Kamiki Kyoudai Okotowari Chapter 3 Preview – Onda Yuji

From the manga magazine Bessatsu Friends which came out 8/11

I won’t post full chapters but if you have a question I will try to answer it.
Comments are always appreciated, I want to talk mangas with YOU, this why I’m posting these.


8 thoughts on “Kamiki Kyoudai Okotowari Chapter 3 Preview – Onda Yuji

  1. So the first problem is brother’s conflict.. and the younger brother from the looks of it, seems to moves faster than the eldest. Forgot their names ><

    Thanks again ceecile! It's a good thing you have those manga I was following at raffmanga 😀
    And also i was able to know your blog through one of raffmanga's frequent readers.


    1. You’re welcome!
      I actually didn’t read this manga because I really disliked the mangaka’s previous work (Taberarechai na yo) but this actually looks fun (so far). Unfortunately I’m missing chapter 1 so I can’t even look at the raws on their own, even less try to match them to the translations on Otakumole/Mangalator.
      Mind telling me the set up? Like roughly what happened in chapter 1, why are they living together and what not.


      1. Well..I’m not really good with story telling so please bear with me 🙂

        The set up is parents remarried and having 2 stepbrothers to live in together.
        The girl has been raised alone by her mom since her father passed away when she was at a younger age. The mom then remarried a fine,ikemen salaryman and thought of living together. So then iroha and her mom started to move in the house of the salaryman. Iroha was really nervous in moving since she will be living with a new family. She tried to calm herself by thinking that her new stepbrothers are age 4 and 6 so it will be alright. But then, when the father intoduced his son, she was surprised and almost fainted, that they are not 4 and 6. Instead they are 14 and 16. What’s more the eldest brother is one of her schoolmate and they have a bad encounter in school.

        Earlier on that day, in school, iroha received her score in science. She scored 4 pts and the teacher even wrote stupid in her test paper. Feeling embarassed, she tried to hide it but her friend seems to know just from her expression. The friend told her that by getting patted by the “god of test”,she will sure get her luck. The god of test that they were talking about was the eldest son. He is smart and also an ikemen so he is pretty well known in school.
        When they move from another class, the class was surprised that the eldest son suddenly rushed in and called for iroha. He looked irritated and asked the class who scored 4 pts in science and where is iroha? Iroha was surprised and embarassed but still faced him. He then handed her the test paper and said “how dissapointing..” and then left. Iroha was really infuriated and embarass with humiliation so he was also dissapointed about this popular guy. He was even known as the god of test but…(something like that)

        And then back to the current time.
        As they were introduced, eldest son called iroha as the girl who scored 4 pts. Again iroha was annoyed since she planned about telling her mother that she got an average. But now the eldest son just blurted it all out just when they were being introduced. So the father then thought of having the eldest son tutored iroha with her studies.

        And it goes like that ceecile. I hope you grasp the story from my story and hope it didn’t ruined the manga. And also i tend to forget some details so i have to reread again the story but no can do since otakumole is down.
        Still i hope you enjoyed it hehe 😀


      1. You’re very welcome! I enjoyed sharing the story with you. I did try to summarize it briefly but still lead to this long narration haha. It also helps me practice my english 😀


    2. Ah ah you’re same as me! I can never keep it short, be it for the previews or the recaps I write. Every time I say this time I’ll be succinct but it’s no good.
      This whole experience has allowed me to better both my Japanese and English as well. Especially Japanese, I’m so much better now, without even doing any proper studying. Just reading raws and trying to figure out what it says.

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  2. OMG! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THAAAAANK YOU!!! ❤ You just made my day Ceecile!
    This tittle caught my eye and with that sad incident with otakumole I was wondering if I should just accept my fate (dramatic much? xD) and drop it for a while until a scanlator pick the series, but seeing some of the raws made me really happy, I had a smile from ear to ear.

    This chapter was interesting, I didn't see that coming: the younger brother getting some feelings for the MC too (I find it cute and amusing at the same time hahaha), and as I see the swing of things, my suposition might be right and the guy will fall first, I already see signals of shaking in his heart. Loving it!

    Again, thank you Ceecile! ^^


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