Honey Chapter 36 Preview & Summary

From the manga magazine Betsuma which came out July 13th
If you can read Japanese and would like to summarize this (or another) chapter, leave a comment!
This is the long awaited (for me) Yashiro x Misaki chapter!

As always, I am far from fluent so take this with a grain of salt.

Nao apologizes to Yashiro for worrying her during the festival. Yashiro says it’s lonely that Nao didn’t come to her when she was worried, so Nao tells her she’ll come to her for everything but then Yashiro says that’s kind of annoying.

Misaki says to study together and Yashiro tells him that’s not the way to ask and tells him to do it again, which he does. He tries different ways which she rates: 30pts then 53pts then he screams/asks to study together very politely and she says ok. She asks if they should all go to the library but Misaki says just the two of them looking adorable.
Honey 36_3
Together in the school library. Misaki is flustered seeing the nape of her neck.

Yashiro looks at his back and asks him if he’s standing on tiptoes/stretching his back to seem taller. She says they used to be the same size. He proudly tells her that he grew 4cm. She gets really close to him and says impertinent/cheeky/conceited. Misaki is all flustered and tells her she’s too close.

So this happens Kyaaa. I’m just going to post pictures. I don’t think they need any explanation XD

Misaki asks “You, just now, what…?” and Yashiro is just as confused. She wonders what did she just do. The bell rings and she says in her usual cool way that she’s going home and see you tomorrow, leaving Misaki who’s completely out of it and only comes back to his senses after she left.
As she’s leaving Yashiro finally shows her flustered face. She keeps denying it means anything in her head. That night Misaki keeps messaging her but she ignores him.
The next day a pissed Misaki wants to talk but she flees again, taking Nao with her. Misaki wants to follow but a someone tells him the homeroom teacher is asking for him.
Honey 36_11
Yashiro thinks that she doesn’t know what she should do.
On the rooftop, Nao asks her what’s up and when she says it’s nothing Nao reminds her that she also wants Yashiro to come to her when she’s troubled. Yashiro tells her that yesterday she kissed Misaki and Nao reacts just as you would imagine. She says she doesn’t know what’s the right thing to do. Nao asks/says that she likes Misaki therefor she kissed him..? Follows a conversation that I don’t totally get so I’ll skim through it. Basically Yashiro admits that she likes him but says she won’t do anything about it. Something about how Misaki gets red as a tomato and how that’s really cute, something about the kiss/kissing, first experience and how it’s humiliating and how her pride won’t allow it. Lols sorry Nao asks isn’t that weird? Then she says some stuff. Then she takes Yashiro by the hand and pull her up saying they’re going to see Misaki. If they go won’t her feelings be transmitted a little? Yashiro refuses to go, Nao tries to convince her etc…

Misaki marches in, really pissed, saying he finally found them. He tells her to sopt fleeing and demands an explanation about the ki…kiss (lol both he and Nao stutter everytime they say “kiss” and it’s written in small characters compared to the rest of the text). He notices they’re holding hands and asks why and then points out Yashiro’s red face and she tells him to shut up. She says he absolutely cannot read the situation. Nao tells Yashiro “gambatte!” (I never know how to translate that but I feel like everyone knows the meaning?)

Anyone feel free to jump in with what she’s saying
Honey 36_16
Nao says that Yashiro is really cool after all. The bell rings and apparently Misaki is completely frozen.
In the library, Misaki asks didn’t they say they would be studying the two of them together and Yashiro says something about because they became lovers which takes Taiga by surprise and Futami says that he’s the only one who is single.

I was really looking forward to this chapter but I’m disappointed at how it turned out. I guess I was expecting more, even though I can’t quite tell how so. It sure was cute though. But then again, when is Honey NOT cute?
So, what do you think?
Honey is licensed in France and the 1st volume is coming out September 9th woohoo!

I won’t post full chapters but if you have a question I will try to answer it.
Comments are always appreciated, I want to talk mangas with YOU, this why I’m posting these.


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