FIVE Chapter 66 – Shiori Furukawa

I found no scans for FIVE, raws or otherwise, so I’ve scanlated the parts I felt you should see or the ones I liked. A reminder that I’m doing a translation of a translation JAP->FR->ENG and also I suck at translating FR->ENG so it may sound awkward). Click on them to see full size.
I’m going to use “Princess” because that is what “Hime” means in Japanese and that’s what the boys call her so I think it should be translated.

Start of Volume 14 – Chapter 66
December 20th, 6pm, it’s the start of Shuuei High’s costumed special couples Christmas party. They have 2h to enjoy freely because at 8pm it’s confession hour. Mitsu and Komoro talk about the party while Yamachika asks Etsu about her costume choice, he seems to disapprove of it and tells her that if guys hit on her it’ll be her fault. Etsu is confused by his reaction.

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Then there are “KYAAAAs ♥” signaling the Five’s arrival. Nao can be heard trying to convince Takui to come out who strongly refuses, saying he’s not ready. It soon becomes clear why

.Chapitre 66 1Chapitre 66 2 trans

The tall ones wear tuxedos while the small ones wear dresses (Gundam is also in a dress). The boys wonder where Princess is.
She is stuck at home because Daiki is blocking her way out of the house. He is refusing to let her go to a party in that dress, says she’ll be attacked. Hina protests but Daiki doesn’t move. Hina then laments what if “he” goes out with someone else in the meantime which Daiki picks up on. He asks what she means by that and Hina answers the guy she likes. At this Daiki freezes and Hina takes the opportunity to run past him to the party. She is wearing a long coat so we can’t see her dress, her hair is cute though.

The Five are being hounded by girls and Toshi is being curt with them. Tairaku notices him distancing himself and tells him that his bad mood is too obvious and to not take it out on the girls. Toshi starts to object that he’s not in a bad mood but Tairaku interrupts him saying he(Toshi)’s worried about the Princess’ whereabouts. He asks (rhetorically) if Toshi’s scared that she might have been accosted by other guys, if he’s bothered. Tairaku tells him that in any case, she’s haunting his mind. Tairaku: “Am I wrong?” Toshi: “You…”. Tairaku tells him that in that case he should hurry and look for her. With a big smile Tairaku asks Toshi if perhaps he’s worried of being rude by slipping away on his own, but not to worry as he’s being plenty rude already! Toshi remarks that it’s rare for Tairaku to be considerate like that and Tairaku answers that it’s not impossible that meeting the Princess changed him as well and that it’s not so bad to change. His answer has a big impact on Toshi who excuses himself saying he’s going to the restroom, Taikaru tells him to take his time.

Hina has arrived at the party’s location and is worried because the place is so big she’ll never find the boys. Just as she’s about to take off her coat there are big “Kyaaaas”, Toshi is here. Hina thinks there’s no need to look for him, he’s easy to find. But he’s so surrounded that it’d be hard to approach him. However, today she decided to take her courage in both hands.
Blushing she starts to take off her coat but she trips and falls, her coat coming off on its own. A guy lends her her hand to help her up, asking if she’s ok, but when he sees her there’s a close up on his eye (surprised look) and he says “Huh?”.

Toshi is trying to get away from girls when someone screams that there’s a girl in a really beautiful wedding dress (close up on Toshi’s face).
In a panel that only shows their feet, Hina is being approached by guys who say they recognize her from the Tennis game she had previously. Then finally we get to see Hina’s dress.

Chapitre 66 3 trans

Komoro says that the atmosphere is getting good litle by little and Mitsu says yes except in one case… Etsu and Yamachika are standing away from each other, their backs facing each other with a black mist surrounding them. Komoro asks what happened and Mitsu says he doesn’t know but he guesses Yamachika doesn’t like Etsu’s costume.
A guy approaches Etsu and asks to talk to her. Yamachika glances at her. Etsu starts to answer and looks back towards Yamachika but he’s facing away, she looks very sad. Komoro pushes her and tells her to go have fun. Mitsu agrees that it’ll be fine and they’ll manage without her. Yamachika is still not facing in her direction so she finally dejectedly agrees.
Komoro is pissed and kicks Yamachika saying he’s really annoying. She asks him why he’s sulking, after all he’s the one who picked out the costumes for his own pleasure. he should show some compassion for Etsu’s maiden’s heart! Yamachika says it has nothing to do with that, Komoro’s the one who doesn’t understand guys’ heart. Now Komoro is really pissed and Mitsu has to hold her back from attacking Yamachika.

Last page of the chapter

Chapitre 66 4


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