Ore Monogatari!! Chapter 12 – Kazune Kawahara & Aruko

I’m writing this summary taking into consideration that you are looking at the scans at the same time so I’m skipping over scenes without dialogue or self-explanatory scenes and I won’t go into details as much as I did before.
Chapter 12 Chinese scans

Picking up where chapter 11 ended, with Hayato telling Ai his plan to keep Yamato and Takeo away, allowing her to confess.
Ai repeats “A confession? Me? To Takeo? Telling him that I lo…” She’s so embarrassed that she can’t even say it. Hayato screams that she still loves him to the point of getting so red just at the thought of confessing. Ai said that that’s not true, that love is history for her, so Hayato says that if that’s really the case then she should stop hurting herself singing Kana Nishino’s melancholic songs.
Watching this Suna and Takeo say they are fighting. Takeo thinks Hayato is a good guy, but life isn’t easy.
Ai leaves telling Hayato that she’ll do everything to not be left alone with Takeo. Hayato says that if she can’t move on then she’ll never look at him.

Hayato says he’ll go get fast-pass for everyone and Takeo says he’ll join him. Takeo leaves and comes back because he doesn’t know where to go.
Yamato and Takeo wear animal ears and Hayato asks Ai if she’s going to as well. Ai says it doesn’t go with her, Hayato tries to convince her but it’s when Takeo says that he’s sure she’ll look good with them that she puts them on, blushing. Hayato “…” Ai screams “What now?” and he answers that he didn’t say anything.

They are enjoying the rides, Takeo thinks he’s having fun, he didn’t know an amusement park was such a nice place.
Yamato realizes that if she keeps only having fun with Takeo then it’s like they’re on a date (thinking of the jinx). Hayato says then she can go on a ride with him but Ai stops him and takes Yamato with her.
On a boat Takeo asks Suna what a jinx is (Takeo is very scared every time something jumps out). Suna says it isn’t a jinx, it’s reality. After all if you count the couples who come here and break up after, it’s obvious that there are more of those than those who stay together. Since there aren’t that many love that last, globally speaking. Takeo thinks that’s true. Ever since he started going out with Yamato he has only had good moments so he had forgotten that ind obvious thing, “reality”.

Hayato continues to try and get Ai and Takeo alone but she stops him every time. Takeo and Yamato are blissfully unaware.
Hayato asks if they’re hungry and tells Takeo to come with him to buy food. Ai glares suspiciously at him but he says he’s with Takeo so she can’t say anything.
Hayato asks Takeo who confessed first and he answers Yamato. Hayato says he’d like Ai to confess to the one she likes. He wants that guy to know that she loved him for a long time. or she’ll never be able to move on. Takeo thinks “I see. Oda (Hayato’s last name) is in love with her”. Takeo asks what’ll happen to him if it goes well between that guy and “big sis” and Hayato says that’ll cry and it’d be ideal for it to go well.

Hayato tells Ai that he gives up, he decided to enjoy the day with her. He wants to have a good time with her and go home.
Ai spills ketchup on herself and goes to wash herself. Hayato sees an opportunity and tells Suna and Yamato to come with him to buy popcorn. He tells Takeo to stay there. Ai comes back and asks where the others are. She gets a text from Hayato telling her that him, Suna and Yamato are going toward the Fantasy Zone so she should take this chance to confess. He also has Yamato’s phone so no point in calling her. We see that Hayato is actually leading the other two toward the Future Zone while Ai and Takeo go look for them in the Fantasy Zone.

Hayato lies that he told the others to meet here so they can walk around. Yamato thanks Hayato because thanks to him she could come here and have a lot of fun. Hayato feels a bit guilty.
Takeo and Ai are looking for them but obviously in vain. Ai apologizes to Takeo about Hayato, saying it must have been a bother to let him stay at his house, but Takeo tells her not at all, Hayato didn’t bother him, he’s a good guy. Ai says that’s true, he’s not a bad person. Takeo says he’ll call Yamato but he’s out of battery. Ai gets a text from Takeo saying that yesterday he unplugged Takeo’s phone, she screams that he’s super sly.

Ai texts Hayato that even if she’s alone with Takeo she’s not going to confess so let’s meet up. Hayato asks why doesn’t she confess, Takeo doesn’t realize anything. He’s completely unaware of just how long she’s been in love with him and that’s why he behaves with her as if she was his older sister. If he learns about it, who knows what’ll happen. Doesn’t she want to know his reaction?
Ai ponders about Hayato’s words when Takeo asks her what’s up, making her heart beat faster.

Hayato tells Yamato and Suna that the other two got confused and went to the Resort Zone, which is on the opposite direction. Hayato apologizes, it’s his fault, because he wanted to eat popcorn. Yamato says it’s fine, they’ll find them before the illuminations.

Takeo tells Ai that they shoul go on top of “that big thing” so they can search for them from up there. Bad idea obviously since that’s the dropping ride thingy (sorry I’m not well-versed in amusement parks jargon). Well Takeo does say that they weren’t at the Fantasy Zone. Ai gets a text saying that they’ve just arrived at the Future Zone. Ai texts him to move from there. But Hayato and the other two have actually just arrived at the Resort Zone.
Takeo thinks that there are a lot of people. Ai calls out to him to wait for her. Takeo thinks he forgot, she’s tired because she’s been trying to keep up with him. Takeo tells her that they’ll continue after riding something relaxing because she’s exhausted. So they ride the tea cup one. Ai is blushing and when Takeo asks what’s wrong she says nothing. He thinks “I understand. She is cramped because I am to big. But I can’t squeeze myself anymore than this. I’m sorry.” Then because of the “centrifugal force” Takeo is pushed against Ai who is blushing even harder. In Takeo fashion, he puts his face close to her asking if she’s ok, making Ai flustered and telling him he’s too close. Takeo proposes to go see another attraction and when Ai asks him what about Yamato he says it’s fine, he’s already enjoyed it plenty and he’s ok as long as they find her before the illuminations.

The other three are on a ride and when he sees Yamato looking around Hayato apologizes.
At a 3D thing Takeo doesn’t seem to realize that it’s not real and when he sees a 3D dinosaur going towards Ai he jumps in front of her to protect her. Ai is very touched. There are people laughing and Takeo misunderstand Ai’s expression, he thinks she’s ashamed because of him. He thinks he’s always been like that since he was a kid and he should stop. He helps a lost kid find his mom. Ai says that in the past he was the one getting lost and now he helps other kids to find their mother, he’s truly grown well.
Ai asks if he remembers telling her she looked like a flower and he answers that he doesn’t. Ai brushes it off and says she’s not tired anymore so they should go find Yamato. Takeo asks if she’s sure. If she’s not feeling well she has to tell him because if she doesn’t say it, he won’t be able to guess. Ai says that she knows. Takeo says he doesn’t remember what he said when he was a kid but the flowers over there look like her, the white ones in the middle. Ai is touched and says that they are the same flowers as back then. Ai remembers what Hayato told her, that Takeo doesn’t how long she’s loved him and that’s why he treats her as a big sister, and who knows what’ll happen if he finds out, doesn’t she want to know. Ai says “Takeo”.

Hayato says he hasn’t gotten a reply from Ai, maybe she confessed (Yamato doesn’t seem to hear him say that). Hayato says they’ll separate to look for them.
We go back to Ai saying “Takeo…” and before she can say anything else there is an announcement about the illuminations starting in 30min. Ai tells Takeo that he must quickly find Yamato. When he turns back she yells at him that he better not go look elsewhere (meaning other women).

Ai notices Hayato talking on the phone behind her. He’s talking to either Yamato or Suna (probably Yamato since Suna forgot his cell) telling them he found Ai and that he’ll stay with her. Hayato crouches and asks her why she told him that. Ai says that she’ll never confess to Takeo because she likes when Takeo smiles at her naively while calling her “big sis”. Yamato arrives asking where Takeo is and Ai tells her that he left looking for her. She points to the direction where Takeo went. Yamato starts to leave but then she remembers the jinx. Ai screams to stop believing in those things, it’s in Takeo that she must believe, don’t worry, go find him. Yamato says that she’s right, what’s important is to believe in Takeo. Then she gets embarrassed because Ai is always encouraging her. In thanks for helping her Yamato gives Ai the cake she made to the image she has of her (a coffee génoise) then leaves to find Takeo.
They sit down to eat it and Hayato says it does resemble her. It’s coffee so it’s slightly bitter but it’s also sweet and soft. Ai says her cake is soft and sweet and she was told twice that she resembled a pretty flower so that’s more than enough for her. Ai hopes that they’ll find each other while remembering that Takeo always lost things. Hayato says it’ll be fine, we always find the important things, and this time he’s not searching alone.

Takeo thinks “People, people, Yamato, Yamato, Yamato” wile looking for her and when they see each other Yamato literally jumps into his arms. Yamato says she found him because he’s tall so Takeo says he’s happy to be tall. She says that she could feel that they would find each other and Takeo says yes because if they say they want to see each other, they can see each other. She agrees.
The illuminations start. Yamato says that when she was looking for him she really wanted to find him, she wanted to see the illuminations with him very much. Takeo thinks “I see.”.
Yamato says that there are so many people and she’s going out with Takeo, it’s kind of a miracle. She never wants to forget what she’s feeling right now. Yamato thinks yes, she’s right. Takeo bends because he doesn’t want to block people’s view. In doing this his face is very close to Yamato’s and that’s when they notice Suna behind them. He apologizes for always arriving at a bad moment and to do as if he wasn’t there, keep going.

Hayato can’t leave because the night bus is full so he goes to Takeo again.
Hayato tells Takeo that he’s not going to wait for Ai to fall for her. He’s going to attack! Takeo wishes him good luck. Takeo falls asleep as he answers Hayato’s question about how Ai was when she was younger.
Next day as they are leaving, Hayato tells Ai that in junior high when he went over to their house she was sometimes in her pajamas and while she didn’t seem bothered he was embarrassed. Hearing this Ai blushes and Hayato screams “Rhaaa! Crap! Takeo Goda! I hate you!! Craaap! When she thinks about you she looks so cute!”

End of chapter 12


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