Hana ni Kedamono Chapter 14 Summary

I’m writing this summary taking into consideration that you should be looking at the scans at the same time. This is especially true for this manga since I can’t bear to write detailed recaps for it anymore. I’m skipping all the descriptive or self-explanatory scenes. If there’s something in particular you want to know that I skimmed over, leave a comment 🙂

Chapter 14 Chinese scans
Nouveau document_1
Kumi thinks it’s the first seeing that kind of expression on Chihaya and she wonders what she’ should do. Chihaya is about to touch her naked back but he sees her trembling. He puts his shirt on her saying that he feels cold just seeing her.

Some time has passed but Chihaya hasn’t spoken at all. Their eyes meet wooo. Chihaya tells he to say something. Like one of her boring, incoherent and whingeing stories. She apologizes, it’s because she never had any friends so she doesn’t know how to be entertaining. Chihaya says it’s not what he meant. She listens and speaks with her heart and that’s why he lo… He stops himself. He’s embarrassed and tells her to speak about her bear.
Her mother made 5 bears and they can grant wishes. She gave one to Tatsuki (to help him with Oogami).
Kumi notices that he sits far from her and speaks more than usual so that she won’t feel uneasy.
Chihaya asks her if she also made a wish to her bear but she’s asleep. He says it was close, he almost couldn’t hold himself back.

The sisters say that it’s going even better than they had imagined.

Kumi leaves (she still can barely speak). His sister asks Chihaya how it went and he angrily tells her that Kumi isn’t a toy for them to play with and that she already loves someone else. She replies that it may be like that but he loves her, right? She gives him a picture for Kumi and one for him, to celebrate their first night together. Super embarrassed Chihaya yells at them asking when they took the picture and calling them perverts. He thinks bzck to what his sister said (asking/saying he loves Kumi) and repeats How can he, she already loves someone else.

At school the picture Chihaya’s sister took is pinned on the wall. Girls say that after seeing this they have no other choice but to give up on him.
Hyoub touches Kumi on the picture and says “…Kyuu-chan… Tell me! What can I do? So…I can only give up now?” (This is the literal translation from the FR translation. Also the “tell me” is in plural form or polite form for some reason. I don’t know if it’s just a mistake from the translator or what. It sounds weird.)

After the scene with Chihaya, Hyou hugs his bear to his face and says “Oh Kyuu-chan…” (They used “Ô” in French which I just find funny. So dramatic!)

There’s this at the end of the chapter which I did find cute so I’m posting it.
Nouveau document_1

End of chapter 14 and as promised, this also marks the end of me recapping this manga, phew!


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