Koisuru Harinezumi Chapter 20 Preview & Summary

From the manga magazine Betsucomi which came out July 13th
The pictures’ quality is shit, sorry.

Koisuru Harinezumi 20_1

As always, I am far from fluent so take this with several grains of salt.

It’s pretty much a filler chapter I think. Basically, they go to the beach as planned in the previous chapter.
While everyone is playing Hozuki is just sitting by himself. Kii’s friends tell her to call him so she does and he joins her looking like it’s the last thing he wants to do.
Koisuru Harinezumi 20_2
It seems Hozuki cannot swim long distance. Hozuki takes that opportunity to get close to Kii and notices her shoulder is sunburned. Kii cannot handle half naked Hozuki being so close and touching her so she drops into the water.

3 of their classmates get into trouble with some older guys (over a skateboard?) and as Hozuki and his two friends walk by, one of the classmate notices him and asks for his help. The three bullies turn their attention to Hozuki & Co and when one of them violently pushes down blond-friend-kun Hozuki and the other friend enter battle mode.
Koisuru Harinezumi 20_5
The three classmates flee. Other classmates see the aftermath from the fight which is the bullies leaving (clearly looking like they lost the fight) and Hozuki’s friends laughing, patting him on the back (also looking like they got into a fight). They don’t look pleased.
Next it’s time for a class meeting.
Koisuru Harinezumi 20_6
They ask Hozuki about what happened and the 3 classmates who were being bullied keep quiet, looking sheepish. After a pause Hozuki gives a non-answer like ~just because. His friend starts to protests but he stops him. In the end he gets up to leave and says he’s going home and that his friends had nothing to do with it. He apologizes to Kii who was waiting for him outside.
She follows him and asks him to tell her what really happened but he continues with the non-answers.
Koisuru Harinezumi 20_7
Kii goes to leave saying that she’ll persuade everyone that “he can’t say the reason but Hozuki-kun isn’t bad/at fault. I’m his girlfriend so I understand Hozuki-kun more than everyone” (I think? Something like that). Hozuki grabs her arm to stop her, he says (I think) that they’ll see her badly as well (or something to that effect) and then they go back and forth with “it’s fine “no it’s not” for a bit. Finally Kii cries that continuing to be misunderstood she hates it and isn’t it sad? Hozuki says that if he said that it didn’t upset him at all it’d be a lie but now it’s ok, he’s happy because he has a someone by his side.
Koisuru Harinezumi 20_8
Kii is touched/embarrassed and she starts to hit his chest making him trip. He falls backward with her on top of him.

So this happens. And the next page they are interrupted by his friend because the guys from before came. Hozuki goes to leave and Kii is surprised that he’s going and he says because he has to.
It ends with Kii thinking that everytime something unexpected happens (not in a good way).

Do you like this format better or do you prefer the pictures at the beginning of the post and then the summary?

I won’t post full chapters but if you have a question I will try to answer it.
Comments are always appreciated, I want to talk mangas with YOU, this why I’m posting these.


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