Nagareboshi Lens Chapter 18 (Chapter 23) – Mayu Murata

I’m writing this summary taking into consideration that you should be looking at the scans at the same time.
For an explanation of the chapters’ numeration see the manga’s page

Chapter 18(23) Chinese scans

Risa is in front of her shoe locker and looks around checking if Touga is here, he is and they greet each other from afar. Touga says he’s lucky today.
The sempai from the goukon fiasco (Ikki?) calls out to Touga and Takechi. When he called Manami she told him she already had someone and hung up, since then impossible to reach her. So which one of them is it? He starts screaming that he can’t give up, she can like who she wants but let him see her, he misses her. Touga says that he can just go to her high school directly, the festival is today. He knows because his brother Tama is in the same school. Sempai says that of course they’ll come with him but Touga refuse. Senpai cries that if they’re not there she’ll probably refuse to see him. Takechi says he’d better makes his rejection clear to Manami again so he’ll go. Touga asks Risa to go together and she asks Yukko. Someone points out that the guys are going to be chased by the high schoolers (girls) and Risa thinks that if that’s the case then she’ll also chase them. Holding him by the neck, Momo says her and Mako-Mako (still can’t remember his real name, if someone could leave a comment I’d appreciate it) are also coming.

The festival is really low key and half-assed just as Tama had told them. There are placards like “Let’s play together”, “Girls’ association” or “Napping! Silence!”. Tamaki’s friends come to guide them while Sempai goes to look for Manami. Takechi says he should look for her as well. Touga says he’ll go with him since it’s his fault this happened in the first place (forced him to come to the karaoke) but Takechi says that’s not it, he’s just irresistible. Touga tells him to call him if anything’s wrong.

They’re in a room for cosplay. Yukko is a policewoman, Touga a butler or a perhaps a gentleman, Yui(?) and Fujimon are a vampire and… I don’t know. Mako-Mako is a doctor while Momo is a nurse. Risa is in full bear costume. Some girls spot them and start making a fuss so Touga and Yui run away. They’re being chased by the girls and Risa true to her words starts to run after them as well, scaring the them in the process.
Fujimon is left alone with Yukko and he dejectedly points out that he too was supporter for the Red team.

Risa is lost and tired, the costume is too heavy. Somebody takes off the bear head, it’s Tamaki. He was told by his friends that she was wearing a full bear costume. He asks her to call him “Tama” and after a bit of a struggle she succeeds. He tells her that Touga is fine, he’s hiding. Her hair is all messed up because of the costume so he says he’ll fix it for her.
Risa thinks she didn’t thank him for telling him his family’s story so she calls out to him and does it. Tamaki says that actually after he wondered if that was his place to tell her about something so important. Risa said he shouldn’t worry because Yuugure said it was fine and he couldn’t have known whether Yuugure had told her everything or not and she’s happy to have learned it from Tama. She says that but actually she thinks that she would have liked for Yuugure to tell it all to her. She says to Tamaki that in order to protect the ones he loves she’s sure that Yuugure will continue to take it all upon himself in the future and so she’s decided to be more attentive and not let any detail pass her by… (Geez Risa, it’s not that serious). At Tamaki’s surprised face she thinks that she probably said too much but then he gives her a bright smile and says let’s go.

They go to “Tamaki’s salon (aspiring beautician)”. Tamaki asks her if she knows what hairstyle Touga likes and when she says knows he asks if he’s complimented her on a style before. After thinking for a bit she says her natural perm. Tamaki says that in that case they’ll do the opposite.

Touga and Yui are hiding under sheets and walking to Tamaki’s salon, Yukko is with them. They arrive to the classroom and they can see Risa sitting in her bear costume but although her face is blocked they do notice her hair is different. Finally the big reveal, her hair is straight and she has a hairclip. (Or something. Look at the scans to see what she looks like and Touga’s face cause I’m not going to describe it. It’s something you have to see for yourself.) Yukko exclaims that she’s so pretty. She’s also wearing lipstick. Spotting Yuugure she tells him she’s glad he came back unharmed but he’s still in shock so he can really reply.
Yukko brought Risa’s uniform so she’s going to change. Touga continues to stare at her Tamaki tells him it seems he did a good job because Touga is red like a tomato.

Takechi screams “NOOOOO!!!” while running away from girls screaming his name. He spots Risa (though he doesn’t know it’s her) entering a room and screams “Sorry! I seek asylum!”, he bumps into her and finds himself on top of her. Both of them stare at each other shocked from the fall and surprised at who the other person is.

End of chapter 18(23)


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