Big news update about Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi’s fate.

1st pic: What my poor Japanese tells me is that it’s coming back in the next issue and it’ll be about the school trip.
2nd pic: It says “Climax” in big letters so that usually means last chapter… Ah but then it says “最終回まで残り3回” which means that there are 3 more chapters before the end. And also that it’ll be on the front cover and have the opening page in color.

I think this is pretty accurate.

I’m quite upset actually. I really love this manga and I was hoping that the mangaka would come back to finish it properly. The manga first went on a hiatus after chapter 39 because of the mangaka’s poor health so I’m guessing she hadn’t completely recovered and had to take another break after chapter 42. The art quality had already visibly decreased by then and on those two scans it looks pretty bad imo.
I’d hoped that she would recover and feel better soon. Better a longer hiatus and she comes back completely healthy to resume the manga the way she planned than come back not completely healed and rushes the story with the art decreasing in quality. Looks like we get the later.
I hope that this doesn’t mean that her health isn’t improving.

The manga has actually been licensed here although the first volume doesn’t come out until Sept 9th. I was going to buy it for sure but now I’m reconsidering. It’ll depend on how I feel about the end. For me the end of a manga (or anything else that relies on story-telling) is extremely important as it’s your last impression of the story. If the end is disappointing, it doesn’t matter that the rest was flawless, it’ll leave a bitter taste and I won’t be able to remember it fondly.

Anyway, what do you guys think?


6 thoughts on “Big news update about Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi’s fate.

  1. I thought of collecting this series because I really like smart and strong female MCs but was putting it on hold to see how long this series will last. Since it is going to end soon, I guess I am too, going to see how the story ends.

    The recent chapters felt like filler chapters and her comeback says it is going to end in 3 chapters makes me feel like it is going to end on a low note. Not going to jump to conclusion though because I really like this series.

    I hope she will have a good rest after finishing Hana-kun. Health is more important.


  2. Hi! I want to know how’s the mangaka’s health? I really love this manga but I don’t know if the mangaka has a page or something, if you know I will reaally appreciate it ♥


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