Taiyou ga Mite Iru (Kamo Shirenai Kara) Chapter 9 Preview – Ikuemi Ryo

From the manga magazine Cookie which came out 7/25
You can read chapters 1-4 on Mangalator Otakumole
No recap, just a preview.
As expected, it’s painful TT Misaki~~ ♥


4 thoughts on “Taiyou ga Mite Iru (Kamo Shirenai Kara) Chapter 9 Preview – Ikuemi Ryo

  1. Gah, could you tell me what happened? Was she rejected? Does she think the two are sleeping together? This mangaka always kills me cuz of the feels.


    1. Well my Japanese isn’t good to begin with and this manga is difficult so you know…

      But basically I think she suspected it because of what that guy said about curtains being closed (implying they didn’t want people to see what they were doing, implying sex). At least I think that’s what he said. But she asked Kazuho if they kissed and she said no. I don’t think they did anything either. The paper she shows Nire is permission from her mom to stay at the house with him but as you can tell Nire’s expression isn’t very good when he sees it and that shocks her. Then she talks with Kazuho and Kazuho says they held hands and he told her she also has a privilege like Misaki (something he’d told Kazuho before) and she told him about her past. Then she also said she talked to him about how she hates Misaki. Misaki asks if Kazuho hates her and Kazuho says no she loves her and she asks what about Misaki and she says she loves her too. Kazuho laughs and Misaki thinks what’s this, laughing… Kazuho tells her about what Nire told her before, about not wanting to destroy what the two have and isn’t it great but Misaki basicaly thinks that it isn’t or that it’s enough now. Basically she’s had it and when Nire comes to get them her permission slip falls on the ground and she doesn’t pick it up, lets it get drenched.
      At the house Kazuho and Misaki “argue” over who will take a shower first until Misaki ~yells at her to go. Then she sits next to Nire and closes the curtains. She kisses him and says she wants to do this kind of thing with him but for him it’s no good. Then she “attacks” him and Kazuho comes back because she heard them. She asks what they are doing and Misaki says it’s nothing and kisses Kazuho. Then she says she’s going to gather her stuff and leaves. Her thoughts are basically that she can’t do this anymore and she’s made up her mind to leave this house and go back home.

      Again take this with a grain of salt, but I do think it’s accurate enough.

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