Liar x Liar Chapter 53 Recap

This is Ceecile! Paula who was translating Liar x Liar on Mangalator/Otakumole was kind enough to write a recap of the chapter for you all, be sure to thank her 🙂
You can see some pages from the chapter here.

The chapter continues where the previous chapter left off. “Tohru, you really like your sister, don’t you? It pisses me off, so why don’t I go bother her a bit?” Tohru kabe-dons the girl and asks what she’s trying to do. “If you’re planning on hurting her, then…”
She answers “If I am planning to do that, then what? This is the first time I’ve seen your angry face. Do you treasure your sister that much?” Tohru is speechless at first, but then says that she’s wrong, that she shouldn’t misunderstand like that. The girl then brushes it off as a joke. “I’m different from all the girls up until now, so you can rest assured.”
“You think I can rest assured now?” Tohru thinks. He sends Katsura a message and asks him to come. Katsura thinks this is rare and asks him what’s going on. “You know that girl, Mikuni, who is in the same class as you?” Tohru asks. “Yeah, I know her.” Katsura answers. “It seems like she’s going out with you at the moment, right? What’s up?” Tohru tells him that he was wondering if she wasn’t doing weird stuff to Minato. “Oh, you mean like all those girls who get jealous because she’s your sister,” says Katsura. He says that that’s not happening, but that they have been getting along well lately. But if anything happens in class, he says, he’ll do something about it. Katsura then tells him that he should try to get into a more sincere relationship. Tohru replies that he knows that.

Tohru is walking through the corridor later on, he sees Mikuni and Minato talking about cellphones. He thinks that they really do get along well, and then Mikuni sends him a creepy smile, which makes him mentally add that he only has a bad feeling about it, though. When Tohru’s gone, Mikuni tells Minato that she has something to tell her. Minato asks what it’s about, and Mikuni says that it’s about Tohru.
When Tohru gets home, Minato is sitting at the dinner table, and Tohru asks her if their parents are home yet. Minato glares at him and says “No idea. Why don’t you send them a message where you ask them yourself?” Tohru thinks something strange is going on and asks what’s wrong, and if something happened at school. He reaches out to her but she pulls away, yelling “Don’t touch me!” She asks him how he became like this. He doesn’t understand and asks what’s going on, all of a sudden. She tells him that it’s not all of a sudden, and she just once again recognised that he’s the most terrible little brother. She tells him not to talk to her at school anymore. Tohru asks her if Mikuni told her anything. Minato flinches when she hears that and says that it can’t be helped inside the house, because she doesn’t want their parents to worry, but that outside of the house, she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore.

The next day at school, Tohru asks Mikuni what she did to Minato. Mikuni pretends not to know what he’s talking about, but he tells her not to play dumb.
“Say, Tohru,” Mikuni says. “You’ve never made a move on any of your sisters friends, have you? Though it might have seemed like you took anyone who came your way, the truth is that you chose them carefully. But you probably didn’t know that I was on good terms with your sister. In tears, I talked to her about what I had to go through because of her unfaithful little brother.” She told Minato not only about herself, but also about the other girls who got hurt because of him as if she were there. “Did you think that I did something terrible to Minato? I would never do something like that to a sweet girl like her. I told you to rest assured, didn’t I? I won’t mistakenly overlook the real bad guy here. You’re the one in the wrong, Tohru.” She then turns her back to him, wondering why she fell in love with a guy like this – both she and her cousin have terrible taste. She says that he probably doesn’t remember the name and face of the girl he went out with for a short while, because he couldn’t care less about her – but to Mikuni, she’s a very dear person. Mikuni thought that if she ever met Tohru, she’d have to return the favour, and now that this happened, she feels satisfied. She casually breaks up with him, leaving Tohru behind.

Tohru thinks about how he cannot say anything back, that she probably only told Minato the truth and that Mikuni is very smart, and that she perfectly afflicted the worst damage possible to him. He thinks that he already knew that someone like him cannot be with someone, and that if you hurt someone, it will come back to bite at you. The world’s worst little brother got a little closer to the right track. He learned how to separate his relations with women… but that’s all.

Some time later, Minato asks Tohru to write a written pledge. Only by being his sister, she went through hardships during high school, so she doesn’t want the same thing to happen at university. She tells him to write down that he swears not to come closer than two meters near her, and not to tell anyone that she is his sister. “Well, sure…” he says. She says that if she had known sooner that he’s going to the same university, she’d have applied for a different one. “If you did that, there would be no meaning to this,” he thinks. “I’m being hated to the point that nothing can be done about it anymore, but if I at least can stay by your side a little bit…”

He continues monologuing to himself. “I thought that nothing could be done about these feelings of mine. I thought that I’d carry them to my grave. However…” The story goes back to the present, and Tohru and Minato are sitting at the dinner table, talking about the circle and Christmas. Tohru thinks back to Minato’s “I like you” and “that was a joke” and what Karasuma said about Minato liking her little brother too much, and him being the one making her feel uneasy. “How did it become like this?” he thinks. Minato asks him if he has any plans for Christmas, and when he says he doesn’t, she proposes that they spend Christmas at their family’s house, since they won’t get to return that often once they finish school. Then the manga skips forward to Christmas, and everybody is making merry, and Tohru finds himself thinking that he loves everyone and he doesn’t want to destroy the harmony in his family.

Sorry, I rushed a bit with the last part because I need to leave in a few minutes XD.


6 thoughts on “Liar x Liar Chapter 53 Recap

  1. Thank you so much~! \(^ . ^)/ Raffmanga is down so your preview and recap really saved my life!! I really appreciate it~~~ 😀 Thank you thank you thank you!!!


  2. oooooh thank you, thank you thank you sooo much ceecile and paula !!!!

    you’re the best !!

    so the flashback ends here and we know what tooru decided …. aaaaah I’m a little disappointed but I kind of see it coming
    I would be too good to be true if he would have accepted her feeling

    I hope next step is tooru discovering mina’s true identity (by founding her cellphone in minato’s drawer or something..)


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