Hoshigami-kun wa Douka Shiteru Chapter 14 Preview

From the manga magazine Dessert which came out 8/24
No recap, just a preview.

What the hell are you doing Nozomu? Playing with poor Mikeno’s heart.
I love this mangaka.


10 thoughts on “Hoshigami-kun wa Douka Shiteru Chapter 14 Preview

  1. Here’s the translation in english for this preview ^u^

    Pg 2:
    Azuma: “You stop getting close to Nozomu Hoshigami too if you lose, kay?
    Mikeno: “…..alright”
    Azuma “Ready,” “set” “GO-!”

    Pg 3:
    Azuma “huh” “wha, so fast!!”

    Pg 4:
    Nozomu “You (Motomu) and Mikeno-san are both important”
    “That’s why I’m happy to see you two get along…”
    “Sorry Motomu” “You’re right, it’s not something I should be getting involved in”
    “My bad”

    Pg 5:
    Nozomu: “Motomu, Mikeno-san is not a toy”
    Motomu: “I know”

    Pg 6:
    Mikeno: “Yess!!”
    Azuma: *breathing hard*
    Mikeno: “There you have it Azuma! It’s my win, give up on Nozomu-kun!”
    Azuma: “Thi” “This one doesn’t count obviously!”
    Mikeno: “huh—- what do you mean!?”
    Azuma: “What do you mean is what I want to ask–!!”

    Pg 7:
    (right page)
    Mikeno “I like Nozomu-kun too!”
    Azuma “being so cocky…” “and revently, you were so desperate to stay on my good side…!”
    “just when I thought that you’re getting along with Hoshigami, you changed your attitude, It
    seriously pisses me off”
    Mikeno “pissing you off? you’re just saying that you were jealous of me!”
    “If yu liked him, you should’ve stop acting like a kid and become honest!”

    (left page)
    Mikeno “For your information, ripping my textbooks and such, it was completely bullying you know!”
    “Thanks to that, I’m having to use my brother’s old textbooks that’s full of doodling and porn jokes
    and I’m so tired of it!”
    Azuma “Say that to your brother!”
    Mikeno “Well, it’s my win, so at least keep the promise will you”
    Azuma “……..no”
    Mikeno “No is not an answer! not only is your character bad, your understanding is so bad too!!”
    Azuma “you’re not the one to say about bad character!!”
    Mikeno “….seriously”

    Pg 8
    (right page)
    Mikeno “I feel bad for Nozomu-kun who got liked by people with bad character”
    Azuma “…You can say that again” *pfft*
    *turn away*

    (left page)
    Mikeno I wonder why, as soon as I entered high school, I got close to Azuma, and I thought that we were
    friends. but now, I feel like I’ve talked to Azuma for the first time—-
    Azuma “I get it. I did lose, so I’ll pull back on getting close to him for a while ”

    Pg 9
    Azuma “could you just confess and get rejected already?”
    “Then it’ll be my turn”

    “….could it be, Isari, you”
    “already confessed and got rejected….”
    Mikeno “…….”
    Azuma “HEY—-!”

    Pg 10
    Mikeno “are you sure nothing happened?”
    Nozomu “…….”
    Mikeno “what’s with you today?” “you’re acting wierd Nozomu-kun”
    “something that you can do for me…”
    “Then how about giving me a hug so I can work hard for this afternoon!?”
    haha “just joking…..”

    Pg 11
    (right page)

    (left page)
    Mikeno “Nozomu-kun”
    I, just wanted a light hug, but this
    he’s huging me so tightly……

    Pg 12
    “is there a new student in Isari’s class?”
    Mikeno “N, Nozomu-kun…”
    Nozomu “I’m” “so selfish”
    Mikeno When I looked up to see Nozomu-kun’s face,

    Pg 13 (last)
    Mikeno He was making a face that I’ve never seen before—–


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