Haru Matsu Bokura Chapter 16 Preview

From the manga magazine Dessert which came out 8/24
No recap, just a preview.

What is this Towa? Are you finally going to go on the offensive now?


12 thoughts on “Haru Matsu Bokura Chapter 16 Preview

  1. Thank you so much for this preview, I really like this manga, and all the other manga you are posting! ^^
    Though I don’t really understand what’s happening I hope Mitsuki will end up with Towa 😀


  2. Thank you for the preview!
    I used to ship Mitsuki with Towa before Aya came into the picture…(most of the time, I am with the main pairing)
    I really like Towa’s airhead character ww (i still do!) and he is still as charming.
    Towa on the offensive is really tearing me apart…o(;△;)o

    But my achilles heel is “the childhood friend who has always like the female character” kind of setting so this is actually the first time so far among all other series that I’ve read/am reading where I jumped into a sinking ship…

    Basically, it is virtually impossible for Aya to end up with Mitsuki so there’s practically no hope for this ship anymore…(BUT I’M ON THIS SHIP WITH NO REGRETS TTATT)

    Unless Aya turns out to be some jerk, I will sink with this ship….

    P.S. Male characters with a ponytail is a ++++++++++++++ for me (灬ºωº灬)♡


    1. You know, I’m the opposite of you. “the childhood friend who has always liked the female character” usually annoy my because they often have this entitlement “I’ve known her longer, loved her longer, know her better, was there for her blah blah blah” like that means they should get the girl. Because of that they often dismiss the girl’s feelings. And this is why I don’t like Aya right now, because that’s exactly what he’s doing (dismissing Mitsuki’s feelings I mean).


      1. Hahah!! I guess it depends on the plot? Some type of childhood friend settings that usually seal the deal for me are those who have been by the MC’s side all along. Watching over her, caring for her but do not confess their love because shoujo mangas lol. You need a rival to trigger the rivalry only then they will move and be on the offensive.

        You can see Aya in that way (dismissing Mitsuki’s feelings) but since shoujo mangas always pull the “fight for your own love” “I am selfish” kind of card, I guess Aya is trying to sway Mitsuki’s feelings in that sense?

        Even though I am shipping Aya and Mitsuki, I can’t imagine/see how the both of them can be together. I mean, the story would be weird…
        In this case, I am actually interested in Mitsuki’s character development, how she will stop being led on by Aya and stand firm against him.

        Emerge as a strong female character and reject him !

        My ship will sink sooner or later and it is not like I dislike Mitsuki with Towa. (I really like them both together as well ww)


    2. Lol those are the ones I hate the most! Silently in love with the MC but never doing anything about it and then be suddenly outraged when she shows interest in someone “Why Why Why isn’t meeeee?! I was by your side the whole time!!” Because you never did anything about it you moron! Ah!
      I can understand not doing anything about it all this time, but then don’t go and whine about it lol.


      1. HAHAHA!! We really do have direct opposite taste, don’t we? w
        I live in the shoujo world when I read, so most of the time I just accept what the mangaka throws at me.

        What I hate most is usually annoying, helpless, sometimes arrogant female MCs w
        I can accept plain, boring and cliches because if I were to only read interesting and different ones, shoujo mangas wouldn’t be a part of my life anymore. OTZ
        (Just look at the amount of money we spent on them w)


  3. Where did you read it though? I mean, I’ve been searching for the chapter 16 everywhere but no luck T.T I really want to read it >_< If the mangas were sold in my country, I would've bought them instantly! Sigh.. damn you tokyopop! Lol sorry haha I just love Haru Matsu Bokura so much but it's a pain to wait so long without knowing if it'll even be translated or sold here (like Momoiro Heaven lol) Cheers!


    1. Hi! I bought it. Which you can do as well. There are many ways. You can buy the Dessert mag or the manga via amazon japan or if you prefer a digital version you can buy via Ebook Japan. Don’t say you can’t do it, it’s very much possible if you really want to.


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