Nagareboshi Lens Chapter 19 (Chapter 24) – Mayu Murata

I’m writing this recap taking into consideration that you should be looking at the scans at the same time. For real this time because I’m going to skim over the more descriptive stuff. If there’s something I skimmed over that you want to know then leave a comment 🙂
For an explanation of the chapters’ numeration see the manga’s page

Chapter 19(24) Chinese scans

Both apologize. Takechi says he was convinced she was a girl from this school, from the back it seemed like another person because of her outfit and hair. He’s still being chased and so Risa puts the bear heard on him.
Risa thinks that she’s once again alone with him. It reminds her of his previous words (about his glasses), they were memorable.

She asks about his glasses, if they really make his world foggy. She thinks he was kidding but she’s still curious. Takechi says it’s because they sparkle, the both of them. They blind/dazzle him. Risa wonders if he’s joking again.
She asks him if he doesn’t want a girlfriend, even though he’s so popular. Takechi says it’s weird, he doesn’t know what the girls find in him, they don’t know anything about him after all… Exactly, they don’t know anything about him. Risa says he looks after the people close to him and supports them naturally. She says she’s always found him to be admirable and he too sparkles. Risa thinks that hearing that from her probably doesn’t make him happy.
Takechi gleefully says she’s nice to play along and Risa says she wasn’t.
He asks about her hair and she says Yuugure’s brother did it. Takechi says that Tama is talented and that she’s pretty. Awkward pause. He apologizes, he has a habit of touching without thinking.

Yukko arrives to change back into her uniform and Takechi leaves to find Touga. Risa puts the bear head on him but he says he’s going to run fast so it’s fine. Yukko says it’s rare for her (Risa) to be alone with Takechi and that he’s a bit difficult to figure out. Risa thinks that he keeps some things hidden inside him, he’s strange.

Momo exclaims that Mako-Mako (who’s actual name is Hachino Makoto, thanks Eliza) has disappeared. She’s approached by a student (a friend of Tama’s) who asks about Hachino. When she answers that she lost him he says that it’s his chance. He wanted to be alone with her, on the whole she’s totally his style. He asks if she’s going out with that guy and she answers no but she loves him. The guys says that’s cute, she’s really adorable. He’s about to kiss her but she screams at him to stop and pushes him away. She ~scolds the guy and calls out to Mako-Mako who was changing. He ignores her and turns the other way. She asks him to wait but he tells her not to touch him and that it’s none of his business. She keeps trying to talk to him, calling out his name but he tells her to shut up. In the end she says she understands, she’ll stop pestering him and she apologizes for everything.

The girls are waiting for the others to come back. Risa suggests going to Tama’s class but Yukko says they were advised not to because apparently here they like to flirt with middle-schoolers. In the end they decide to go.
Yukko says it’s nice to spend time with Yuugure and the others because it broadens their horizons. They (Yuugure&Co) pushes them to do things outside of their usual behavioral pattern. She thinks the future has a lot more in store for them.
Risa thinks it’s true, she sees news places and the ones she already knew she already sees under a new light. Places and feelings too, she’s discovering lots of new sensations in different contexts. Something new awaits her at any time.

Guys approach them and are happy to have found middle-schoolers (Yep). The guys separate Yukko and Risa (“I like this one ; Alright, we’ll take this one”). Tama and the boys stop them saying the girls are with them so please let them go. The guys leave because of Tama.
Looking at Yuugure (who asks if she’s ok), Risa repeats her earlier thoughts, “Something new awaits me at any time”.
Takechi makes a face and has his hand on her shoulder as she thinks “The future too has a lot more in store for us…”

End of Chapter 19(24)

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6 thoughts on “Nagareboshi Lens Chapter 19 (Chapter 24) – Mayu Murata

  1. Thanks u sooooo much
    i got so depressed not knowing what happens after the fall but now it’s quite relieving knowing sth happened i hope the translated manga gets updated 😧😭


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