Let’s help each other out?

Hello hello!
So I know the majority coming to this blog come for the ongoing mangas preview and/or summaries. And I know you guys are impatient. And I can help you with that a little bit. However, as I explained in an earlier post I’m currently copying translations from Mangalator/Otakumole for later (personal) use. Which takes time, especially since using the computer mouse a lot is bringing back pain from when I sprained my wrist a few weeks ago.
So here’s what I was thinking. If some kind souls could help me out with that, I could have more time for previews/summaries.

Here are the mangas. If you’re interested in helping leave a comment with what you’ll be working on so that nobody works on the same thing. Basically it’s just copy/pasting. Without the pictures it might be difficult to know the order but it’s fine, I can fix it myself later (you can try to follow with Chinese scans when available if you want).
I really would be very grateful to anyone that can help me with this.
You can just write the pages numbers. Thank you ♥
PS: As the translations are not ours, this really is for personal use only.
(I linked the mangas to their Otakumole page)


A huge thank you to
Aruitou Chapters 7-52
Itsuka no Seishun Chapters 1-4
Koiiji Chapters 1-11
Koisuru Harinezumi Chapters 1-19
Mata Ashita Chapters 1-7
Otonari wa 1-ken de 2-do Oishii Chapters 1-6
Seishun Note Chapters 1-8
Sekai no Hashikko to Anzu Jam Chapters 1-18
Stella to Millefeuille Chapters 1-12
Taihen Yoku Dekimashita Chapters 1-23
Taiyou ga Mite Iru (Kamo Shirenai Kara) Chapter 1-9
Tonikaku Kimi ga Chapters 1-10

María Rojas
Seishun Note Chapters 1-5
Yuugure Light Chapters 1-12

Kawaii Hito Chapters 1-4

Jada Smith
Taihen Furyouku Dekimashira Chapters 1-3

As the cynical, jaded, pessimistic person that I am, I didn’t actually think anyone was going to help so this this was a great surprise in many ways. You guys warmed my cold little heart ♥


33 thoughts on “Let’s help each other out?

  1. I can help you with Yuugure Light, maybe others too depending how it goes. I don’t know if it will be easy or not without the images, cause when I helped Myrre the scans were still there, but I can try.
    I can just put bubbles in reading order (top-bottom/right-left priority) even when sometimes it changes a bit.


    1. Thank you so much!
      Even if it’s not in the right order, since I have the raws and with my level of Japanese I can manage to fix it after but if it can help you, you can try looking at the chinese scans at the same time (they only go up to ch9 though).
      I know Myrre used Google docs but I couldn’t figure out how to make it work (I really suck at this) so I’ll send you a mail so you have my mail address as well.


  2. I never used Google docs before that, but it was easy to learn xD
    Since I’m the one who will share them, maybe you can just download them with the link I’ll give u.
    Tonight after work i’ll start.


    1. It probably is easy, I just really suck. It’s a wonder I can even maintain a blog XD
      Well It’s already tonight for me so I’ll go to bed now but thank you again!
      And really, I’m not pressed for time it’s just that it’s always on the back of my mind that Raff might have to or decides to delete Otakumole at some point so I don’t want to take any chances.


      1. I already transcribed chapter 1 and 2, if you mail me, I’ll send the link to them and you can check if they are ok. Without images is horrible cause you don’t know where the limits of the boxes are, but using the chinese scans is easy!


  3. Hi Ceecile, for adding polls, it’s actually very easy if you post from your dashboard (instead of the new/”improved” editor; I have no idea how to do it from there).

    So start here: https://ceemangaworld.wordpress.com/wp-admin/
    (I just replaced my own blog’s url with yours.)

    On the left, hover over “Posts” and click “Add new.”
    This brings you to a text editor for a new post.

    On the top (below where you enter the title of the post), you should see a button that says “Add Poll.” Click that. If it asks you to log in to Polldaddy, choose the option where you have a WordPress account, and log in using your WordPress info. Then you just create a poll from there. When you’re done with setting up the poll, click “Embed in Post.”

    Btw I don’t know French (? I think that’s what you’re using, right?) but I assume you can figure it out from what I said in English (for the buttons, etc).


  4. Hi ceecile! Let me help you with kawaii hito. I’ll start with the manga with the least chapter hehe. And if ever i have time again and there are still more to transfer, i’ll pick another manga 😀
    I’ll work on it tomorrow night.


  5. HI!! I could help with typset and cleaning. I’d really love to do Takane to hana. Actually I’m gonna request Takane to hana… I have 10 chapters, I just need translations.
    Just a request, you don’t need to accept.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!


    1. Hello! Thank you for proposing your help but I think you’ve misunderstood. I don’t need help with scanlating. I don’t do scanlations actually. As for Takane no Hana, if you have the scans then you can find the translations on Otakumole/Mangalator as Raff kept them up.

      Edit: If you want to work on Takane to Hana then you could try to apply to Paper Doll Project which is the group providing the “official” scanlations. I’m sure they’re looking for help.


  6. Hi!!

    Thanks for the proposal you extended, it will really sustain me while waiting for the release of the tankobon and save me from stacking magazines.. I would like to help with coffee and vanilla, and I can do it anytime.. 🙂


  7. Hi. I ended up here when I was looking for chapter 53 of LiarxLiar and I thought: I have some free time on my hands I could help. 🙂 I want to help with Taihen Furyouku Dekimashira. I haven’t read it and it’s small but I would like to start slow.

    But I have a question: How do I send it to you?


  8. Thank you so much for the Coffee & Vanilla Chapter 5 Preview & Recap!! As a thank you I can send you all the English Mangalator translations for the following mangas, just email me the address:

    – Itsuka no Seishun
    – Koiiji
    – Koisuru Harinezumi
    – Mata Ashita Chapter
    – Otonari wa 1-ken de 2-do Oishii
    – Seishun Note
    – Sekai no Hashikko to Anzu Jam

    I have a script that lets me automatically save each chapter as a csv file (which can be opened with google docs) so I can also do the rest of the mangas on your list if nobody else volunteers, it takes me only a few seconds per chapter.

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      1. Oh, how I’d love to help you guys out!♥ I really think you guys, our kind translator as wonderful, awesome people, and without you, we won’t be able to know these stories by those awesome mangakas… I’d love to help you in any way I can!♥


  9. Hello, enende-san… I hope you read my comment in djns-san’s blog…♥ I was wondering if I could ask how to automatically save each chapter’s translations… Like what I said in djns-san’s blog, I also use our kind translator’s translation for personal use of learning how to read Japanese… But now, I’m happy to know these are also way to repay them, these awesome translators… Thank you.♥


  10. Hi. This might be random but I want to ask if you can invite me on Otakumole page since the register of that page is still disabled. I want to read Perfect World manga so badly but I don’t have an account. Thanks in advance.


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