Hoshigami-kun wa Douka Shiteru Chapter 14 Recap

From the manga magazine Dessert which came out August 24
This is Ceecile! Nekogekiluv wrote a summary of the chapter for you all, be sure to thank her 🙂
You can see a preview of the chapter here.

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Azuma challenges Isari to a race where the loser must give up on Nozomu. Azuma explains to Isari how they start in the middle of the hallway, run all the way to the end, go up to the 3rd floor, run through the hall again to the stairs on the other side, go down, and the goal is where they started. Isari confirms that Azuma played in the tennis team for 3 years. Azuma agrees and remembers how Isari is not doing any sports or clubs and never has the will to participate in gym class. So Azuma suggests that Isari’s goal can be closer to the stairs they come down from. Isari agrees and and they both confirm that they will give up on Nozomu if they lose. They start the race. But Isari turned out to be way faster than what Azuma expected. Azuma asks why she’s so fast and Isari replies that she’s not doing anything now but she was one of the top competitors in track and field for running when she was in middle school. Azuma gets mad at her for not saying that before hand and Isari tells her that this is a battle she cannot lose.

Meanwhile, Nozomu admits to Motomu that he’s the one who said that he was happy to see Motomu and Isari get along and apologizes for getting mad. Motomu talks about how this reminds him of the past when they used to still live together and how they always chose the same toy to play at the same time. Then Nozomu tells Motomu how Isari is not a toy, and Motomu says that he knows jokingly. Motomu tells Nozomu that Isari went to the classroom and starts to walk back to the school ground where they have the sports festival.

Isari wins the race against Azuma and tells her to back off, but Azuma disapproves this match and get’s mad at Isari for not saying that she was on the track team. Isari argues how Azuma was the one who said that they’ll have a race and said that Isari’s goal can be closer. Azuma asks Isari if she’s that desperate. Isari agrees. So Azuma complains how Isari’s always been working hard to stay on Azuma’s good side but suddenly changed attitude when she started to get along with Nozomu. Isari get’s argues that Azuma’s been acting like a kid and that what Azuma has been doing is completely bullying. But Azuma refuses to give up on Nozomu. Then Isari blurts out that she feels bad for Nozomu who got liked by them who have bad personalities. Azuma agrees and they start to feel like they get along, but suddenly realizes that they are rivals and that they don’t like eachother and looks away. Isari thinks how even though she’s been “friends” with Azuma since the beginning of high school, it feels as if they’ve talked for the first time. Azuma finally says that she’ll pull back for now and tells Isari to confess already so that she’ll be rejected and Azuma can have her turn next. Although as Isari thinks to herself that she’s already gone through that she looks away. Azuma realizes Isari’s situation and get’s frustrated how Isari still did the race even after she got rejected. Since Azuma has to do score keeping, she runs back.

As Isari also runs back, Nozomu finds her. they chat and Isari asks him if there’s something wrong because he doesn’t look very energized. She suggests that he’s working on the committee work too much and tells him that she found Azuma. Nozomu thanks her and says how she’s always been a help and he says that he wants to be a help of Isari too. Isari asks him if something’s wrong again but Nozomu doesn’t reply. So Isari suggests that he gives her a hug so she can work harder in the afternoon activities as a joke thinking he wouldn’t do it. But without any hesitation, Nozomu hugs Isari. She was surprised by his actions and how he’s hugging her so tightly. She thinks to herself how she really doesn’t get him sometimes, since last time he resisted patting her head but now he’s full on hugging her. Isari notices that she can hearheart beats and realizes that it’s not hers that is beating so fast, but Nozomu’s.

When Motomu is walking to go back to the sports festival, he finds his classmate, Asahi sitting on the ground and asks him if he’s looking for him. But Asahi replies that he was just killig time because he was told to look for Motomu. Motomu says “Sorry for bothering you, friend” and Asahi replies shyly “I thought you don’t have any friends” and they start walking back together. Then Motomu sees Isari’s homeroom teacher walking with someone wearing an unfamiliar uniform, and says that maybe there’s a new student transferring into Isari’s class.

Isari calls out to Nozomu and he starts saying that he’s really being selfish. Isari looks up to see his face and sees that Nozomu is making a face that she’s never seen before.

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