Yuugure Light Chapter 14 Preview & Recap

From the manga magazine Betsucomi which came out August 13th
This is Ceecile, bringing you another summary from Paula, who was translating Yuugure Light on Mangalator/Otakumole. Be sure to thank her 🙂

Yuugure Light 14_1
Chinami, Yuudai, Kazune and Kanata are sitting at the table, working on their summer homework. Chinami is complaining that even though they only have only little of the summer holidays left, there’s still so much home work. Kazune reassures her that she’ll teach Chinami everything so she can finish up quickly. Kanata says that he’ll help too, because he already finished and has nothing to do. Chinami thinks he’s making fun of her. Yuudai sees this and thinks that they’ve been getting along very well since they went to the beach. Kanata catches him staring and grins evilly, then pats Chinami on the head – “Oh, you see, you can do it!”. Chinami is offended and says that it’s only addition, and she can manage this much.

Then Kanata receives a phone call and walks away to pick it up. Yuudai follows him and hears him apologize and say that he was busy the whole summer vacation. “Didn’t you just say that you had nothing to do?” Yuudai asks. “I mean, that’s a girl, right? So you have girls that you want to invest time in, and girls that you don’t?” Kanata replies that this means that Chinami-chan is ‘special’. While walking back, he pats Yuudai on the shoulder when he passes him, saying “that’s how it is, so yoroshiku!” (Note: ‘yoroshiku’ means something like ‘please treat me favourably’.)

Still at the dinner table with Kazune, Chinami receives a message from her mum.
Chinami, long time no see! It’s warm but, are you feeling well? I saw a yukata that seemed like it would suit you at the department store. How about going there together to buy it? I’ll be waiting for your answer!
Chinami wonders why she’s contacting her at this time, when she’s about to become a new family with Kazune-chan.

When they’re ready to go home, Chinami thinks that maybe maybe Yuudai would listen to her problems, so she asks Yuudai if he has some free time today. Kanata stares intently at him, which makes Yuudai uneasy, so he : “O-of course I don’t!””… Huh?!” Chinami asks, annoyed. “What’s his problem?! In a bad mood or something?!” she thinks. “Oh, really!” she adds.
“Didn’t you say that you were going to make something with Kazune?” Kanata interrupts. “Eh, but that doesn’t have to be today…” Kazune stammers. Yuudai says that he’s going to do that. Chinami makes a hurt face and says that it wasn’t that important anyway. Kanata offers to walk her back.

Yuudai and Kazune begin working on something, and Yuudai accidentally destroys it because he’s so annoyed. “I-it’s fine, I picked up a lot of shells,” Kazune says. “Sorry, can we work on this tomorrow after all?” Yuudai asks. And then he goes running, wondering why he can’t calm down.

The next day, Yuudai didn’t come. Kazune wonders if he’s going to manage with his homework. Kanata says that he’ll work it out somehow, and says that Yuudai said that he’d head over to help with the thing Kazune is making. Chinami is kind of hurt, and Kanata thinks that Yuudai just doesn’t want to see the two of them together. Chinami thinks about how she can’t even reply to her mother, because she has no idea how to.
Later, Chinami receives a package from her mother: the yukata she was talking about. Keiko-san (Kazune’s mother) says that maybe they should all wear yukata and light fireworks, because they didn’t get to do it at the beach and still have a lot of fireworks left.

So the three families minus Yuudai (he said that he needed to work on his homework) end up lighting fireworks together. Kanata’s mum comments on how cute the two girls look, and how nice it is to have girls, because there are only boys in her family. Kazune compliments Chinami on her yukata and says that her mother has a great fashion style. “Compared to that, this is nothing special, but I too have something for you…” Kazune continues. She gives Chinami a phone hanger that she made from one of the sea shells from the beach. Their whole family has matching phone hangers. She made them so they would all be one. Chinami says that it’s by no means “nothing special”, that in fact, it’s the best thing ever.

There are little paintings on the backside, Kazune says. Yuudai panted fireworks on Chinami’s, because it seemed like something Chinami would like.

So Chinami goes to Yuudai’s house. She rings the doorbell, but when he doesn’t open, she rings it like crazy, so he opens the door, super irritated, and is surprised to find Chinami in her Yukata. “I want to light fireworks with you again,” she says. “So come.” She tells him that she needs advice on something concerning her mum, and Yuudai is the only one she can ask. “So basically… if I can’t see you every now and then, I would be very troubled.”

Yuudai blushes and asks her what she needs advice on, and Chinami explains the yukata situation. She asks him how she should thank her mother. Yuudai asks her to give him her phone, so he can take a picture to send to her mother. Chinami is standing there stiffly, and Yuudai tells her to make a “cuter face”.
“Well, I’m sorry I’m not cute!” Chinami says. “That’s not what I meant,” Yuudai says. “I’m telling you to smile. It’s cute like that.” While taking the picture, Yuudai thinks to himself that he finally understands why he felt so irritated – to him, Chinami is ‘special’. (Note: AAAAAAAAAHHHHH! FINALLY!) And then he takes another picture with them together.

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13 thoughts on “Yuugure Light Chapter 14 Preview & Recap

  1. Hi!! 🙂

    Thanks for the preview and thanks Paula for the summary!

    I really like chinami and kazune. I still don’t know if kazune is really in love with yuudai.But I hope she won’t get hurt. She is very lovely with chinami that I don’t want them to have problems between each other. But it’s almost certain that is going to happen xp Anyway, thanks a lot and continue doing polls, I really like it!!


    ARGH can’t wait! I really hope Kanata just simply want Chinami as a special friend.
    No more than that because I’m seriously tired of endless love triangles. Maybe a new girl for Kanata, and a new boy for Kazune, or just them together haha….just please Usami Maki!


    1. There were no real love triangle to speak of in 2 of her major mangas so I feel like it’s not impossible. But although I’m not sure about Kanata, it seems pretty clear that Kazune likes him. I think more than the love triangle we might see Chinami struggle between choosing Kazune or Yuudai. Anyway for now I enjoy the two of them being awkward tsunderes around each other. I hope it won’t last too long though.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh finally! Yuudai! Took you a while to realize! They sure look cute posing awkwardly with a V sign ( ̄▽ ̄)V

    I’m still unsure of who kazune likes and can’t find a hint of her liking kanata. But I like the friendship going on between her and chinami 🙂

    Thanks Paula and Ceecile!


  4. I was somewhat unhappy to see yuudai “helping” his brother with chinami
    hopefully he realised that she’s special to him too

    about kanata, I think he is interested with chinami, but he’s more the type to tease his little bro … maybe he’ll become serious


      1. well here : “she asks Yuudai if he has some free time today. Kanata stares intently at him, which makes Yuudai uneasy, so he : “O-of course I don’t!””
        just after kanata said to yuudai that chinami is special
        he stares at his bro so yuudai kind of back off
        that’s what I understand, don’t you ?


        1. I don’t think that’s how it was. I think it’s just his tsundere side coming out. Kanata was teasing him and Yuudai didn’t realize yet why he was feeling this way and reacted like that. It’s similar to how Chinami was when she first started to like Yuudai.


      2. yeah, of course he didn’t realize his feeling, but why did he back off like that when chinami asked him for help ? I though it was because kanata said hat shinami was special to him … well, what ever ^^

        anyway, I’m sorry for the late reply, I was kind of busy like always in September, I’m going to see others preview you kindly share with us, thank you ❤


    1. If you mean for free then I don’t know, sorry.
      If you can’t read Japanese and just want to look at the pictures, I’m pretty sure the Chinese and Korean scanlations are almost up to date and they’re probably uploaded on tieba.baidu as well.


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