Shitsuren Chocolatier (Heartbroken Chocolatier) Chapter 6 – Setona Mizushiro

Despite my best effort to make the summary shorter, I think as far as this manga is concerned it’s going to be difficult. For one almost every chapter has above 60 pages, sometimes even 70. And then there’s just so much talking. Not a whole lot actually happens in this manga. It’s a lot of talking, a lot of Sohta thinking, making chocolate… And the chocolate making process for Sohta is actually important to the story so I can’t skip that completely either. So it’s hard to summarize without it getting too long. Plus I always sucked at taking concise notes, I always wrote down everything.
Try to follow along with the Chinese scans.

Chapter 6 starts with Saeko and Sohta lying in bed and doing some sick pillow talk. I have to translate this dialogue to show how strong Sohta’s delusions are:
Sohta: “Good morning. You were sleeping like a baby.”
Saeko: “You were watching me?!” “Oh la la I spent the night at your place.”
Sohta: “Hum yes. Is this your first affair?”
Saeko: “Yes! You’re the first person with whom I did that Sohta.”
Sohta: “Your first man… Then I have to assume responsibility. What do you want from me? ♥”
Saeko: “In that case Mr. Chocolatier, make me a chocolate with bits of crispy and slightly bitter caramel.”
Sohta wakes up thinking about what a genius he is.

It’s already been more than a month since their ~ fight and Saeko hasn’t been back. Sahto as usual over thinks everything regarding Saeko.

Olivier asks Matsuri if it’s going well with her boyfriend and she answers that he told he would leave his girlfriend. Olivier says that’s good, it means she counts more for him than the other girl. Matsuri guilty about rejoicing because a friend is going to be dumped, she says she’s a hypocrite. Olivier says some philosophical words about how most things belong to somebody else so it’s normal to want to fight over them. If the boyfriend wants to leave the other girl that’s good for Matsuri, but be careful because men have a tendency of not keeping those type of promises.

Sohta observes Olivier during work. He wonders who is the woman that could put Olivier in this state. He thinks it’s an older married custumer (“Oh same as me!”) while Olivier thinks about tonight’s anime. Sohta ends up asking him how it’s going and Olivier answers that he is just observing. He says he’s sure the boyfriend is a bad guy so for now he’s just observing. Right now she’s going in head first and she can’t can’t notice it herself, she’ll end up tripping and hurting herself… Even if he warns her, if she doesn’t experience the pain herself her feelings won’t change. Right now her mind is completely full of the other guy so if he has to giver her a hand, he’ll have more chance of her taking it when she’ll be hurt… Sohta thinks Olivier has a dark side.

Kaoruko tastes the new chocolate Sohta came up with (in his dream). He doesn’t know yet how he’s to decorate them. Since he became chocolatier for Saeko, thinking that she might never come back and never try his chocolate he is losing his motivation. He has to persuade himself that she will come back even if it’s not true.
They have all been invited to Rikudo’s birthday party. Olivier is depressed to hear that Matsuri won’t go because she has to go see a friend. Sohta doesn’t know this but of course we and Olivier know it’s her boyfriend. Olivier pictures Matsuri sleeping with the guy.

Saeko tries some chocolate and while her friends thinks they’re super good, she thinks they’re rather bland. Her friends praises Sohta’s new product and Saeko gets all excited and proud. After she learns they’re mint truffles she’s surprised/sad (or something, it’s always hard to know what she’s really thinking/feeling) thinking about “Sohta’s mint” (Sohta said before she loves mint chocolate and that why he made them. He was also thinking that even though though they’ll stop their production at the end of the month she still hasn’t come). She leaves without buying anything and thinks “I cannot cheat on him”.

Rikudo’s birthday party introduces us to two new main characters, including my favourite, Elena. Elena wishes Rikudo a happy birthday and they hug and kiss. Rikudo asks Sohta for a kiss for his birthday and then says he won’t kiss anyone for the rest of the day.
Kaoruko thinks that even if she asked Sohta for the same thing for her birthday as a joke Sohta would not do it so she’s worth less than a gay man.
Sohta notices Elena’s “beautiful legs”, Rikudo is jealous. He introduces them, she’s Elena Kato, a model friend.
Kaoruko feels out of place. A friend of Olivier’s father recognizes him so she ends up alone. She’s looking for Sohta.. Who is with Elena. She asks about his girlfriend and he admits he’s been in an unrequited love for 11 years. When he questions why she calls him senpai she admits that she’s also in an unrequited love, but for her it’s been 1 year. He’s surprised because she’s so beautiful. So she asks him, then between her and the girl he likes, who affects him the most. Of course it’s Saeko. Elena is depressed and Sohta attempts to cheer her up saying it’s because she’s too beautiful so men are intimidated. Of course she doesn’t like that excuse. In the end she says it doesn’t matter because her job is to get women to like her, not men. They clearly hit it off and are acting more like potential lovers than friends or people who just met.
Kaoruko does not like what she’s seeing and decides to leave. She’s called out by Sekya and they make small talk. He compliments her on her hair. She thinks that Sohta didn’t even say anything about it.

In a taxi Elena and Sohta discuss their unrequited love. She’s in love with the drummer of a band she met while filming for their MV but she actually doesn’t know anything about him or if she’ll ever see him again. They barely even talked. He’s not that handsome or flashy but she fell in love then and still is now. They continue talking and rest their heads against each other and hold hands. Sohta tries to encourage her but she keeps saying no to everything, she’s running away. He’s the same since he hasn’t told Saeko exactly why he became a chocolatier.
Elena invites him over for a cup of tea. He answers with an “OK ♥” and they go inside while holding hands.

Saeko is alone at her house looking at the “no new message” notice on her phone, an empty box of chocolate from Choco la vie on the table in front of her.

Elena is complementing everyone at Choco la vie, how they’re all beautiful, etc… Elena was changing and once she comes out in just a night gown this happens:
Elena: “Sohta”.
Sohta: “Yes”.
Elena: “How about we do it?”
Sohta: “Hum?”
Elena: “Can we have sex?”
Sohta: *Spits out his drink”.

Sohta tells her that’s not why he came in, they’re friends! Elena says that’s why, they’re friends and both member of the unrequited love club. Sohta says exactly, they’re both in love with other people. But Elena thinks that she doesn’t when or if she’ll ever see him again, and even if she does, it doesn’t mean he’ll love her back. Maybe she’ll never succeed and she might never forget him too. In that case, is she supposed to spend her whole life thinking about him, never holding or being held by another man? She asks Sohta how about him for the last 11 years. He’s flustered as he says that he’s a man (and he had to get some experience), plus it doesn’t count in a foreign country. She says “So you see! Then what’s wrong?!”. After that it’s a back and forth between the two. Elena thinks it’s fince because they’re clear about their feelings, she wouldn’t do this with someone if there’s even a 1% risk of a misunderstanding. She was happy whent hey held hands earlier. Unrequited love turns them into solitary people. Sohta agrees with everything she says, it’s just that these days Saeko doesn’t come anymore and so right now he feels like he’s facing some kind of divine test. Elena looks a bit dejected but she understands and quickly goes back to her usual cheerful self.

Sohta is having a nightmare, he tells Saeko that he resisted the advances of a beautiful model because he only loves her. She answers “Really? ♥ And? You want to be praised? You were expecting me to clap for you? We don’t have that type of relationship as far as I know. Not for me anyway. You’re boring, annoying, you disgust me. Sohta you haven’t changed at all.” It looks like the scene of when she dumped him before valentines day. He wakes up with a start. Then there’s another of his long monologues about what the hell is he doing, Saeko doesn’t care about him, what should he do, blah blah blah. He seems to have a revelation ashe thinks that if she ever comes back at that time he should be transformed to the point that it would disturb her.

Elena comes back with water for him and much like she did earlier, without warning, he asks her if she wants to do it. (I have to say Sohta is quite hot then. Probably because we’re used to seeing like a dog wagging its tail for Saeko all the time).
Sohta: “Let’s do it?” (It doesn’t translate well in English but there’s no doubt as to what he’s saying).
Elena: …
Sahto: “How about we have sex… Elena.”
Elena: …
Sahto: “Maybe you don’t want to anymore.”
Elena: “I do! Hum… You changed your mind?”
Sahto: “You can say that.”
Elena: “After seeing me for a while you find me to your taste?”
Sohta: “Not at all.”
Elena: !!
Sohta: “I found you to my taste from the start.”

They joke not to fall in love an kiss. Sohta tells her she’s not wearing a bra and she says it’s because she thought they might sleep together, however he tells her that she doesn’t get it, leave to the guy the pleasure of taking it off. She asks about his divine test and he answer that he already found the answer. And so they sleep together.

The next day he has a text from Saeko. For a moment he’s scared because he though she was reproaching him but her text is very cheerful as if nothing ever happened. He’s once again confused as to what that means and what to answer.
Elena tells him to come take a shower. They talk about women’s ~weird way of texting. They joke about him not needing to jogg this morning since he did enough sport last night. He notices her very decorated nails.

Sohta comes into the shop yawning and Kaoruko immediately realizes that he’s wearing the same clothes and asks “Don’t tell me you spent the night elsewhere…” He says that he did and she scream that he spent the night with the girl from before. He’s shocked at first but tells her that seeing how things going, it would have been weird if it had been with someone else. She screams that she can’t believe it and puzzled Sohta tells her not to make that face, it’s fine, he’s not a kid. Sohta goes to change while whistling.
Olivier sees that Kaoruko is shocked/depressed. He asks Sohta is he slept with the girl from last night and as Sohta asks if he’s going to scold him too he says not at all, he’s happy for him, he thinks Sohta should go out with lots of girls. Sohta tells him they’re not going out, they’re friend. Olivier calls Elena a sex friend but Sohta tells him not to use this kind of expression. Olivier tells him not to tell this to Kaoruko, go tell her you didn’t do anything even if it’s a lie. Sohta is confused as to why he should lie to her, Olivier “…”. Sohta thinks it’s because women want to believe a man will stay faithful to the woman they love. Sohta doesn’t want to lie but Olivier convinces him. And so he does.

Sohta as finally decided how he’ll decorate the news caramel chocolate, he was inspired by the decoration on Elena’s nails. Olivier remarks that he’s going to offer Saeko chocolate inspired by another woman.
Sahto think that however, she might not come back. He want to se her face…etc the usual stuff.

End of chapter 6 and volume 2!

(I don’t own this manga, I borrowed the volumes at the library and they’re due back in a few days so I’ll do something else for a while).”


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