FIVE Chapter 68 – Shiori Furukawa

I found no scans for FIVE, raws or otherwise, so I’ve scanlated the parts I felt you should see or the ones I liked. A reminder that I’m doing a translation of a translation JAP->FR->ENG and also I suck at translating FR->ENG so it may sound awkward). Click on them to see full size.
I’m going to use « Princess » because that is what « Hime » means in Japanese and that’s what the boys call her so I think it should be translated.

Chapter 68
Chapitre 68
I don’t have time to proofread so… Sorry in advance. :S

We pick up exactly where we left off with Hina panicking, saying that’s it’s totally impossible, infeasible etc… Just as she’s saying that it’s too dark and it’s impossible to see anything so how are they supposed to find each other she hears a couple doing just that.
Mitsu makes an announcement that there is a surprise waiting outside for the couples who found each other and if they find someone struggling in the dark they should help them. This reminds Hina of Toshi’s fear of the dark and it jolts her back into action, saying she has to hurry and help him.

Yamachika is pissed at Mitsu and Komoro full doing all this behind his back. He bumps into a student panicking because today he was planning on confessing to the girl he likes but they fought earlier and then they fell here and got separated. He’s scared that some shady guys might try to hurt her in the dark. Yamachika tells him to calm himself, there’s nothing they can do about the past. What’s important now is figuring out what he can do in order to not lose her. “That’s… What I was told. I wish I understood, but actually it’s difficult.” Finally he tells the other guy to not have any regret and to be careful.
A big “KYAAAAAAAA” resonates and Yamachika whirls around as he recognizes the voice. The douche from earlier is holding Etsu’s arms behind her back and tells her to be quiet, this is her punishment for breaking his heart earlier. He didn’t know things would turn out like this but it’s a good thing he stayed close to her since going down the stairs. Anyway, since she followed him at first that means she mustn’t dislike him that much right? So be a good girl and let’s get friendlier.
Etsu thinks this is her punishment for acting recklessly. If she had just listened to President’s advice she wouldn’t be in this situation now. No, if she had firmly hanged onto her feelings, they wouldn’t have wavered. She thinks she love President, she only loves him. She starts crying “President” and he tells her, panting, to get down (we only see 1/4 of his face but it’s obviously him). Yamachika kicks the douche hard in the face. He’s panting pretty hard and Etsu starts to apologize but he calls out her name. She flinches.
Then this.
Chapitre 68 1 trans
Etsu runs to hug him saying “President… President! President!!!” They fall backward and Yamachika tells her she had too much momentum. Etsu apologizes. It’s because she was too happy. She starts crying and explains that she keeps messing up: following a stranger, wearing this outfit… All this because she thought he had abandoned her… So she was so happy that he came for her. She lets out a bit “Waaaaah”.

Back to Hina who keeps running into walls and is really pissed by now, screaming that she’ll be in a hospital before she can finish finding him. It’s been a while since they fell here and she worries about how Toshi is doing by himself. Then again the probabilities of him not being alone are much higher. In any case, both situations are worrisome. She pumps her fist yelling that she only needs one little clue to find him and accidentally hits someone who turns out to be Takui. All the other guys are there, except for Toshi of course. Tairaku asks if they didn’t cross path before but she says she’s been looking for him since she arrived but not yet. Tairaku says “Ah. Yes, of course… It’s difficult” and there’s a close up on Hina’s feet (Yeah, I don’t quite get it either but I think Tairaku knows that Toshi avoided her since he went to find her before everyone fell into the labyrinth). Hina says, smiling dejectedly, that even though she keeps looking, with all these obstacles she still hasn’t found him… She’s starting to think that it’s not enough to wish for it very strongly for it to happen. Kojiro tells her it’s her choice if she wants to give up but the time limit hasn’t expired yet. How about she fights and struggles till the end so as to not have any regrets, like she’s always done.
Completely not reading the mood, Nao says that since they met with Princess he should confess but Takui blocks his mouth and tells him not now.
A girl does the same thing Hina did earlier and hits Takui by accident. They do some Kyaaaing and say how lucky they are since they already met Toshi earlier. Before Hina can ask them, Tairaku gets close to the girl and asks about it. She says that the place they met him is further ahead and then on the right but she thinks he’s with a girl at the moment. Hina yells out that she’s charging ahead.

A girl is keeping close to Toshi saying how happy she is to have found him, nobody will come to bother them here, she has him all to herself ♥. She says that she heard he doesn’t like to be in the dark but not to worry because she’s here, it’ll all be fine ♥. She’ll stay close to him as long as necessary ♥. Toshy asks her to stop sticking to him, she’s bothering him. The girl is shocked and and tells him that’s not the way to treat people who are nice to him. He never had any qualms to play with her as wished so why is he now… Toshi says “Because before… Anyone would do.”

End of chapter 68
Next chapter is the long awaited Hina x Toshi reunion Woohoo!

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