Hana ni Kedamono Chapter 10 – Miwako Sugiyama

Chapter 10 Chinese scans

“The first boy I met after changing school… My very first love… Hyo Kakizono… I was sure I would never be able to confess… That it would never become a mutual love. Even so…”

Kyu accept to participate to the ceremony of exchanging ring with Hyo, he is ecstatic but the fangirls aren’t and they hound him (He chose on his own to date only one girl, the horror!, Let’s go over there to talk about it [Not a direct quote, but almost]). He tells Kyu they’ll meet at 3pm on stage and then mouths “I like you” (“Suki”) and blows her a kiss. While he’s leaving he says “After we’ll kiss a lot, right?”

Kanna is walking around school when three 2nd years students stop her, apparently they heard she’s being bullied by girls and they say they’ll protect her. She just walks around them which angers them so they grab her and after she tries to leave again they pull her hair. One of them says he has a friend who takes the train at the same station as her and he told him an exciting story about her, “is it true? [the story]” (Black speech bubbles, you know that means business) and Kanna looks shocked to hear that. They keep bothering her until Tatsuki arrives “What did you do to my Kanna?!”. Kanna leaves saying she’ll let him take of it, Tatsuki runs after her.
She turns around suddenly and puts her face close to his. Tatsuki is flustered and tells her to wait, they’re outside, it’s not right… He’s blushing really hard and closes his eyes saying “Woa Oo..gami!!”. Of course she wasn’t going to kiss him. Instead, while he still as his eyes clothes and is making a kissing face she asks him if he’s an idiot. While maintaining the kissing face he opens one eye, confused. She tells him she was doing fine without his help and what id he going to do if they want revenge? He should have let it go. He’s happy thinking she’s worried about him but she says that’s not it, he just should have let it go. He says “absolutely not!, he doesn’t want that. She repeats he’s stupid and he happily agrees, he’s often told that.
Blushing he asks if she wants to participate to the exchange of the rings ceremony with him and she refuses. Then he asks if she can eat ramen with him and after looking like she’ll refuse she finally agrees. He’s so happy he cries.

Hyo’s fan girls are talking about him and the “bear girl”, they don’t know who she is and discuss various rumours about her while Kumi is there. Chihaya arrives, he’s going to close his class’ because everyone wants to go see Hyo give his ring to the rumoured incredible girl. Trembling and sweating Kumi asks him what she should do. Surprised, he realizes that she’s the girl, he can’t believe it.

They talk about the ceremony, she accepted without really understanding how it went. it’s in front of the whole school and a bit like a fake wedding ceremony. Those who exchange rings during the ceremony become an official couple in the eyes of everyone at school and nobody can touch them. Kumi remembers Hyo’s words (“I want to prove to you that my love is the same as yours. Participate in the ceremony with me.”) She’s happy, and then she drops her ring. Chihaya picks up the ring looking very serious and he asks her if she’s sure she loves Hyo, it’s not just because he’s good looking and nice? She says no, she’s seriously in love with him. Chihaya tells her that if that’s the case she’d better not go to the ceremony. He tells her that since junior high Hyo’s always been like that with girls. Everyday he was surrounded by women, accepting everyone who came and never chasing those who left, he’s never been serious. For Hyo, being nice to girls is as easy as breathing but he doesn’t feel any attachment, it’s just a game for him. He has no love inside him (black bubble speech!). What she’s about to do from now on is like getting a kindergartner to enter university, teaching him what it means to love, she’s reckless. Kumi starts crying asking him why he’s saying this. She thinks that she knows that this love story is risky and difficult, but she loves him. Chihaya apologizes and says he went to far as dries her tears with his sleeve. However he says that he knows she’ll cry again, it worries him and he can’t leave her/let her go(?) (The translation doesn’t specify so I don’t know if it’s “can’t let you go” or “can’t leave you).

Hyo is changing in a room and smiles looking at the time, then he lovingly kisses the ring in his hand. A teacher enters the room and tells him someone from his home called.

Back to Chihaya and Kumi. He tells her not to go, “if it’s going to make her cry like this, I won’t let you go to Hyo!”

End of Chapter 6

This was so much easier and faster to do. As I thought, it’s just that Shitsuren Chocolatier is hard to summarize.
Oh by the way Kyu=Kumi, it’s what Hyo calls her. I just noticed I used both throughout the summary.


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