FIVE Chapter 67 – Shiori Furukawa

I found no scans for FIVE, raws or otherwise, so I’ve scanlated the parts I felt you should see or the ones I liked. A reminder that I’m doing a translation of a translation JAP->FR->ENG and also I suck at translating FR->ENG so it may sound awkward). Click on them to see full size.
I’m going to use “Princess” because that is what “Hime” means in Japanese and that’s what the boys call her so I think it should be translated.

Chapter 67
Chapitre 67

Hina is talking to guys with a very big smile and blushing. Someone says that she’s really nice, he should have talked to her earlier. She’s asked if it’s not annoying to be the only girl in the A+ class and others jump in before she can say anything, saying that class is difficult to approach because of the Five and that it’s nice that for once she’s moving around by herself, she doesn’t have to stay with the Five all the time, if she wants she can spend some time with them… All this brings Hina back to reality and she explains that now is not the time to stand around gossiping, she has to quickly go find the others. She excuses herself and as she’s leaving, turns back to tell them that the Five are not the bad guys they believe them to be but they are a bit strange, she’ll give them that.

They guy accompanying Etsu tells her he’s surprised that she accepted to come with him. She’s too busy thinking about Yamachika to realize the guy is sketchy as he puts his arm around her shoulders saying his friends are waiting. They are spotted by girls who are surprised to see her with a guy since they thought she was dating Yamachika. One of the girls wonders if that means she can try her luck with Yamachika because she’s liked him for a long time. Her friends say that if he’s single then there’s no reason not to. The girls run off “Kyaaaing” while Etsu looks at them, shocked.
The guy says they’re almost there and Etsu stops. She apologizes because she can’t go with him any further after all. He protests asking what wrong, they’re almost there! Plus he sent “them” a text saying they’d be there soon. If he doesn’t bring her he’ll lose face so that means he’s just going to have to force her. He grabs her wrist and starts dragging her as she protests. He tells her not to worry, they won’t hurt her. It’s just that today she’s wearing a really cute outfit so his friends will be really happy to see her. Etsu is remembering Yamachika’s words from earlier (about it being her fault if guys start to hit on her) and she screams “Nooo!”. Someone stops him, it’s Toshi! He asks the guy if he can’t see that she doesn’t want to go and tells him to go look elsewhere if wants to score with an easy girl. Theu douche leaves with “Tch”.
Etsu thanks Toshi and he asks her what she was doing and where’s Yamachika. Toshi says that she should already know this but Yamachika is a pain in the ass so if she starts acting weird it’ll get even worse. He says that they’re almost there so don’t get it wrong now. He says it might seem pretentious coming from him but they have to be more honest exactly because they love that person, that goes for the both of them.

Yamachika is making a troubled face. He spots a girl (can’t see her face) being dragged away and he rushes to see but it’s not Etsu. The girls from earlier call out to him. They say it’s fate that they found him so quickly and ask to take pictures with him, he accepts. They mention seeing Etsu with a guy and they seemed really in love, he was holding her shoulder and everything. One says that she thinks she saw them kissing discretely. Yamachika’s face isn’t shown but he tightens his fist.
Hina arrives and says she’s happy to see him, he’s the first person she met that she knows since she arrived. She asks if he’s alone and where Etsu is and he answers (we still can’t see his face) that she’s cuddling with a guy apparently. Hina laughingly says that their must be a mistake because Etsu would never do that. Yamachika says that the party is designed to bring couples together, whatever happens nothing will surprise him. (In the meantime the girls have left). Hina is surprised as she asks him if he’s serious. Yamachika answers yes and Hina furiously punches him and screams then why isn’t he running to find her?! She screams that once a bad guy will have hurt her it’ll be too late idiot and now’s not the time to daydream. Yamachika (while satisfyingly wincing because it’s painful) says that if that’s what she wants he has no right to stop her. Hina punches him again and screams does he know how much of a pain in the ass he is?! What is he going to do if he keeps doubting the other’s attitude, where are his feelings?! If he persists indefinitely in that direction he’ll end up losing what is important to him. Then she lets out a big “AAAh!” of frustration, she had been gathering up all her courage and she can’t find him, what is she going to do if he’s still surrounded by a horde of girls?! Yamachika asks whom she means by “him/he” and..

Chapitre 67 1 trans

The bell rings signaling the end of the 2h and Mitsu announces that now it’s the time for (love) confessions. Last year they broadcasted the confessions on a giant screen but this year they’ll do something different. Mitsu tells everyone to take the stairs to a floor below and once they’ve made sure that everyone is there they’ll explain things in details.
Yamachika is shocked, this isn’t what they had planned, during the meeting they had decided to use the wide screen like last year, he wasn’t told anything about this. He starts to leave but Hina holds him back saying they should go find the other and drags him towards the stairs.

Everyone is gathered on the same floor and Mitsu asks the crowd if they are psychologically prepared and to go to the center of the room. Then he says (in English in my version so probably in the original as well): “Open the…

Chapitre 67 2

And so everyone falls. Kojiro is falling with his arms crossed on his chest looking calm as ever, same for Tairaku but Nao is holding on to his neck. Hina is screaming.
They fell in some pitched black place and people are panicking. Hina starts calling out Yamachika’s name but she can’t find him.
Mitsu apologizes for scaring them and tinforms them they are now in a giant maze. When they find the one they love in the middle of the dark, they will be allowed to confess. They should tap into their requited feelings to find each other and in case they don’t succeed then they should see that as evidence of the limit of their feelings for each other.

Hina is making a very weird face and says she didn’t think her feelings would put to the test this earnestly. She screams in frustration how do they expect them to find each other when it’s this dark?!
Komoro tells everyone to show them what they’ve got.

End of Chapter 67


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