Kedamono Kareshi Chapter 65 Summary

From the manga magazine Margaret which came out 8/20
This is Ceecile! Trans wrote a summary of the chapter for you all, be sure to thank her 🙂
If you can read Japanese and would also like to recap or summarize a manga, let me know!

Himari confronts Keita about his joining of the family restaurant crew, and he sheepishly tells her that it was meant to be a surprise. Kuroda stands around, watching their banter, and of course knows that Keita has changed his part-job on purpose.
To the displeasure of both Kuroda and Keita, Kuroda is assigned to mentor Keita, and Keita uses this opportunity to question Kuroda about what he’s done to Himari. Keita believes that Himari’s suspicious behavior in recent days can be attributed to Kuroda, so he warns Kuroda to stay away from Himari, and that he won’t forgive Kuroda if he does anything to her. Kuroda denies doing anything in particular, but Keita continues by warning Kuroda to stay completely away from Himari since he’s already been rejected.
Keita even tells Kuroda to not talk to Himari, which Kuroda finds impossibly childish and tells Keita that he should try to get the hang of the ropes of the work at the restaurant instead of spending time issuing threats. Keita is supremely confident that he’ll be good at this job, which further fuels Kuroda’s irritation at Keita. In the next scene, we see the 2 guys jostling for the right to greet 2 high-school girls who’ve walked into the restaurant.
Both end up greeting the girls with dazzling smiles, and the competition to outdo each other continues throughout the week, resulting in a large number of fangirl patrons who are here with the express purpose of seeing the 2 handsome waiters.
Just as Kuroda goes into the locker room to change out of his uniform at the end of his shift, he walks in on Himari and Keita who’ve already changed back into their uniforms and are about to leave the restaurant.
Keita’s complaining about Himari’s hairstyle (she took down her ponytail as her neck was getting cold but Keita preferred her to keep it tied up). Both fall silent upon seeing Kuroda in the room, and Himari tells Keita that they’d better be heading home. However, before leaving, Himari tells Kuroda goodbye and that she’ll be seeing him around during the next work session.

Kuroda is surprised that Hmari cares about his feelings and that she’s still willing to talk to him even after everything that has transpired between them. He recalls having disliked Himari at the onset, but those feelings changed after he got to know her better and in the end he derived pleasure from teasing Himari. Kuroda also reveals that he’s fine with being mistaken for Himari’s boyfriend because she helped him face his past bravely, and that somehow through all their shared experiences, he’s really fallen for her. Kuroda grins and runs after Keita and Himari.
Kuroda pats a stunned Himari on the head and tells her that he’ll be seeing her around (at the restaurant). Keita is, of course, furious at this open act of affection.

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