Nijiro Days Chapter 37 Preview & Summary

From the manga magazine Betsuma which came out July 13th
The pictures’ quality is shit, sorry.

As always, I am far from fluent so take this with a grain of salt.
This one is kind of a mess actually.

Mattsun takes Mari away so they can be alone together. He sends a text to Kei and Tsuyopon saying that the two of them are going on a date and that Na-chan went to get Kobayakawa-san.

Anna is feeling better and gets ready to leave. Na-chan is running to join her, trying to find her hotel room. Just as he’s wondering what he should do, Anna opens her door and they are face to face. She asks him what he’s doing here. He says he’s here to see how she’s doing and then realizes that she’s all dressed, ready to leave. He says it’s good that she’s feeling better. She asks how he knew that she wasn’t well and he answers Tsutsui-san told him. She asks him if he came for that reason and when he says yes she has that blank-sad looking face and thanks him but it’s ok now. She starts to leave first but he calls out to her saying that their groups are mixing now so they should go together. There’s a pause before she says ok.
Nijiiro Days 37_4
Na-chan thinks that Anna doesn’t seem well and that after all her physical condition isn’t good and also about yesterday…
They reach the bus stop and are asked for directions but Na-chan answer that they don’t know either as they are no locals. The two ladies are excited to have met a high school couple. Na-chan is surprised and super happy to hear that they look like a couple while Anna’s face remains unmoved (maybe a bit embarrassed, bothered). Seeing that, Na-chan thinks that’s not it and he has to correct them but the two ladies leave before he can. Awkwardly he starts to say that he was surprised but Anna remains silent and blank faced.
Nijiiro Days 37_5
He tries a little harder saying that they’re not a couple but he couldn’t say it and that they look like a couple… Kidding. (Please somebody help with this one). Na-chan wonders what the hell he’s saying. Anna apologizes that he was misunderstood with her and Na-chan starts saying that’s not it but doesn’t finish. He thinks that he was happy to be mistaken as a couple with Anna. He thinks about saying it but then remembers Mari’s word to wait. He clenches his fist and says there’s no need for her to apologize and he apologizes instead.
Nijiiro Days 37_6
In the bus he asks Anna to listen to what he has to say sometime in the (near?) future and she agrees.

Back to Mari and Mattsun who are enjoying(?) a ride.
Nijiiro Days 37_7
They go to buy souvenirs for Anna and Mattsun wants to get something for Nozomi and their parents. He laments that Nozomi wants something from Kei instead of him. Mari comments on his relationship with his sister and she says she doesn’t understand older brothers. She says they’re on good terms now but before they were really close. Mattsun says it’s because she’s older but Mari replies that’s not it (or that it isn’t any of his business). (I’m totally not sure about this whole exchange) She says that all the people she loves leave her. Mattsun says it’s not like that. Then he says that she’s cute so frankly she must have been popular? She says she wasn’t. I’m honestly not sure what they’re saying, although I get the gist of it so I’ll just skim through it. Basically she says that she started hating guys in elementary school. Mattsun keeps egging her on so she starts talking. Her brother was always kind, Anna too so she loves them. Flashback time.

Little Mari is looking at herself in the mirror (she’s super cute). Ma-kun just did her hair and she’s really happy. He borrowed the curling iron from someone, Mari asks if it’s from mom but he says, embarrassed, that it’s from his friend.
Nijiiro Days 37_8
She asks if it suits her and he says it does and she’s cute. She’s super happy and the next day goes to school looking really proud and confident thinking about Ma-kun’s words and that she’ll ask her mom to buy a curling iron. At school to boys ask her about her hair (blushing) and she proudly says her brother did it but the boys say it doesn’t suit her at all. She says they’re wrong and they start pulling her hair. She screams that it hurts and for them to stop but they keep doing it and laughing. She looks like she’s about to cry and slaps the boy’s hand, hard. In class a group of girls come to talk to her. They say it’s her fault and didn’t she know that Haruna-chan (main brat) has a good relationship with Satake (the boy who was pulling her hair). They say it’s her fault for doing her hair like that. That hair style fits Haruna but… They say she tried to copy because Haruna stands out and that she’s impertinent/conceited/audacious. Mari is tearing up and yells at them to stop.
At home she is hiding under the covers, her hair is a mess. She refuses to tell Ma-kun what happened and she apologizes to him. Ma-kun comforts her and she cheers up, telling him that she loves him very much with a big bright smile. The chapter ends with little Mari thinking that oni-chan is her ally and if he’s here then it’s good.

Wow this chapter was hard. There’s a good deal of self-interpretation done with whatever I understood plus context provided by the pictures. But all in all I think the point across. Maybe. Lol, feel free to correct me!

I won’t post full chapters but if you have a question I will try to answer it.
Comments are always appreciated, I want to talk mangas with YOU, this why I’m posting these.


3 thoughts on “Nijiro Days Chapter 37 Preview & Summary

  1. Thank you for your summary <3, sigh I really like this manga but I think the author is dragging the drama with Anna and Natchan, it's clear that they like each other, I hope they'll end up together soon, because right now I'm more interested in the other characters than the main couple XD.
    Lol sorry for this little rant, and thanks again for the summary ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No problem! I like rants because it means you have strong opinions on the manga and you’re sharing them.
      I agree with you completely. Next chapter is Mari centered but hopefully after that we’ll get back on track. I’d like to see more Kei x Nozomi as well because I feel it has so much potential.

      Liked by 1 person

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