Nagareboshi Lens My Star (Yuudai extra) (Chapter 21.2) – Mayu Murata

Since volume 8 (out of 10) came out today, I thought I’d start working on this manga. It’s a relatively simple and uneventful one so it should be easy, I hope.

My Star (Yuudai extra) (= Chapter 21.2 English scanlation)

Yuudai Takashiro from 2-3, there is only one person he cannot stand and that is Touga Yuugure. They’ve known each other since elementary school. Yuugure siriously irritates Yuudai, what irritates him the most is that Yuugure does everything better than him. But now what irritates him the most is that Yuugure got a girlfriend. It’s not that he dislikes Risa, on the contrary he quite likes her, she’s said nice things about him. His friends remark that even though Yuudai is always picking a fight Yuugure doesn’t even look at him, it must because his priorities changed. Yuudai feels he can’t butt heads with him like he used to and he doesn’t like that.

It’s night and Yuudai is walking home. As he’s at the same place where it happened he remembers when he met Risa with some friends who started bothering her and Yuugure interrupted them. He was furious that time, Risa is very precious to him, much more than he(Yuudai) is.

A dog comes close to him and Yuudai starts running away because he’s scared of big dogs. He gets chased for a while and stops to rest behind bushes. He recalls something similar happening. In elementary school he’d been chased by a dog just like this and when he was hiding paralyzed Yuugure had appeared telling him he’d taken the dog elsewhere. Yuudai thinks it’s not going to happen this time and “his priorities changed”. He thinks things change, “Yuugure doesn’t care at all anymore…” JesusYuugure appears before him and calls out his name “…about me.”. Yuugure asks him what he’s doing but he is too awestruck (really) to answer at first. When Yuudai regains his senses he turns the question back to him. Yuugure was on his way home when he saw Yuudai just sitting there. Yuudais says he has a good eye. Yuugure stares at him and asks if he has something bothering him these days. He feels like Yuudai is avoiding him, like today after the end of classes Yuudai walked past him without talking to him and he’s stopped trying to provoke him into duels even though it amused him(Yuugure), so has Yuudai gotten tired of him? Yuudai is surprised, Yuugure likes when he provokes him? Then nothing has changed? With a big smile (and blush!) Yuudai says Yuugure really pisses him off!

To finish Yuudai thinks “Let’s continue without changing anything… To have fun together.”
And the dog is shown to be Yukko’s.

End of My Star (Yuudai extra) and of Volume 5!


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