Hana ni Kedamono Chapter 12 – Miwako Sugiyama

I’m writing this summary taking into consideration that you should be looking at the scans at the same time.

Start of Volume 3 – Chapter 12 Chinese scans
Hyo arrives covered in sweat and learns that the ceremony ended a while ago already. The girls say what a relief that in the end that rumour about him exchanging rings was just the girl’s delusions. But that was really surprising, the exchange of rings with Chihaya. Hyo says “My Kyu-chan… With Chihaya?!”

Tatsuki overhears girls talking about Chihaya. They say there’s a common saying “You can always go out with Hyo… But with Chihaya, not even in your dreams!” because he is so serious. So for him to exchange rings and get a girlfriend, it’s like SF! Tatsuki thinks Chihaya would never do something so flashy like that. Then he sees something on the board and can’t can’t believe his eyes.
Cut to him asking them “What is thiiis?! Since when were you this close?! Dady wants explanations!” while showing them the picture.
Kana says that if they exchanged rings that means they’re going out, right? They could have said so before without doing all that stuff (the ceremony). Kumi thinks “Going out with Chihaya?!” and starts to say that no, that’s not it, but Kanna doesn’t listen and asks if she can say something. She says that she doesn’t know what’s in Chihaya’s head, she thinks he’s gruff and she doesn’t like to let Kumi go out with him, it’s like giving a pearl to a pig. But Chihaya cares about Kumi sincerely so Kanna congratulates her.
Kumi thinks that she has to tell the truth, than actually she was waiting for Hyo, but her voice won’t come out. Chihaya interrupts and says that it’s enough, sorry to be like a grouchy old man. But as long as he takes good care of Miss Bear she doesn’t have anything to say, right? He takes Kumi away by the hand leaving the other two to ponder if Chihaya was the type to say this kind of things.

Kumi apologizes that because of her he’s got all kinds of problems, her voice sounds really hoarse, surprising Chihaya. She says that earlier she tried to speak to clear up everything but her voice wouldn’t come out. Then for some reason she flails around. Chihaya tells her it’s fine but she writes on her notebook that it isn’t because it’s unfair to him. Because he exchanged rings with her he can’t have a real girlfriend. Chihaya says it’s nothing and until everything calms down they’ll pretend to be dating. He remarks that her eyes and cheeks are completely puffed which means she’s been crying this whole time. He doesn’t want someone like her who’s forcing herself to smile with that kind of face to worry about him. She should let others take care of her. She’s reminded of when he helped her when they first met. He throws her milk-strawberry candies and after she keeps staring at him (since you wouldn’t expect him to have those) he says they’re not his but for the kids at the nursery. She tries to give him one of the two candies he gave her (still with broken voice) and he says she really doesn’t understand anything, he just told her to stop worrying about others but herself. She keeps smiling at him stupidly and so he blushes and takes the candy. Kumi compares Chihaya with the the sweet taste of the candy that spreads in her mouth when she bites it… (I don’t really get it but whatever).

Hyo appears. He calls out Kyu-chan and Chihaya. Kumi panics, she doesn’t know what to do. She wants to ask him what happened that day, why didn’t he come, but she’s scared to ask him, to know what he really thinks. Hyo asks if it’s true she exchanged rings with Chihaya. She starts to say “But n…” She thinks “No that’s not it! And yet it is…” Hyo asks her to tell him that it’s not true and Kumi doesn’t know what to answer. Chihaya steps in front of Kumi and tell Hyo that it’s the truth. Staring/glaring contest broken when both Chihaya and Kumi are asked to go to the students’ council’s room. As they are leaving Hyo calls out Chihaya and he asks Hyo if he has something else to say (in a rude way like Oh no you don’t). They leave, cue Hyo’s pained face.
Kumi tries to stop Chihaya but he tells her to leave him (Hyo) because he needs to regain his cool.

The reason they were called is to take a picture together to show they are in love. It’s a rule apparently. Traditionally they should be kissing, on a date or having fun in the boy’s room. Kumi is panicking as per usual and thinks she can’t do any of those. Holding out a camera Chihaya tells her “Right, let’s kiss quickly and get it over with” shocking Kumi. Seeing her reaction he tells her he’s joking. She thinks “Of course! He surprised me!” This makes her think of her kiss with Hyo but thinking about him is too painful right now.
Chihaya invites her to his house. When he opens the door, Tatsuki who was trying to listen through it with a glass falls at their feet. Tatsuki tries to escape but Chihaya blocks his way and menacingly tells him it’s been a long time since Tatsuki came over to his house, so come.

Chihaya is obviously very rich considering where he lives. Seeing this Kumi is of course nervous. Three beautiful young women welcome him home and he’s not happy to see they’re home. One of the girls throws herself at Tatsuki, kisses him all over and says he’s become really manly. Kumi tries to introduce herself but her voice is still no good and she screws her own name once again (of course she does). The sisters find her adorable and hug her, asking if she’s one of the girls Tatsuki takes care of (at his nursery). Kumi is being squished by their boobs so Chihaya takes her in his arms and tell them to keep away, she’s not like them (whatever that means). Chihaya apologizes, he didn’t think they’d be there. Kumi says it’s fine and Tatsuki is rolled up on the couch crying about where his innocence went and apologizing to Kanna.
Tatsuki explains the sister to Kumi : One is a main hostess in a luxury bar, one is a star in the n°1 cabaret in Japan, and one does catwalks for big brands in Paris. Kumi is impressed.

The sisters observe Chihaya and Kumi and the blonde one says it’s the first time he’s brought a girl home and she’d never seen that expression on him since he’s usually so impassive no matter what happens. Then the sister who was spying on them calls out to the other two saying something even more unbelievable is happening, Chihaya… lauging? Could it be… Their little brother… Is in love with her? What should they do? It’s obvious, they don’t have any other choice but to give him a little help!

End of chapter 12

You may have noticed reading this summary that I’m not too fond of this manga and particularly of Kumi who is one of the dumbest MC I have ever encountered. I mean really dumb, not just because she makes stupid decisions or has bad grades. So summarizing this is quite frustrating for me and I have a hard time keeping the snark in. So I think for the next chapters I’m not going to be as detailed, otherwise I don’t think I’m going to be able to finish this manga. Sorry sorry. But truly she’s too dumb and the art does not help her case at all.
Also because I can’t bear to re-read this summary there’s probably more English mistakes than usual. =S


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