Ore Monogatari!! Chapter 11 – Kazune Kawahara & Aruko

Chapter 11 Chinese scans

Suna and Yamato visit Takeo at his work. She says he’s really cool in his uniform and as usual he thinks “I love her”. Yamato jokes that if she becomes muscular Takeo might not like her anymore and he answers seriously that he’d still love her. They order their drinks. Yamato gushes over Takeo while Suna jokes that when Takeo’s holding the tray it looks like a plate.

Then some guy that we didn’t see arrive says (as if he was always part of the conversation) that apparently the cafe’s owner begged Takeo to stay when he wanted to quit. Then the he asks Suna “Are you Takeo Goda?”. Suna is understandably confused and asks the guy who he is. The guy doesn’t answer and says “For sure… You’re rather good looking… I have to admit it. But… I beat you/I win.” Then Takeo appears behind and says he’s Takeo. The guy is shocked. Takeo asks him what he wants and the guy says he’s not a suspicious person and shows his student ID. His name is Hayato Oda. His ID is from Ousaki University, the same university as Suna’s sister.
Speaking of, she arrives out of breath. She apologizes for disturbing him during work and leaves dragging Hayato with her.
Suna’s sister [Can’t remember her name sorry! Did we even ever learn what it was??] has been studying in a a university in Nagoya since this year.

Yamato says she’ll wait for Takeo to finish work at 5pm. Takeo thinks of what he’d like to do for Yamato with the money he earned like taking her somewhere she wants. Takeo wonder who that guy was, did he (Takeo) do something to “big sis”?

Elsewhere Suna’s sis asks why Hayato went to see Takeo and he answers “Isn’t obvious? I told I was in love with you didn’t I? That’s why.” He just wanted to see the man the woman he loves is in love with. Then he makes sure that that guy really was Takeo, he didn’t picture him like that at all, he even confused her brother for Takeo. Is he really the one who said she was like a flower? And that girl, she’s Yamato, Takeo’s girlfriend. Big sis confirms everything. Hayato says he won’t go back to Nagoya until he’s spoken with Takeo, he wants to know what type of guy he is. He wants to know who is the guy she’s in love with. It’s his right isn’t it? After all he’s Takeo’s the reason she rejected him. She tries to stop him. She says, while looking close to tears, that Takeo and Yamato are a happy couple and Yamato is a great girl. That’s enough for her, she already sorted her feelings out.

Yamato is happy to have seen Suna’s sis again, the last time was at their dad’s surgery. Yamato says big sis really helped her out, she listened and advised her about Takeo. She wants to do something to thank her, like a cake. They onder about the guy. It looked like he knew big sis but he wanted to see Takeo…

Big sis goes home. She took took Hayato to the train station. She asks if Takeo said anything and is down when Suna says he didn’t. They talk about his work. She asks if Yamato doesn’t say anything about it and Suna answers that she was impressed, big sis agrees, his backs was too sexy, it was bad for her.

Takeo is still thinking about where he and Yamato could go with the money he earned. He asks her if she likes MM Land (an amusement park) andshe loves it. He asks her if she wants to go now that he’s got money and her answers goes like this [the arrows are for her voice’s intonations] “Eh?!⇈ Ah! Aaaah…⇊ No I’d rather not.”

Takeo barges into Suna’s room asking what that means but his sister is also there, reading. Takeo thinks back to when he was in middle school and sometimes big sis was in her pajamas, he shouldn’t have come in unexpectedly. It didn’t seem to bother her (that it’d barge in their house) but when she’s there he shouldn’t come without warning.
Big sis apologizing for today, at his workplace. She says Hayato is not her really her friend, more like an acquaintance, they have classes together. Takeo says it should be him apologizing, because he thought Hayato was bothering Suna he was rude to him. Big sis smiles that ‘that’s so you, you’re so great, I love you smile’.
She asks what brings him here. He tells them what happened. Big sis says she can talk to Yamato for him if he wants. After Takeo leaves big sis says “Seriously that Takeo… Always have to take care of him.” Suna looks at her like ‘What are you doing’ He looks worried. She says not to worry, she won’t do anything to them, she really wants to help their love, they go so well together. She truly wishes them to be happy.
Takeo thinks big sis is always their to help them, really thank you.

Yamato joins Takeo an the siblings at a table. Big sis asks Yamato if she’s ever been to MM Land and she has, in fact she loves it! Takeo is like “O_O WHAT?!” Big sis says then she should go with Takeo. At this Yamato says that she doesn’t want to go with Takeo. Takeo asks if it’s because it’s expensive but she says that isn’t it, she doesn’t want to go with just him. At this Hayato joins in to say that he loves MM Land too!

Hayato says he’s not just an aquaintance of Big sis since he did confess to her after all. He says he was rejected and she said she loved someone else, even though it’s unrequited. Takeo is shocked “Who is this guy who doesn’t love big sis?! It’s unforgivable!” Hayato says that the guy already has a girlfriend. At this Takeo is speechless then just says that it happens. Big sis threatens Hayato not to say anymore.
Hayato asks Yamato if the reason she doesn’t want to go to MM Land is because of the superstition, because it seems that if you go to MM Land as a couple you’ll break up. Yamato says that’s it.
Takeo didn’t know such a thing exhisted, he doesn’t care at all but there it’s true there are superstitious athletes too. Yamato says that once you’ve heard about that kind of curse you start telling yourself that it could happen… And she really doesn’t want that. Then Oda says they should all go together! If they are not just the two of them it’s fine. Then he says he’ll go to. Takeo and Yamato are super happy, they really want to see the illuminations at night.
They make plans to go tomorrow, he tells the siblings that they’re both coming as well. Hayato gets their numbers.

Hayato says it’s touching that Yamato is scared of superstitions. Big sis says yes, Yamato is cute, she loves Takeo, she’s a nice girl. Hayato agrees that Yamato’s a nice girl but as for him, it’s big sis he’s in love with.
Suna asks why she told him about Takeo. She says she didn’t really tell him… During a student party a guy said he knew hypnose and tried it on her, apparently it worked on her and she started telling everything, although she can’t remember what she said. She tells Suna that he should be careful of hypnose too.

Yamato and Takeo talk about Hayato and big sis, how he loves her but she loves someone who has a girlfriend. Yamato asks if he thinks big sis gave up. She says that even if Takeo loved someone else she’d never give up and keep trying her best so that he’d love her. She hopes everyone will be happy one day, he agrees (in thoughts).

Hayato is sitting on a bench and sends a text to everyone saying they’ll all meet at 9 in front of a train station. Takeo scares him. Hayato doesn’t know where to sleep since he had only reserved a hotel for the previous night so Takeo says he can sleep at his place.
They eat dinner. [Skipping a here because nothing interresting is said].

Hayato says it’s nice that he calls Big sis “big sis”, maybe he’ll start calling her that too. Hayato asks if Takeo wasn’t scared of her at first and he says not at all. She was a big scary to Hayato, probably because he’s too laid back and not very serious. He’s always joking around in order to get everyone on his side, especially the teachers. When someone smiles and is nice, girls are nice to them but Big sis was the only one to get angry with him. He had too much of a “I don’t give a ****” attitude and he paid the price for it. One day he lost a teacher’s important file and he was very angry, the teacher said he’d never let Hayato graduate and he was going to warn his parents. The girls were nice and sympathetic, Big sis was the only one to get angry. He doesn’t know why but she went to apologize with him and in the end she even found the file. Takeo says Big sis is cool and Hayato says “for sure”.
Takeo wonders when he first met Big sis, actually she was always there. If she hadn’t been there he’d never had gone to school dressed properly. Hayato says he doesn’t care that she loves someone else, he accepts her as she is. But she doesn’t want to fall into his arms. Takeo thinks Hayato is a real man. The tell each other “good night” and Hayato thinks back to when Big sis was put under hypnosis.

Someone says the hypnose worked on Ai. [Ai! Ai, that’s her name, finally!] The guy tells her in front of her eyes there is the man she loves and to call out his name. She says “Ta…ke…o…”. They ask her to confirm his name and she says “Yes, he is Takeo Goda.” Then they ask if he’s her boyfriend but she says no, Takeo has a girlfirend called Yamato. At this Hayato interrupts them and tells them to stop, they’re going too far. He claps his hands to wake her up. Ai calls out Takeo with tears in her eyes before she fully wakes up, totally confused.

Next day the siblings meet Takeo outside of their appartments and Ai is surprised to see Hayato there as well (Hayato calls her “Big sis” – just when he said hello though). Hayato tells Ai that today at MM Land he’ll keep Yamato away from Takeo, this way she’ll be alone with him, and she’ll confess to him. Hayato says that even though Ai said she didn’t feel anything for Takeo anymore it’s not true, she can’t forget him because she never confessed. She has to confess in order to move on.

End of chapter 11


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