Aitsu to Kanojo to Mahou no Te Chaper 12 (Final chapter) Preview

From the manga magazine Betsucomi which came out July 13th
Myrre who was translating this manga wrote a summary which you can read here!
If you can read Japanese and would also like to summarize a manga, leave a comment!

I won’t post full chapters but if you have a question I will try to answer it.
Comments are always appreciated, I want to talk mangas with YOU, this why I’m posting these.


9 thoughts on “Aitsu to Kanojo to Mahou no Te Chaper 12 (Final chapter) Preview

  1. Sorry, I entered ,my comment right away accidentally. But yeah, I’m sincerely grateful from the bottom of my heart because not only I got to know how this awesome manga ended, now I get to see them, the characters again! ♥ II’m totally in love with the art style of the awesome mangaka and I really like how mature the characters are here in this story and again the art is simply awesome too…


      1. Wow!♥ That’d be great!♥ Anyways, I wonder if enende-san shared with you how to automatically save the translations? I’d really love to know… Like enende-san said, I also keep your awesome translations for personal use, since I’m also trying to learn and practice how to read Japanese by myself… And now, I’ve realized it’s great way to help you guys… Since I cannot understand yet, at least that’s what I can do for you, fro everything you’ve done for us. Thanks again!♥


    1. From what I understand it’s not something you can do unless you’re really computer savvy.
      For learning, I recommend zkanji. It’s really easy to install and use and it’s helped me so much. I wouldn’t be able to read anything without it.


      1. I see… And thanks for the recommendation as well!♥ I really appreciate it… All of you guys are really awesome and kind…♥ But yeah, back to the scripts…. I thought it would still be possible for me to do it at least… I still hope so! Thank you once again!♥


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