Nagareboshi Lens Chapter 17 (Chapter 22) – Mayu Murata

I’m writing this summary taking into consideration that you should be looking at the scans at the same time.
For an explanation of the chapters’ numeration see the master page

Start of Volume 6 – Chapter 17(22) Chinese scans

Risa is looking at various pictures and definitions of ‘White Lily’ and also for some reason (as if she doesn’t already know what it is) ‘Lion’ (Yuugure’s parents’ nicknames). It’s morning, she fell asleep. She took out all her illustrated encyclopedias, as if looking looking at them would help her understand Yuugure’s parents.

At school she waits for Yuugure, she’s worried about giving him her cold. She sees him looking fine so she cheerily greets him “Good morning!! See you later!” and he (and others around him) is left dumbfounded.
Risa hopes that today will be a day filled with happiness for Yuugure.
Yukko and a friend greet her and ask about her health. Then a lot of people also ask how she’s doing because everyone was surprised by her sudden disappearance. She thinks school is great, everyone is so nice. She hopes it’s the same for Yuugure.

Yuugure’s friends are surprised Risa still calls him “Yuugure” even though other girls call him Touga. They say they can’t imagine her calling him that though but Yuugure says he would like her too.
Girls ask them for their autographs.

Momo sees girls talking with Mako Mako (can’t remember his real name OTL) and she jealously ask him what they wanted. They wanted his autograph. She’s happy he is getting more popular but also troubled. Anyway he should not forget that she’s his biggest fan. He asks her if that’s what she tells everyone. He leaves while she’s still confused and she angrily yells at him to stop while pulling at his shirt.

Risa looks at all the pictures from the sport festival. She wonders if Yuugure’s dad came to watch him. Takechi arrive and they talk about the pictures. She thinks it’s the first time she’s alone with him. She asks him what his visual acuity is and he says 10/10 for both eyes. She asks if he wears them as an accessories then, he didn’t use to wear them (pre-serialization, in volume 1). He says it’s to refine his character. Then he says he’s kidding, the dirty lenses blur his visual field so that’s good for him. Risa is speechless and Takechi tells her he’s joking and that Touga is doing his homework in the classroom. Risa thinks she was surprised and wonders if he was joking and that he’s difficult to understand.

Risa goes to Yuugure’s classroom and exclaims that he’s studying! Yuugure asks if he’s making fun of him. She says it’s because they’re not in the same class so she’s never seen him work before. Yuugure says he’s not bad in science. He says it’s not that he doesn’t do his homework on purpose but he couldn’t do them because he was sleeping. Risa asks if he’s in charge of housework and cooking and he answers both him and his brother are when their dad is working. They take turn to cook almost everyday. Yuugure comments that all this talk about food is making him hungry so she gives him candy, for sore throat, that her mom gave her this morning. She asks him which one he’d prefer and he asks her to guess. She remembers when he told her she’s like strawberry milk and she blushes as he teases her. She hides the candy in one hand and he says if he guesses right she has to call him “Touga”. He finds the candy in her right hand. He makes a sparkly victory pose, he’s very very happy (with stars in the background) as he tells her it’s her turn. She shots his happiness down though because she says she didn’t say she would do it now. Touga “…” He is very clearly disappointed and says they should go home. Risa thinks she can’t even imagine herself calling him by his first name. She thinks it’s a beautiful name and wonders what meaning his parents gave to it, with what intentions. As she’s thinking about what a beautiful, sacred name it is she calls out ” Touga”. Touga looks back at her, surprised, while she’s…(I don’t look at the scans and decide for yourself what emotion she’s feeling). She asks him what meaning did his parents give to his name. Then she slaps both her cheeks and marches off saying they’re leaving and today she’ll take him home. She thinks that if she can protect him then she wants to do it like Yui and the others. Whatever happens Yuugure must move forward. He was born from this extraordinary couple and she wants everyday to be happy and full of warmth for him. So she asks God to give even more happiness to him.
Yuugure says he liked seeing her this morning so they should time when they arrive at school everyday so they can arrive at the same time.

End of chapter 17(22)

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