Aitsu to Kanojo to Mahou no Te – Mio Extra Chapter

From the manga magazine DX Betsucomi which came out August 24th
Myrre who was translating this manga wrote a summary which you can read here!
If you can read Japanese and would also like to summarize a manga, leave a comment!


4 thoughts on “Aitsu to Kanojo to Mahou no Te – Mio Extra Chapter

  1. Thanks again Ceecile!

    May I make a suggestion? 😛 If you insert the images as a “Gallery” in your post instead of inputting each image separately, people can click the first image and then use arrow keys to move to the next image instead of individually opening each image.

    1. Go to the post you want to put the Gallery in and choose edit (unless you are making a new post, which you can also do this with).
    2. Click “Add Media.”
    3. On the left, click “Create Gallery.”
    4. On the right, either upload new files, or choose files you already uploaded. You can select multiple files.
    5. Click “Create New Gallery” on the bottom right.
    6. Drag and drop the images to reorder them if they’re not in reading order.
    7. On the right, “Square tiles” type is probably ideal for this.
    8. Click “Insert Gallery.” Done! You can cut & paste it somewhere else in the post if it wasn’t inserted in the right place.

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