Coffee & Vanilla Chapter 5 Preview & Recap

From the manga magazine Cheese! which came out August 24th
This is Ceecile, bringing you a summary from Chacile, who translated Coffee & Vanilla on Mangalator/Otakumole. Be sure to thank her 🙂

A ring, a duplicate key, what in the world awaits next for Risa?
At the condo, Fukami is telling Risa “more” as he sits on the bed and is holding Risa by her waist. Risa, who was half kneeling on the bed, complied and asked him if it’s that way, it turned out that Risa was tying the necktie for Fukami. She asked him if it’s really fine for her to tie it for him, he said that it is and she also wants to memorize how to tie it, right? While holding the knot of the tie, Fukami continued, “Moreover, I also feel like doing my best at work today”. Being touched by his words, Risa thought that ever since they became lovers, it was her first time to send off Fukami to work. Looking at him putting on his shoes, she thought of his work and if it is now, will she be able to easily ask him about it. She started calling out his attention and Fukami turned his head to her in inquiry. She stuttered while asking what his work is. Fukami answered “oh, I didn’t tell you about it? Actually”. Thinking that she’ll finally know, Risa kneeled in anticipation. Amused by her reaction, Fukami smiled and said “as I thought, why don’t you try guessing it?” Risa was surprised, he continued, “what do you think it is?” Thinking that since Fukami is an excellent talker, could it be related to hospitality industry (an ace of some sort). She answered, “Like being in sales? And then…” Fukami encouraged her and kissed her saying “look, think more about it”, as he continued kissing her, Risa thought that she wouldn’t be able to think at all. She then complained if he is being mean, saying that he’s found out and that he’s just kidding, pushing her to the floor Fukami said that actually, her wanting to know more about him makes her so cute that he couldn’t bear with it. And while kissing her hand, he continued, “More, make your head full of thoughts of me..?” then proceeded on kissing her cheek, as they are by the floor embracing each other, Risa thought “me too, I want to know more about Fukami-san”.

At the university, the guys are bustling about the ring on Risa’s ring finger, and since it is the left finger, then could it finally be a true love? Saying that it must be a lie, for it is “the Risa-sama who wouldn’t get serious with anyone” besides, she somehow has more color than usual. Looking like she’s spacing out, Risa thought about what happened during the morning, they ended up doing lovey-dovey things as Fukami said that he’s going and he’ll see her later, and she ended up not knowing what his work is. As she blushed over the thought of what happened, a male classmate asked if he can sit beside her. Turning her head to him, the guy smiled. Just then, other guys complained that Yoshiki is being sly for he is sitting beside Risa-sama, he countered them that isn’t it fine for it is free. Risa thought that Yoshiki-kun is friendly even though she had never extended any greetings to him. Sitting beside her, he then asked if it is true that she has someone she loves, and she timidly answered yes. Suprised, Yoshiki said so it’s true, is that so, and what kind of person is he?
As the two conversed, a figure came inside the classroom. Averting her eyes from Yoshiki, Risa answered that “he is a cool, mature and kind person, though, he is a bit sadist”. Saying is that so, Fukami wearing glasses and holding a book, passed by the two while looking at Risa.

Surprised, Risa thought why is he in her university? As Fukami settled in front, the professor announced that he called for a special lecturer for today’s lecture, he is the president of Fukami Holdings, Fukami Hiroto. Surprised, Risa thought, that he is a president at such a young age, and he’s even single. As Fukami started his lecture, he cast a glance at Risa, she then thought he is actually this amazing.

As he continued on his lecture about marketing strategies, the students are focused while listening. Just then, two girls beside Risa noted that Fukami is dreamy, that even though he looked intelligent, he makes it easy to understand, agreeing happily, Risa nodded to herself.
Coffee & Vanilla 5_19
They continued that being a president at such a young age, isn’t it amazing, plus he is an ikemen, Risa again nodded. Just then she was shocked when a girl wondered if he has a girlfriend, and should they try calling him out once the lecture is finished. Feeling aghast, Risa thought that they can’t and they should stop it, that she is his girlfriend and she even tied his necktie for him today, feeling anxious, she thought that she wants to say it so much. She then sighed her frustration as she almost said it.
Just then, Fukami finished his lecture and asked for questions, to Risa’s surprise, her girl seatmate asked if he has a lover. Fukami commented that it’s not related to the lecture but the girl insisted that she wants to know. Fukami then answered that he does, she’s very cute and if it’s something he can do, he wants to embrace her now (blushing, while looking at Risa). Hearing it, Risa also blushed and thought that she also wants to hug him, she then lowered her head as she blushed deeper. This reaction was noticed by her seatmate Yoshiki, saying “could it be”.

After the lecture, Risa walked around the hallway and wondered if Fukami had gone back to work, recalling how she can’t get close to him earlier as he was surrounded by the girls. Just then, she received a call from Fukami, over the phone, he apologized that he wasn’t able to talk with her earlier but Risa said it’s nothing. But to think that it was Fukami, she was amazed, and that being able to know his work, she is happy today. Fukami said is that so, she then asked if he’s heading back to work, he answered yes. Risa then thought that before he heads back, she wants to see him. Just then, a door opens, and over the phone, Fukami said “but before that”, she was then pulled into a vacant room and embraced by Fukami saying “let me embrace you”. He then asked her to take-off his glasses, leaning his head on hers, Risa was shocked. He then hugged her tightly, and as she was taking off his glasses, she asked if he has bad eyesight, to which he answered a little, but right now, it’s kind of a hindrance and kissed her. He told her, that being a lecturer is nice too, if Risa is there then he would do it even for a month.

Risa answered that her heart can’t take it, even today, she was very surprised, Fukami laughed. While clinging to him, she continued, moreover, Fukami-san is popular. Keeping her in his embrace, Fukami answered is that so, and she doesn’t have to mind it though. He pointed out that she is also quite popular with the boy who was seating next to her, she recalled that her seatmate was Yoshiki. Fukami said, surely, he likes Risa.
At the hallway, Yoshiki and friends were talking, one of his friends said that today’s lecture was fun, the other one, said that President Fukami was amazing, and that he’s cool. Sulking, Yoshiki answered is that so, but doesn’t he look bad as he philanders, a friend retorted well, he’s popular after all. Just then, he heard something pressed on the door which took his attention; he turned his head and was surprised by what he saw through the glass. Having frozen on his tracks, his friends called out to him. By the door inside the room, Fukami and Risa are kissing. Opening his eyes, Fukami saw Yoshiki looking at them through the glass of the door. Blushing at what he saw, Yoshiki said “that guy” as he looks at Fukami not letting go of Risa while looking back at him.
At the end of the page, it says “I will not hand over Risa anybody”.

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    1. You’re welcome 🙂
      Yeah, at this point I’m not sure if that’s completely intentional or just poor characterization. Probably a mix of both because Lisa is so bland. Or as they say, she’s so vanilla ^^


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