Bambi to Dhole – The Last Extra Chapter

From the manga magazine Dessert which came out 8/24
If you can read Japanese and would like to summarize this (or another) manga, leave a comment!
Since it’s the very last chapter I pretty much posted the whole thing.

Can someone enlighten me on this story. I kind of browsed the chapters when it was still on Mangalator/Otakumole, but obviously the site went down before I could really read it. So, is Tetsu Raichi’s biological father? What’s the backstory? The mom looks a lot older than him. Like he’s in middle-school and she’s already an adult? I’m confused and I want to know…
Please and thank you.

22 thoughts on “Bambi to Dhole – The Last Extra Chapter

  1. Tbh I forgot what it was about (felt kind of generic) but it’s a cute story where the girl is a bambi like character and the guy is dhole like one. Pretty straightforward stuff. It was pretty forgettable for me unfortunately 😦


    1. Yeah, I know this much lol. But thanks for replying ♥
      Actually, from what I do know it’s not that straightforward. For one the male lead has a kid. I don’t think I’ve read another manga with that set-up (there’s Bittou Lollipop but [SPOILER] even then it’s not his kid in the end).


  2. Yeah I just checked, youre right, not sure how I forgot that… Ehn I read some pretty weird stuff and probably glazed over it. Maybe I felt that the story telling style was generic.

    Sorry can’t help you with the plot stuff. 😦 will stop fuming my general disinterest in this series lol.


  3. Hi! ^^
    Unfortunately I can’t read Japanese, but I was reading the translation on Otakumole, If I remember correctly, Raichi’s mom is 7 years older than Tetsu, she was his childhood friends, he was in Middle school when Raichi mother was pregnant, and he decided not to fall in love ever again and to take care of Raichi after she died if I remember correctly!
    Lol I know I haven’t been that helpful, sorry 😀


      1. Thank you for posting the chapter ^^
        wow, great ending, I couldn’t understand anything but I can guess that he went with Yukimi to his parents house at the beginning of the chapter and that he proposed at the end 😀
        Thanks again ^^


      2. Thank you so much for uploading the last chapter!!!I’ve been reading the manga on Mangafox but the serialization is pretty backward. I found your site by chance. It’s lovely!!1 I wish I could read Japanese…


  4. I’m sorry ceecilex 😦
    i was pretty excited to see this chapter.

    about is Tetsu Raichi’s biological father? i don’t know because only a few chapters were translated in raffmanga but i think he wasn’t though i’m not 100% sure i only saw the pics from the last chapters and Tetsu was suffering because he left Raichi with his grandparents and Bambi told him something about Raichi(?) so in the end it doesn’t matter if Tetsu was or wasn’t cus he’s gonna take care of Raichi because to Raichi, Tetsu was his father(toto).

    sorry i don’t speak japanese so i’m not sure.


  5. im currently reading the scanlations of this and they are only at chapter 10.. but seeing how this manga ends is really beautiful. it was such a painful experience for both of them, whatever they went through. really glad they ended as a happy family together. 🙂


  6. Hi, i’m part pf a latin fansub, and I wana follow translating this manga, do you have every chapters’s raws? ’cause I love the story, and i haven’t find more chapters (the last one was the 11th).
    i would really apreciate that you share the raws with me! (of course I can send you the manga translated once we do it).


  7. i love the story.. in mangafox, the chapters stopped with 12.5. Each chapter takes about whole month to be updated. do you know any other site where i can see all chapters until the end?


  8. i really like this story and am very much impatient to wait every month for one chapter to be updated on manga sites. do you know any site where i can read all the chapters?


  9. Hey I know it would be nice to leave a comment here so first, thank you. Thanks for uploading the last chapter. I guess if one understand the desperation of finding the very few last chapters to know the end of your favorite manga and how it turns good when you actually find somewhere to read them… It’s splendid!


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