FIVE Chapter 69 Recap

I found no scans for FIVE, raws or otherwise, so I’ve scanlated the parts I felt you should see or the ones I liked. A reminder that I’m doing a translation of a translation JAP->FR->ENG and also I suck at translating FR->ENG so it may sound awkward). Click on them to see full size.

It’s heeeeere! I almost ~scanlated the whole thing. How could I not?

Chapter 69
Nouveau document_1
I don’t have time to proofread so… Sorry in advance. :S

The chapter picks up where we left off with Toshi saying that “before, anyone would do”. The girl is upset and asks what he means. Other girls notice him and a lot of “Kyaaa Toshi” ensues. They’re swarming around him and, annoyed, he asks how they found him when it’s so dark, and he’s at a dead-end. But most of all, why can’t he catch the one he most wants to find.

Hina is running and slams into the wall of girls surrounding Toshi. The girls are fighting over who gets to confess first. Hina doesn’t seem bothered by this at all, she just thinks that it means Toshi is there. She takes off her shoes and charges forward.

Hina thinks that she finally found him, that’s not what she had planned to tell him at all… There’s no way she’s going to die now! She catches a tree branch… Which breaks, and she continues her fall, screaming.
Turns out she, somehow, fell onto Toshi. She asks, very worried, if he’s ok, nothing broken etc… He just licks his wounds (literally) and says it’s fine, she always exaggerates. Hina asks him why he’s always like that. He could reproach her that they’re in this situation because of her, and that if she had fallen alone he wouldn’t be hurt… Toshi replies that he can see her panties. Hina yells “Who cares about that right now! Focus will you! And the state of my clothes doesn’t matter, you don’t care right?!”. Toshi says “No.”

End of chapter 69

Come on, please leave a comment! I love this manga so much and I’ve been itching to finally get to this chapter. I really want to know what you thought about it and what you think will happen next.
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10 thoughts on “FIVE Chapter 69 Recap

  1. D’awwww. That’s cute.

    It’s been way too long since I first read the English scanlations and then dropped it because of really slow releases, so I barely remember anything, but still, their relationship took so long to get going. XD I was wondering when it would happen. Thanks Ceecile!

    Btw I didn’t know about this before, but apparently if you put a poll in your post, the poll doesn’t show up in the “Reader” for your followers (it only shows up if they go to the post on your blog). I didn’t even know there was a poll until I saw you mention it in the post, so… yeah. XD


    1. XD
      Yeah I was the same until I found out completely by accident that not only it was licensed here, but it was already completed. The public library had all the volumes so I borrowed them and read the whole thing in one go. I remember liking it when I read it the first time but, I don’t know if it’s because I’m older or I’ve grown tired of the ~usual shoujo set-ups and characters, this time around I really fell in love with it ♥ Hina is such a refreshing character, and actually the manga reads more like a shounen sometimes (which is not surprising since the mangaka also wrote shounen and seinen mangas).

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Yeah and she’s close to a lot of other mangakas, especially Tite Kubo who even wrote and drew something for FIVE that was included in one of the volumes ^^ When I saw it I thought: “Well that’s random”, and apparently so did a lot of others because in the next volume she said that she received many letters asking about it and that they’re actually close and they meet up every now and then. From her author’s notes and accounts of people who met her when she came for Japan Expo, she seems like one of those really cute, really friendly people whom I would find annoying in real life but totally adorable on paper lol.


  2. OH MY GOD, FINALLY, THEY ARE FINALLY TOGETHER *___* I mean, it was so obvious since the beginning that they’d end up together, so yeah, everyone was waiting this moment lol Although I’ve said ‘finally’, it really didn’t take too long, so I’m glad xD

    Thanks por posting this manga -and Yuugure Light, Kanna to Dechi, Anzu…- I couldn’t find any raws/translations/summaries on net, so, THANK YOU SO MUCH!


    1. Yeah I really don’t feel like it took too long because the manga was never really romance-centered. Hina only fell in love with him rather recently so it’s not like she was pinning for him all this time or something. At the same time, since it’s something I knew was going to happen at some point, I was really curious and a bit impatient to see how it was going to go. I’ve got to say I’m satisfied. I was afraid it’d be OOC but I don’t think it was at all.

      You’re welcome 😀


      1. I’m just so happy it didn’t have too much drama like other manga when it comes to romance… It’s just as you said up there, it doesn’t really seem like a shoujo… AND THANK GOD FOR THAT lol

        ps: Tite Kubo? Really? O____O


  3. Thanks so much for doing this recap! I love Hina and Toshi! and they are finally together. Will you do the recap of next chapters? I can’t open chapter 70 😦

    But then again! thanks so much!!!


  4. Ah, I’m so glad I found this today. I was reading comments on Otakumole when someone shared a link to this site regarding another manga. Then I saw “Five” listed and got so excited because the scantalations on the manga sites take FOREVER (last update was JAN. 2015) First I went back to Mangapark and read chapters 61-65 to remind myself what was going on, then I read through all of your posts. Thank you so much!!
    As for this chapter, I really loved the 6 panel 2-page spread of their kiss! Now I’m moving on to chapter 70….


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