Liar x Liar Chapter 53 Preview

From the manga magazine Dessert which came out 8/24
Read the recap here.

I’ve never read this manga so I wasn’t sure what to pick.


4 thoughts on “Liar x Liar Chapter 53 Preview

  1. Thank you! I think the pages you picked were good. 🙂

    (Btw I was hoping to help you get a better idea of what might be important pages in future chapters, but if you plan to read the manga from the beginning and don’t want to get spoiled, or just don’t care at all, then don’t read what I wrote below. XD)

    Spoilers ahead for people who haven’t read this manga at all or who haven’t gotten very far.
    This is a brief summary of what happened in earlier chapters. I am leaving out some things that I don’t think are very important.

    The story is basically about this girl and her stepbrother. They used to have a very good relationship, but it turned bad at some point when they were in middle school (?) (I think the girl found him having sex with random girls). One day the girl (who is now in uni) dressed up in her friend’s high school uniform for fun. The stepbrother sees her and the girl pretends to be someone else. He asks her to go out with him, and through some circumstances, they actually do end up dating. The girl feels bad for lying to him though because he seems to be very serious and caring about her, so she tries to break it off with him. Through some more circumstances, they do end up breaking up, and the girl goes back to being his stepsister without him realizing a thing (at least, that’s what the reader might be led to think; who knows if he actually knew?). She realizes she loves him, and later she finds out that he also loves her (the stepsister her, not the high school girl she was pretending to be) but was holding back because he didn’t want to ruin their family. In a recent chapter she finally confesses to him, if I remember correctly, but I don’t think they’re dating.

    So basically, this chapter shows a bit more about how they got into a bad relationship starting from middle school or something.


    1. please allow me to clarify a bit more, dear myrre
      she confesses to him but he doesn’t believe it, until someone else tells him she does love him. We couldn’t much reaction ’cause the flashback began last chapter … it shows how deep his love for her is (ceecile if you read it, you taught me the difference between suki and aishiteru 😉 )

      now I hope to see his reaction and what will he do about it ? He always wanted to protect their parents so he hide his love (so much that he became expressionless … isn’t that depression ?)

      and even if they manage to go out with each other, will she tell him about her lies ??

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