Blog status update!

(Reason for chosing this picture at the very end of the post)

Hello Hello!
Wow this site as been so popular lately, I wonder why… ^^

This is an update for the people who followed the site before I started posting previews and are here for the recaps/summaries. Yes I am still doing them!
With the untimely death of Mangalator, I have been working hard to save the many translations of the many mangas I liked for when I’ll want to read them again in the future, since I’ve bought them digitally. I’m a bit scared of Mangalator completely disappearing taking all those translations with it so I’m going to focus my free time on that mostly, for the time being.

Hana ni Kedamono
After much deliberations (not really) I have decided to make good on what I’d said and that means that I am dropping Hana ni Kedamono. Or at least putting it on pause indefinitely. I may pick it up again and briefly summarize the volumes if I feel like it (that’s not gonna happen) or if someone asks nicely (which probably won’t happen either eh). This should come as no surprise since I’ve made my dislike for this manga obvious and I’d already said I would drop it if nobody commented on it (despite it being a fairly popular manga, on this site). I already started chapter 14 so I’ll finish that.

Shitsuren Chocolatier
Same for Shitsuren Chocolatier although for different reasons. I only own volumes 7-9 and I’ve been borrowing the earlier volumes at the library but it’s unexpectedly quite a popular manga so it’s hard to borrow and I can’t keep it for long. Adding to that, it’s a really hard manga to recap for me and it’s probably the least popular one on this site, so… Although Mangalator is now defunct, I know the raws are available for download and there are also the Chinese scans. Also since it’s a manga I actually really like, I’m very willing to answer any question and take requests.

I’m definitely going to finish it because it’s one of my favorite manga and there are only 7 chapters left.

Nagareboshi Lens
I’ll also keep recapping it since it’s fairly easy to work on.

I haven’t decided what else I’ll pick up instead so now is the time to check My Mangas’ list for a manga you might want me to work on. If it’s not on the list, I don’t have it and can’t work on it (since I’ve had requests for mangas I don’t have).
Speaking of which I really need to update that page since I recently got tons of new mangas. They’re all raws though.

I may also start doing manga suggestions and reviews. Starting with the great Yukito by the brilliant Akiko Monden (adapted from a novel by Arimasa Osawa) which just ended (here, it ended years ago in Japan).

There, I hope this cleared up any confusion and questions you might have had!
Leave a comment if there is anything else.


11 thoughts on “Blog status update!

  1. I just recently found out about the legal issues with raffmanga and… it is not fair for those evil corp. to maul down this amazing website. What more do they want? Money?! It is hard for us manga lovers to acquire the manga via mail/store/website. I hope this gets resolve. I love!


  2. gaining is not so bad huh ; )
    I visit more the mangalator’s blog ’cause I Want to keep in touch with some of them since I really like them


    1. Ah ah well it’s not bad but the people coming to the site are only coming to see the previews and then leave right away, which is not why I created it so it’s a bit frustrating.
      I only posted previews for people who couldn’t wait when Raff was out on vacation, believing that she would come back. But now that the site ~closed down there are all these desperate people begging me to post chapters. Which I totally get but well…

      Ah ah anyway this is just me whining! I’m just sad because just as I was going to start on copying the translations for chapter 2 of Perfect World I realized that Marin77 had deleted them all TT


      1. yeah I see
        well you should do what you like and not what others (including me!) would like you to do.

        enjoy your blog the way you want and people will see if they follow you or not ❤


      2. Hi, Ceecile. This is marin77. Hope you’ll send me an email, but I may not be able to read it right away since it’s 2:30AM in Japan and I’m going to sleep now. Talk to you later.:)


  3. Thanks so much for posting the previews and summaries! You are fast! 🙂 I’m following Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu and Watashi no Joushi, so it’s nice to find out what’s happening instead of waiting for the tankobons… which I’ll buy when they come out, lol.


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