello, I’m Ceecile and this is my first summary. Because I’m new at this I’m not quite sure yet how my summaries will turn out. How detailed they will be for exemple or if I’ll add my own opinion inside the summary (the last part is unlikely I think). I think for chapters that don’t have raws or other languages’ scans available to help follow along the summaries will be more descriptive.
Keep in mind that English is NOT my first language. Although my English is not bad, it’s not perfect and it’s likely that there will me some mistakes here and there or some sentences that maybe don’t make sense. I’m also not an expert writer, this is purely amateur work so don’t look for great piece of work with beautiful sentences.
On we go

Chapter 5 Chinese scans
“It is so easy to completely devote one’s self to a woman with a simple “I will do anything for you”. If that was enough to convince her, there would not be so many problems. But reality is not so simple. It’s complicated to become a ferocious (fierce/savage/tough/cruel/bad pick whichever you feel fits best) man.”

Every morning Sohta gets up at 6h30am to jogg because Kaoruko told him “the Chocolate Prince absolutely cannot gain weight!”. She also said to take care of his skin because there are still people who think chocolate = pimples. Therefor the Chocolate Prince must prove himself that it is false.

They were overcrowded/overworked for Valentines Day. A worker from Ricdor (Sekiya, remember him), came to deliver a chocolate. Sohta takes that as a challenge (though it likely isn’t) and gets Matsuri to deliver his for White Day. Rikudo is all excited “Oh no! He’s already introducing me to his family!” + text about how happy Sohta’s feelings make him feel. Sohta takes it as Rikudo saying ~”Good effort but you’re not there yet, kid!” (obviously both sides misunderstood). But Sohta loves challenges and it stimulates him to do his best so he is really happy to have met Rikudo.

Saeko (or fairy as he calls her) gave him a cell phone strap made by hand with stuff from Choco La Vie.
Sohta had previously made the decision to be an unattendable man but it’s dificult for him. He doesn’t know what to do to achieve that.

Olivier and Matsuri are playing a game. Olivier calls her an angel, a Goddess. She says that in a game it’s normal to behave like a heroine. olivier answers that in the real world she is also pretty and gay and kind and that she has no default. Matsuri start to get uncomfortable because of her guilty conscience : she confesses to dating one of her friends’ boyfriend behind her back (essentially being ~the other woman). Olivier is shocked and speechless.

Saeko is eating at Choco La Vie while on the phone. She’s talking about a goukon and is being asked for advice (Kaoruko is all ears) : (Wear flat shoes because men are sensitive to their height, if it’s cold wear something light (but not necessarily revealing) [At this point Kaoruko start thinking Saeko is sreally stupid because when it’s cold logically you should wear something warm] because when they come out of the restaurant the guy lend her his coat [Kaoruko: “!! I’d never thought of that… This girl is a genius!! That’s the difference between a girl who married at 26 and one who isn’t at 32.”]
Sohta gets Saeko to try the new truffles, she loves them but as a few critiques, they talk about that for a while. Then as she’s leaving she asks Sohta if he has time to go out, he says yes on days the shop is closed, her answer “Ok. ♥ Then, see you soon. ♥” Which obviously gets Sohta both confused and excited. First he thinks ~Isn’t that a way to ask me out?! then ~No way, she was just making light talk, I really should not get any ideas (Traumatized).

Chocolate talk

Matsuri is texting before going to bed. She says she left the guy she was seeing. A guy who dates to girl at the same time sucks and she feels guilty towards her friend. Olivier pats her head and says “I told you so, Matsuri. You are a good girl” (meaning good person, not you know, what “good girl” sometimes implies). Next day he seems happy as he is humming.

Sohta asks Kaoruko what she thinks of a younger guy like him, she’s shocked. He asks her if potentially she could be interested in him, Kaoruko is very flustered as she answers “Hum… Well… I don’t know…”. Sohta wonders if for Saeko he’ll always be like a little brother for her, a dull youngster. Kaoruko takes offense on his behalf (and because lets face it she likes him) and tells him that even though he is very talented and people call him the Chocolate Prince he does not become conceited and stays a nice (kind) man. “You are talented enough to realize what you must do and you make so many efforts! What is there that’s bad in you?! If I were at her place, I…” Cue Sohta’s and Olivier’s shocked faces. Sohta thanks her and says she’s probably be giving his father false hope as he keeps saying he wants her to be his daughter-in-law. Kaoruko is all flustered and blushing really hard. Sohta says that he keeps telling his father that a woman as beautiful and talented as her could never be interested in him (“He’s dreaming that old man”). Olivier aware of Kaoruko’s feelings jumps in to tease her “But you two go well together”. Clients arrive to stop Kaoruko from going crazy.

Saeko comes in asking to speak to Sohta. She asks him if he’s currently seeing someone and he says no. “Is that so? Good ♥”. She asks (while wearing this annoying expression like she knows exactly what’s she’s doing -and you know she does- I can’t really describe so see for yourself here) if he can free himself, whenever is best for him. He answers that he can if she wants and asks why while thinking “What’s going on? Huh? Huh??”. Saeko: “A friend… Asked me to introduce you to her. [Cue Sohta O_O] She’s pretty. Would you meet her? What do you say?” To his credit, Sohta handles it like a boss and cooly answers that although he does not have a girlfriend he is currently interested in someone with whom it’s starting to go well so he cannot accept this type of thing. Saeko shocked glances at Kaoruko. She seems a tad flustered as she asks him who she is. Sohta says it’s not someone she knows and he doesn’t see why that would interest her. Now it’s Saeko’s turn to go O_O. He continues by saying that he is not in the mood to go see elsewhere and also it would not be fair to her friend. He delivers the final blow as he asks her that when there are clients could she avoid talking about such personal stuff. This is a shop, it might not look/seem like it but here is a place of business/workplace. Saeko apologizes and leaves.
Olivier tells him that Saeko looked sad as if she had ears like a scottish fold. He says he completely made up the girl with whom it’s going well, he was bluffing, it was his pride, his ego. Olivier does not lose an opportunity to tease Kaoruko and says it was going well between Sohta and her earlier. Sohta says of course! She’s a precious member of their team, I don’t joke with that. Right Kaoruko?! She says (not too convincingly) that she’s old enough to not take this type of joke seriously so don’t worry about her.
Sohta thinks he’s perfectly aware of the type of woman Saeko is so as a rule he never allows himself false hope but when he’s faced with this type of behaviour he’s forced to admit that she doesn’t care about him at all. Later he thinks he might have been to harsh and immature and he really does not know what he should do. he recieved a text from Saeko “apologizing” once more and saying she’s still curious about the other girl. Sohta is confused by what she means and doesn’t text back.

Some time later both Matsuri and Sohta look grim. Saeko hasn’t been back since that day. Kaoruko tells him that maybe she was testing him to see how he’d react. He asks why since that’s the type of games you play with someone you’re interested in and for her he’s invisible. Kaoruko recalls that time Saeko was ignored by Sohta and she’d purposely left her umbrella and other moments when she seemed ~interested. She asks him, if that’s what he really thinks then what’s his goal? Since he knows that, what is he trying to do?Anyway, she’s already married but he still only have eyes for her! He says that it’s not true, he does look elsewhere (other women) and he’s not forcing himself to keep being in love with Saeko. He’s leaving his heart open to meeting someone else and if there is girl who interests him then he will love her and if it goes well, he’ll go out with her. He’d really like that to happen but for now he hasn’t met anybody like that, that’s all [Cue Kaoruko’s crushed face].

At night Matsuri prepares to go out and is caught by Olivier. He guesses by her face that she’s going to see her boyfriend. He told her “My girlfriend isn’t here you should come”, she says it’s unbelievable, what an asshole. “I want to see you. I can’t stop thinking about you”, he keeps telling her things like that. She yells “But me too, I want to see him”. She can’t stop thinking about him, it sucks, she’s really horrible. She swears she’ll stop one day but right no it’s not possible. She asks him to cover for her with her parents that she’ll sleep at a friend’s house. He proposes to walk her to the train station since it’s dark and she screams to leave her alone. when he’s kind to her, she feels like he’s reproaching her. She apologizes. He’s very kind. He really is a nice person (unlike her), a real prince. He says he pities her. Although she’s going to meet someone she loves, she’s making this face… He repeats that he pities her.

Sohta think’s he’s been ridiculous trying to play the seduction game. He doesn’t have anyone with whom to play, it was over since long ago. He thinks she might not come back. He was always alone on the ring (boxe). Whether he was with Olivier or Kaoruko, whether he has a shop and clients… He is still alone(x2). He knees on the ground and cries that he wants to fall in love with someone else. “Isn’t there anybody else? Somebody… Whoever as long as it’s not her (Saeko)”. Then his expression changes completely and he says “I have a brilliant idea”.

Turns out he has come up with new ideas for his truffles (unrequited love is sour like lemon) and then he talks about how all feelings generate something but it’s sadness/hurt that is most efficace and stimulate creativity the most. He thinks that perhaps what he wants is after experimenting lots of things Saeko will go to him and say “in the end you’re the one”, maybe they’de already be much older… He’d like to tell her “Let me take care of you, stay next to me”. Then he explodes “that’s what I though but maybe I actually just wants to do her!! Argh no, a good guy does not say this type of thing in front of a girl”. Kaoruko says it’s fine, she doesn’t count as woman. Sohta takes offense “what are you saying?! I think you denigrate yourself too much!”
Olivier tries the citron truffles and tears fall out. He says he’s in love. Sohta asks him if it’s painful to the point of making him cry. Olivier answers that unrequited love is painful, but he’s happy to be in love. Sohta must understand him. Sohta puts his arm around Olivier and says “of course…” in French (“bien sûr”).

End of chapter 5

Phew! That took much MUCH longer than I expected! It’s hard not to go into details. I’ll try making them shorter because otherwise I’ll never have the time.


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