Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu Chapter 36 preview & ~Summary

From the manga magazine Cocohana which came out July 28th
The pictures’ quality is shit, sorry.

Take this ~summary~ with lots of grains of salt. I’m far from fluent in Japanese and Josei is much harder for me to understand than shoujo.

Hanae and Yuuto are out shopping. Thinking of Kisaragi’s words Hanae picks up a pants-shirt outfit however Yuuto and the sells clerk tell her to try another outfit. She comes out and the sales clerk compliments her and Yuuto says it’s cute. With this she blushes and decides to buy it.

At work her boss and Kisaragi seem satisfied with her work and she’s relieved and happy. She meets Yuuto and they talk for a bit. As Yuuto is leaving he crosses path with Kisaragi who stops him to ask if he’s done with work. After they’ve gone their separate ways she stops him again and asks if it’s really ok, he’s still young to be deciding to get married. Then she makes some snide comment about Hanae which I can sort of get but I can’t translate well (そこまでする程 いい女ても 思えないけど). Yuuto like the good boy that he is (though maybe not too smart since this is the person in charge of evaluating Hanae’s work) tells her that it’s none of her business.

She doesn’t take it well and turns to leave. Her pen falls and Yuuto picks it up for her.

She’s clearly upset by that exchange and comes into work still obviously pissed (slamming her bag on her desk, ~biting her thumb with a look of frustration). Then Hanae come in to show her her team’s work. Kisaragi has this look on her face before telling Hanae to show it to her. Then she slams the report on her desk and asks what the hell is that and starts to criticize everything. Hanae is confused since before she said it was good. Kisaragi then goes on a rant saying that anyway after getting married she’ll resign, then something about salary/wages and counterbalancing work (?). I think maybe she’s saying that Hanae will try to continue working because she needs the salary? I really don’t know sorry. Then she comments on Hanae’s clothes for work. Anyway she’s obviously more bitter unhappy with Hanae than she is with the team’s work. Hanae’s boss arrive to calm things down. Hanae apologizes to her team and excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Two of her team comment on what just happened while the one who had already had an outburst doesn’t say anything and looks down (literally). Hanae doesn’t understand but decides she’ll work hard. Her team member stops Kisaragi before she leaves and the next day Kisaragi tells Hanae that the guy is no longer on her team. Hanae apologize to her other team members and says she’ll work hard. She leaves work just before 11pm and Yuuto is outside waiting for her. She’s surprised but happy and has tears in her eyes. Coming out of the shower Yuuto finds her asleep on the floor against the couch.

There you go! I hope that was ok… Anybody feel free to correct me!

I won’t post full chapters but if you have a question I will try to answer it.
Comments are always appreciated, I want to talk mangas with YOU, this why I’m posting these.

4 thoughts on “Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu Chapter 36 preview & ~Summary

  1. I couldn’t follow what happened between this chapter and before so I’m at a loss but It make me feel Kisaragi is infatuated with Hanae ?


  2. Thanks for your detailed summary! Now I feel like I’d read by myself;) I’d really appreciate if you can keep this up for us!
    Just a heads-up. Tanokura’s first name is Yuuto intead of Yuta. I won’t bother me reading whatsoever though.
    I was thinking how ‘いい女’ could be translated to English. It’s very Japanese phrase,which often prefer being vague but it implies several meanings unlikely English…I can tell it is hard to translate even from the view of Japanese being.I’d probably translate like ‘I don’t think she deserves it’ ‘I’m not sure if she’s worth for you to devote your life to’ … something like that? My English vocabulary is very limited; there must be better ones for sure.
    Thanks again!


    1. Thank you for correcting me! I don’t why I wrote Yuta, not once but throughout the whole thing. I know his name is Yuuto! My brain must have been somewhere else. Because of this I edited the post and re-read what I wrote, I made so many mistakes :S I really should proofread but I’m always too lazy to do it lol.
      Yeah it’s a problem for me because for one my Japanese isn’t good to begin with and second, although my English is good, it’s not my first language and I’m not fluent.
      I’m not sure yet that I’ll continue to buy Cocohana but if I decide to I’ll continue to post previews. I don’t know about summaries though because those are difficult for me.


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