Taihen Yoku Dekimashita Chapter 25 Preview & Recap

From the manga magazine Margaret which came out 8/20
This is Ceecile, bringing you another summary from Paula. Be sure to thank her 🙂

A small time skip has occurred and now Botan is starting her second year at school. (Wait, doesn’t that mean they skipped the typical Valentine chapter?) For the first time in her life, Botan is changing classes! However, it turns out that Amatou is in class 2-A, Botan in class 2-E. In other words, they are as far apart as possible. The first bell rings and they go to their classes. “Good luck!” Amatou signs to her. He wonders if she’ll be all right. Botan is super nervous and thinks back to the things that went wrong in her first year, and mentally notes that she won’t make the same mistakes again. She thinks that experienced all kinds of things in her first year and now has an iron heart, and is gradually becoming able to start conversations.

Somebody notes that she’s breathing heavily through her nose (like a pervert would, lol) and that it’s creepy. She turns around and sees Ichigo-chan, who is in the same class. Botan asks her if it’s okay for Ichigo to talk to her, but she answers that Sonoko and Natsuho are in 2-B, so it’s fine. Then she adds “… or rather, that doesn’t matter anymore, you know. During spring break, I told the two of them everything. About me actually drawing manga, and about driving you out because you found out. All that.” Botan asks how they reacted, and Ichigo says that they got angry, calling her an idiot for thinking that they would stop being her friends because of that. “Just like you said, Nonochii. Aren’t I an idiot? I got paranoid and excluded you. I’m really sor-” But Botan interrupts her and says that she’s so glad for her. (D’aww)

Ichigo asks Botan to tell her her mail address again, which Botan does. Botan is super happy and wonders if they can go back to how they were. She looks around and sees that Koizumi-san is in the same class again. Her friend, Nishina-san, is in a different class, so she’s alone. Botan walks to her and asks her to join them if she wants to. Koizumi-san snaps: “HUH?! Why?! Are you pitying me because I’m lonely?” Botan, always the honest one, says that that’s also one of her reasons, but adds that she wants to become friends with Koizumi-san. Koizumi-san blushes and mumbles “even if you tell me something like that suddenly…” Botan feels that she only needs one more push and gives her cute hair scrunchies. Koizumi-san finally gives in and joins them. When Ichigo and Koizumi are talking about how they should call each other, they turn to Botan and see her sobbing while she’s mentally telling Amatou that something amazing happened, namely that she managed to join a group. (Meanwhile, Amatou is still thinking about Botan.)

Back to Botan, she suggests they all go to the toilet together, because that’s apparently proof that they are friends, but they say that they’ll pass. Botan feels a little disappointed because of it, but they give her a “see you later” which makes her really happy. At the toilet, she overhears two girls verbally attacking another girl named Anna – basically, they are angry at her because they think she texted the boyfriend of one of the girls named Eri. Anna answers that there were some texts (but they were basically simple greetings) but that she never replied to the “inviting” texts he sent after that. They get angry, saying that her boyfriend would never do that, but she replies that although she didn’t want to say it, he sent her all kinds of outrageous things like “you’re so pretty that I fell for you.” The two girls tell her to stop lying and start bitching about her, saying that she seduced him with her ‘sexy face’ and that she’s the worst for stealing boyfriends and such things. She stands her ground and tells them off, saying that she didn’t choose to be born with the face she has and that not believing one’s friends is much worse. But they call her terrible and say that they’ve had enough, and that they’ll never talk to her again.
Botan stares at Anna in awe thinking that she’s a glamorous, manly*, beautiful person. (Note: ‘otokomae’ means handsome, but when it’s used to describe a woman, it mostly refers to her ‘manly, tough’ behaviour.)

Anna sees her and is shocked to find out there was another person present. “It must”ve been scary, right?” But Botan says that was not the case and asks her if she’s okay. Anna says that she’s okay, and that things like that happen rather often, but that she’s already without friends just after changing classes. She mentions that she’s in 2-E, and when Botan hears that, she immediately asks if she wants to enter their group. (And she does.)

Botan tells Amatou about her new group of friends and he’s surprised to hear it. He asks her if she’s not having delusions but she answers that it’s reality. “Wow, amazing. That Honda and Koizumi, right?” Amatou says. “Yup,” Botan says, “and also… Yamashita Anna-chan! She said that she was in class D before.” Amatou praises her, saying that she really gave it her all. Botan asks him how his new class is. He says that since Shiraishi and Minamoto are with him, it doesn’t feel like anything has changed. But it does feel lonely without her in the same class. (By the way, he’s calling her Nonoyama again.)
Botan is holding some lip balm and he asks her what it is. She tells him what it is and explains that her lips have gotten dry from all the talking. Amatou-kun asks her to give him some and bends over.

Then he says that he needs to go back soon, leaving behind a confused Botan. “Eh? Huh? What? Just now… it felt like there was some contact,” she thinks. (Sorry, this translation sounds really awkward). Amatou turns around. “Hm?” he asks. “It was my imagination,” she then thinks. “Ah, sorry, wait!” she says. “Amatou-kun, the lip-”
“That’s okay,” he cuts her off. “I already received it.” (Daaaaaahhhh! ^^ I was a bit confused at first because the panels were a bit vague, but he really kissed her ^^)
And Botan gets home and can’t calm down because she’s so happy. So happy, it scares her.

Next day at school, some boy and Amatou are walking past Anna, who is bending over to get something from her locker. The boy with Amatou says “sexy~” as he walks past her which annoys her. Amatou is like “huh?” and he answers that the voice of his heart leaked out. Amatou calls him an idiot and the boy apologises. Then Koizumi greets Anna good morning. Anna asks her if she knows who the guy on the left is, and Koizumi tells her that it’s Amatou-kun. Anna says that she hates guys like him.

Ceecile note: Ah, and there it is! I was getting angsty not knowing what/when/where the drama would come from. I feel better now that I know lmao.
And yeah kiss! Although it doesn’t seem like it was much of one and we didn’t really see it. But still, Kiss! I do like how it played out, that there was no big build up about it.


6 thoughts on “Taihen Yoku Dekimashita Chapter 25 Preview & Recap

  1. Thank you Ceecile for the preview and Paula for the summary 🙂 ♥

    When I saw the raws I was quite puzzeled – was it or not (the kiss). I thought that mangaka would make their first one a real deal :/ But that also was nice 🙂

    That Anna-chan (realy hate this name, tought :p ) – typical tsundere torwards boys (she said she hate guys like Amatou, but….).
    A rival has appeared, Botan ! 😉


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