Kedamono Kareshi Chapter 64 Summary

From the manga magazine Margaret which came out 8/5
This is Ceecile! Trans wrote a summary of the chapter for you all, be sure to thank her 🙂
You can see a preview of the chapter here.

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Himari runs out of the family restaurant, shocked at the unexpected kiss from Kuroda.
Keita, who is waiting outside, notices Himari’s strange countenance. While Himari debates internally on whether to tell Keita what happened, Keita kisses her, telling her that she’s really very careless and tells her to be careful since Kuroda’s also at the restaurant. In the end, Himari doesn’t’ tell Keita about the kiss, but she tries her hardest to avoid being alone with Kuroda.
Unfortunately for Himari, as she’s just agreed to increase the number of shifts she’s working at the restaurant, she can’t avoid Kuroda altogether.
Kuroda is annoyed at her avoidance and tries to catch Himari alone.
He finally manages to corner her at the end of her shift as she’s preparing to leave the locker room, and confronts her about her avoidance of him. Unable to avoid the confrontation anymore, Himari tells Kuroda that she will avoid him because of what he did and turns around to leave the locker room. Kuroda grabs her arm and stops her, declaring that he won’t apologise for his actions, something which upsets Himari a lot. She shouts at him, asking him why he would do something like that since he has always lent a helping hand to her when she was feeling really down. Kuroda replies that it’s because Himari won’t find happiness with Keita, so he tells her to be with him instead. Himari finally manages to break free of Kuroda’s hold and tells him bluntly that she won’t even consider him because Keita and her are going to be fine. After running out of the locker room, Himari’s unease about her relationship with Keita resurfaces as she is still unable to bring herself to tell Keita about the kiss.
The scene shifts to a new day, and the manager of the family restaurant calls everyone together to introduce a new colleague. Much to the shock of Kuroda and Himari, Keita is the new colleague.


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