ReRe Hello Chapter 29 Summary

From the manga magazine Betsuma which came out July 13th
This is Ceecile! Trans wrote a summary of the chapter for you all, be sure to thank her 🙂
You can see some pages from the chapter here.

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Serina tricks Lilico into thinking that Minato had an extra-marital affair with the beautiful lady whom Lilico sees coming out of Minato’s apartment block. A confused Lilico rushes over to Minato’s apartment to seek the truth, and finds out soon enough that the beautiful lady is actually Etsuko, the housekeeper, and that Serina was pulling her leg. Minato takes this opportunity to introduce Lilico and Etsuko to each other formally. Minato introduces Lilico as his girlfriend, which makes Lilico blush furiously, and Etsuko as someone who’s just like a family member. Etsuko is highly amused at the misunderstanding Lilico held of him, and comments that if the misunderstanding were true, she’d be going out with someone who’s even younger than her own son. Minato is miffed, and asked Lilico just how large a strike zone does she think he has (i.e. the age range of girls he has hit on). Lilico ignores his comment and volunteers to help Etsuko out with the meal since she’s not used to being treated like a guest.

During the meal prep, Etsuko seems increasing miffed at how familar Lilico is with where stuff has been placed in Minato’s kitchen, as well as with changes in Minato’s tastebuds. However, Etsuko’s unease is cleared when Lilico marvels at how much better Etsuko’s food tastes even though the same ingredients are used.

Halfway through the meal, Lilico asks if Minato would mind if she were to come back to help cook his meals again. Minato is of course agreeable, but Etsuko steps up to tell her that it’ll be a great strain on Lilico since Lilico has to juggle many responsibilities. Additionally, if something were to happen to Lilico, blame would fall onto Minato, so Etsuko wants to avoid the possibility of such a situation and wants Lilico to stop coming to Minato’s home for work. However, if Lilico wants to come as a guest, Etsuko would, of course, welcome her. However, Lilico stuns Etsuko by saying that Etsuko is probably also under great strain since she has to work at both Minato’s home and his father’s home, so she is also worried for Etsuko. In the end, after some verbal sparring, Etsuko acceps Lilico’s proposal to split the housework amongst the 2 of them. Lilico’s explanation of how all her fatigue is gone when she sees Minato appreciating her food clears up any lingering doubts Etsuko has of Lilico, and Etsuko tells Lilico that she’ll entrust Minato to Lilico from now on. It seems that Lilico is the first girlfriend that Minato has formally introduced to her.

Unaware that Lilico’s Dad doesn’t know about them dating, Etsuko pays a visit to Lilico’s Dad’s office in the capacity of Minato’s guardian on the very next day, and offers her gratitude for Lilico’s great care of Minato the boyfriend. Lilico’s Dad is shocked, but recovers immediately and calls up Lilico once Etsuko departs his office to congratulate her on hooking such a great catch. He was afraid of receiving complaints from Minato’s parents if they were to start a relationship, so that’s why he warned Lilico about getting involved with Minato a while back. This revelation leaves Lilico fuming, drawing the concern of Towa. However, when Lilico tries to tell Towa about her relationship with Minato, Towa runs away. Hata tries to counsel Towa into listening to what Lilico has to say, but Towa doesn’t want to because she doesn’t feel any happiness about Lilico’s relationship with Minato. When Towa notices Hata’s sighing at her admission, Towa is hurt and chooses to go home by herself without Hata.

While navigating her way through the train station by herself, Towa feels tortured inside because half of her is highly uneasy at the fact that Hata isn’t around, and the other half of her is relieved. Just then, Towa spies Minato who’s chatting away on the phone happily.

End of chapter 29


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