Taihen Yoku Dekimashita Chapter 24 Preview & Recap

From the manga magazine Margaret which came out 8/05
This is Ceecile, bringing you another summary from Paula. Be sure to thank her 🙂

It’s the end of term and Botan’s class just received their report cards. Amatou walks to her and asks her how she did – she says that with the exception of P.E., she did pretty well. She asks how Amatou did but he doesn’t want to show her (he thinks that if he does, she’ll suggest they study together again). “You know, tomorrow, winter break starts. During winter break, there’s Christmas, right?” Amatou hints, but Botan doesn’t understand and talks about how she and her family celebrate Christmas together. “Eh… also on Christmas Eve?” Amatou asks. Botan says that they have a two-day party, and that it’s super fun. “I see… yeah, got it, got it, okay…!” Amatou says, walking away.

When class ends, Amatou asks her what she’s doing. Botan says she’s writing something in the class journal because she’s on day duty and casually says goodbye. Then she realises that she may not see him until the opening ceremony. (“Oh no!”) She wonders if they can meet during the winter break at least once, but the end of the year is such a busy time, and their towns are pretty far apart (even though they live in the same prefecture). Then Amatou opens the window. Botan asks if he forgot anything, but he gives her a hug and says that he’s ‘charging’ because they won’t be able to see each other for a while. When he leaves, he tells her that he’ll mail her. Botan smiles and thinks “I love him.”

At the train station, Botan hears a girl asking her friend if she made plans to meet her boyfriend during Christmas Eve. The girl answers that of course she did. They talk about what they’re going to do with their boyfriends and Botan thinks about how there are also people who spend Christmas with their boyfriend/girlfriend and not family. Then the girl says that Christmas is a special event for couples, shocking Botan. She never knew and feels super guilty about ignoring Amatou. She then calls him and explains that she never knew Christmas had a special meaning and apologises for ignoring him. Amatou says that it’s okay, but asks if she knows about Valentine’s day. “Even someone like me knows about Valentine’s Day,” Botan answers. Amatou asks if she’s ever given anyone chocolates. “… I give some to papa every year,” she answers. Then she suggests cancelling the plans she made with her family but Amatou says that it’s okay, that her dad will be sad if she does. She doesn’t see them very often now she lives in a dorm, after all. “Christmas Eve will come next year, too,” Amatou then says. “D-Does that mean you’ll stick with me even after a year has passed?” Amatou tells her to stop over-analysing things.

So back at home, she’s celebrating Christmas with her parents. Her mum says that her dad is very happy, and her dad says that it’s because this is the first time that Botan stayed at school until December. “You made friends, didn’t you?” he asks. “Well… it’s not official, but she’s a friend inside my heart.” Her parents clap for her (there’s a note with ‘doting parents’ above their heads). Botan wonders if she should tell them about Amatou, and she does. Her mother is super happy for her, but her dad says that it’s too early for her and that she’s just in love with falling in love. Her mum tells her to ignore him, that he feels like she’ll be taken away and is being mean to her because of that.

Lying in bed, Botan is thinking about everyone at school. Ichigo-chan, Natsuho-chan, Sonoko-chan, Shiraishi-kun and the rest, Koizumi-san, and of course Amatou-kun. She remembers how her dad said that she’s just in love with being in love, but Botan wonders if that really is the case, when her head is filled with Amatou-kun that much. She then receives a text message from Amatou, who says that he’s standing in front of the station of her town. Botan rushes out to meet him. When she sees him, she asks him why he would come this far for her – he says that he didn’t charge enough. She hugs him: “Me too… it seems like I didn’t charge enough either. I… wanted to see you.” “… Yeah,” Amatou says. “You know, Amatou-kun,” Botan thinks, “I’m glad I enrolled into Aose Minami. I’m glad that I was put into the same class as you. Perhaps I’m using up all the happiness of a lifetime right now. I love you!”

(At the end, Amatou offers to walk her home. On their way to her house – you only get to see part of their conversation but I guess Botan may have said something like “come join us”, maybe – Amatou says that he didn’t want to get between her and her parents, and Botan says that she and her parents already enjoyed themselves enough. She also says that she talked about Amatou to her parents, which startles him.)


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