10 thoughts on “Perfect World Chapter 10 Preview

    1. You’re welcome!
      I love it too! So much! And considering how the last chapter ended, I couldn’t resist buying the mag when I saw it was released digitally and on promo half priced. But now I can’t wait for the ch.11! At least Ch.10 seems to have ended on an optimistic note (for once) so the wait should be easier.


  1. Thank you so much for the previews. I was wondering where i can buy magazines online? I really love Ao Natsu and i really want to see the scans…unforunately i couldn’t found a website where i can buy betsufure =(
    Maybe you can help me?


    1. Betsufure is sold digitally on any platform that sells manga from Amazon to Honto or Ebook Japan (and tons of other sites). Personally I only use Ebook Japan because I couldn’t figure out how to download from any others as they all asked for a Japanese address or phone number and then detect that you’re not in Japan even with a proxy. Ebook Japan didn’t have any of those restrictions so I stick with it but I hear Honto is a good site as well.
      This link will take you to the latest issue. And here is the Manga magazines page so you can just check it when the magazine comes out and it’ll be there.

      There you go, I hope this is what you were looking for!


  2. I love this manga so much !! Where can I read it again? I’m crazy trying to find it, because raffmanga doesn’t post raws anymore 😦 help me please.


  3. thank you so much for the links =) when i go to the site i’ll translate it and when i click on the button to buy it is not working…=( i dont know what i’m doing wrong…


  4. Hello. I read in Otakumole Perfect Wordl. Now that otakumole is back. Yeah!! But the problem is I do not find English translations of the chapters (to read Perfect World). Does anyone know what happened? And what happened to the girl who worked translating this manga? She made many chapters, but I do not know if she decided not to do it anymore, she went on vacation (another girl appeared to work in Chapter 10) or something. I do not know. I hope she’s okay. Well, if someone else read Perfect Wordl and knows something, the information is appreciated. Sorry for this. In Otakumole, I do not know who to ask. T_T


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