Yuugure Light Chapter 13 Preview & Summary

From the manga magazine Betsucomi which came out July 13th
The pictures’ quality is shit, sorry.

Here is a quick summary to go along with the pictures. As always, I am far from fluent so take this with a grain of salt.

Before anything can happen (like some kissing), Kazune’s mom calls out to them and asks what the hell they’re doing out there. She strongly scolds them and then comments about the two of them sneaking out together and how they get along well which they deny red-faced. Mom tells Chinami that she’ll keep it a secret from her dad. Then we see that Kanata was looking on from the window the whole time.
The next day dad announces that they’ve entered the family register so now the parents with Kazune and Chinami are officially family. Kazune is really excited and happy about it and everyone is looking to Chinami for her reaction, she ends up saying “Isn’t it fine?”, embarrassed. Yuudai excitedly congratulates them and Chinami catches Kanata’s reaction. He puts on a smile and congratulates them before excusing himself.

Chinami is running around looking for him when it starts raining hard. She finds him just standing in the rain. She asks him what he’s doing when it’s raining so hard but he shows no reaction. They go to take shelter under rocks. Chinami asks if he’s ok and he says about what? He congratulated them properly. He asks why she’s here instead of her family. She says that when she was feeling down about Yuudai and Kazune before he was there with her and she knows his feelings so that’s why. Then he says something about her or his feelings I don’t quite get and asks her if she forgot about the kiss.
Yuugure Light 13_5
Kazune is trying to decide on what to buy as a present in commemoration of becoming a family of four when Yuudai joins her. She says it’s too expensive so he suggests going to look for shells so they can make the jewelry themselves. Yuudai wonders where the hell is Chinami so she can give them a hand but Kazune says no she wants to keep it a secret.
Back to Chinami and Kanata. He grabs her arm and gets close to her but she starts to yell no and stops (he seems shocked, about her reaction or what he was about to do).

He says it was a joke and the rain has stopped. He goes out and a pissed Chinami pushes him into the water. He grabs her foot and gets her to fall in as well. kanata starts laughing and Chinami looks relieved.

They play in the water while Yuudai and Kazune are looking for shells. Then that last page doesn’t need any explanation I think.

There you go! I hope that was ok… Anybody feel free to correct me!
I am still firmly on team Yuudai. What about you?

I won’t post full chapters but if you have a question I will try to answer it.
Comments are always appreciated, I want to talk mangas with YOU, this why I’m posting these.


11 thoughts on “Yuugure Light Chapter 13 Preview & Summary

  1. Yay! Yuugure Light! Thanks Ceecile again!

    And about kanata grabing chinami’s arm when it looks like he was about to do something, it seems he was surprised with what he was about to do to her. And maybe he is starting to realize that he have come to like her romantically. Oh but I’m also team yuudai! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thank you ceecile !!

    I’m very confused, I don’t know who I want chinami to be with …

    both brothers have their point …
    I will wait to see if Kanata is a real good guy or a jerk to decide

    what about you ceecile ? you already have a team ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well as I said in the post, I am still on team Yuudai, not wavering. Kanata was in the negative numbers for a while and he had just gotten back into the positives but he lost some points again here with that moment when he almost forced a kiss on her again.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you soooooo much for the scans and summary! I’m on team Yuudai, but I love seeing Chinami and Kanata together. Not romantically, though. (But I do like seeing Yuudai jealous because of it.)


  4. Thanks a lot for the scans!! When Chinami rejects his kiss, Kanata basically says “Have you forgotten that you were okay with it when I kissed you a while back?”

    Can’t wait for next ep!!!


  5. Thank you so much to make the summary for us!
    I was so sad to wait until it is published in my country (hope it will soon), so you satisfied my heart so much! (This sentences is weird sorry)
    This manga is really one of my favorite. Everything sounds so nicely done.
    And Y. And Chinami are so cute!

    Thanks again!


  6. Oh man Yuudai’s face at the end…Delicious angst awaits. Really looking forward to seeing him jealous and upset haha!

    Still rooting for ChinamixYuudai. I don’t want Chinami to reciprocate to Kanata at all.

    You know I started buying the actual ebook volumes to read for myself since mangalator has gone down, but since I can only understand like 70%-80% of it I’m happy to see people are still out there summarizing it to fill in the blanks.


  7. Thank you soooooo much for the summary! I’ve been looking everywhere for someone who’s translating it.
    Even if it’s not the whole chapter, I’m glad you took some time to translate some parts for us! Hope you keep summarizing the other chapters.
    Thank you! ❤


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