Hana ni Kedamono Chapter 11 – Miwako Sugiyama

Chapter 11 Chinese scans

“Don’t go to Hyo” Chihaya hugs Kumi and taps her back. It reminds her of when he was comforting a baby and she realizes he’s worried about her. She takes his hand and thanks him with a big smile on her face. He blushes then rubs her head to defuse the tension. He tells her not to be so soft if she’s going to try with Hyo. Kumi says she trusts Hyo, she doesn’t have any other choice. She believes in his feelings and him.
As she’s leaving Chihaya screams her name and does the wrist-grab. *Pause* Then he tells her she’s stupid, where is she going without her ring? He says he has a condition before giving it back to her, she must promise that she won’t cry again no matter what happens [asking that of cry-baby…]. He says not to count on him to console her. She says now everything is fine, she doesn’t any more reason to cry. She promises. Chihaya tells her to hurry because Hyo doesn’t like to be made to wait. She leaves. Looking at his hand Chihaya thinks that he calls her teddy-bear but even if someone pressures her she doesn’t let go, she loves Hyo that much.

Hyo is at a hospital, he tells the Dr that he’s leaving. The Dr apologizes for everything but Hyo says it’s fine, it’s his reason for living. However now he has fallen in love for real and today he’s going to confess. his heart his beating really fast but at the same time he’s very happy, he’s never felt this way. As he’s about to leave, someone runs over to them screaming that they need the Dr’s help in “Kakizono’s room” (Kakizono is Hyo’s last name).
Hyo tries to call people but he can’t reach anybody. He begs Kyu-chan to answer.

At the ring ceremony, Kumi is trembling/sweating as she’s talking to the guy in charge. He tells her to put her ring on the table and asks for her name. She say “Kumakuma Kyumi”, she mispronounced her own name again (it’s Kumakura Kumi). He asks with whom she’s going out and she gives Hyo’s name. She’s told to wait.

In the girl’s waiting room, Kumi realizes she’s alone. 10min till 3pm. She’s thinking that she only has to wait a little until she can finally tell her feelings to Hyo.
Hyo is running like crazy, bumping into people.

Back in the waiting room she’s told to take her ring and come. She thinks that she’s sure Hyo will smile. She’s sure. Kumi goes on stage and notices Hyo isn’t there yet, even though he said to meet at 3pm. The host asks her (in the mike) where is Hyo whom she introduced as her boyfriend. All she can say is “Ah… Ah Ha Ha!! Sorry…”.
It’s now passed 3:30 and Kumi is still waiting, trembling. The public is getting agitated. Kumi thinks that maybe there was a problem. The host tells her it’s getting long, is she sure it’s ok? Girls in the crowd are whispering then someone says “That whole thing about her exchanging rings with Hyo,wasn’t it her own delusions?” Girls start talking about how that’s probably what it is. After all she’s nothing much, she doesn’t fit with Hyo, it’s impossible that he chooses her. The proof is he’s not coming. The crowd start chanting asking for her to apologize.
Kumi is frozen. She thinks she didn’t lie, Hyo promised her to exchange rings to prove to her that he loves her the same as she loves him.

Hyo is running, climbing up stairs.

Chihaya arrives and says to stop being annoying, he’s Miss Bear’s partner, were they in a hurry to start?
Chihaya: “Stupid little bear. This is why I told you not to confess in such a place.”
She laughs and apologizes, he was right. She gets tears in her eyes and before they spill she laughs, apologizes and rubs her face. He asks what’s she’s doing and with a big smile she says she promised not to cry not matter what happens! He pulls her against his chest and tells her it’s not her fault, she didn’t do anything. That’s why, she can cry. And she does while calling Hyo’s name.

Hyo arrives at the empty station.

Kumi: “I ended up crying on Chihaya’s chest. This chest… Large, warm and so gentle… But despite everything, my tears didn’t stop flowing.”

End of Chapter 11 and of Volume 2!


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