Watashi no Joushi Chapter 5 Preview & ~Summary

From the manga magazine Cocohana which came out July 28th
The pictures’ quality is shit, sorry.

Take this ~summary~ with lots of grains of salt. I’m far from fluent in Japanese and Josei is much harder for me to understand than shoujo.

Nakajima comes back and takes his phone. Mano is flustered and apologizes. She tells him to go ahead and call back. After a while Nakajima comes back. Afer she awkwardly wonders who she is he tells her that Rika is a a friend from a seminar at University (or something like that) and she’s getting married. She looks really happy at hearing that (with flowers and all) and he wonders about her reaction but misunderstands, he thinks she’s surprised he could have a lover. He shows her what he’s getting them as wedding present (2 swans forming her heart).
She goes on an aquarium date with Miura. They have a lot of fun. They see Okamoto (a coworker). At the end of the day, Miura confesses and asks her to date him. She says she’s happy, she likes him and he’s nice but she has someone whom she has feelings for so she apologizes. He starts saying “could it be…” (since he saw her looking at Nakajima before) but he stops himself. Smiling he says he understands and they go home.

On the subway she thinks about Miura and that he’s a good person so she could date him but after all she can’t and she finally admits that she likes Nakajima.
The next day She and Miura are a bit awkward. Okamoto tells Nakajima that Mano and Miura have a good relationship and that he saw them on a date. Nakajima’s reaction is just “Heeeh”.
Everyone is leaving and there’s only Nakajima and Mano left, she’s feeling nervous. He tells her then when she finishes they’ll go out together. Next they are eating at a nice restaurant. A woman arrives and Nakajima is surprises to see her and calls out “Rika”.
Nouveau document 14_5
The two talk for a bit and then Rika apologizes because he’s in the middle of a date. Flustered Mano says that’s not it. Nakajima leaves for something and Rika sits down with Mano. I don’t really get the next part but I guess they talk about food… But Rika says something that makes Mano wonders about Rika and Nakajima in the past. Then as they are walking outside Mano says something about Rika and Nakajima starts talking about her. Looking at him Mano wonders if maybe Nakajima about Rika… (Sounds awkward in English).
The next day Nakajima is on the phone, it seems there are problems with the wedding gift. Then Mano spends the next couple days looking for the same gift without luck. On the day of the wedding she gets a call, it seems that someone has the thing she’s looking for. She gets Miura to help her get it.
She goes to the wedding and Nakajima is surprised to see her. She gives Rika the present. She’s super happy. Nakajima thanks her. They stand next to each other and Mano thinks, that Nakajima loves Rika and that she loves Nakajima.

Lol sorry this really sucks somehow. Also I didn’t proofread so…

I won’t post full chapters but if you have a question I will try to answer it.
Comments are always appreciated, I want to talk mangas with YOU, this why I’m posting these.


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