Today’s delivery and a blog status update

This was delivered to me today, much earlier than I expected.

They are vol 4 of Eikyuu Shimei Onegai Shimasu!, October issues of Petit Comic, Betsuma and Betsucomi.

First let me say that I am exhausted and literally writing this with one eye open, alternating between the left and right one. I can’t guarantee that this post will make much sense.

About the manga magazines, I can’t do it right now but I’ll be creating a page for each magazine with its content like I usually do. As for previews, I probably won’t do them since Raff has started to upload chapters again. Actually, I most likely will stop buying the mags not available digitally altogether and just go back to buying the tankoubons when they are released digitally.

These took forever to take because of the shitty light at my place and because the cats wouldn’t let me. I literally had to lock them in the bathroom so I could take the pictures lol They’re both obsessed with manga magazines.

So there you have it. I’m going to take a nap that will probably end up lasting a couple of hours now.

PS: Usually I schedule all my posts, that’s why if you see me posting, it doesn’t mean I’m actually online. I specifically schedule them for when I’m not on. That’s why there hasn’t been big breaks with nothing being posted. But I’ve posted all I had already prepared so there might be one now. Depends on if I decide to preview stuff.


17 thoughts on “Today’s delivery and a blog status update

    1. I think so too! Even if they are vicious manga magazines killing machines lol
      You’re welcome! Since I think it might take some time I’ll preview some mangas. There are quite a few important chapters in those issues, so look forward to that 😀

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      1. hahahaha Let me tell you a story: I have a small pinscher, my baby girl, called Yuki, when she’s left alone at home, she’ll take revenge on whatever is on her reach, one time, I left some AVON magazines that my friend left with me and when we got home…RIP magazines, the pieces were all over the living room! hahaha and her face was so adorable I couldn’t say nothing (and I was “oh my God! How will I explain that???!!!!” –note that I left it on a kinda high shelf, how Yuki got it is still a mistery fior me). My other dog, Bob, is also a massive destroyer, clothes, shoes, even his own bed, but he is the most adorable destroyer.


    1. Thank you! Well when I say nap, it never is because I always just end up sleeping, even if I put several alarms. I only nap when I’m so exhausted I’ll pass out on my own if I don’t anyway. Yesterday’s nap? I ended up sleeping the rest of the day, whole night, and most of today as I only got up at 6pm… Ah ah guess I really needed it XD


      1. Ooh yeah my naps are pretty long too but I usually have to force myself to wake up to finish my work, and my “naps” usually end up being my only sleep time for the whole day even if they only last a few hours. There’s just never enough time for anything. ;-;


  1. AWWW … your cats are soooo cute!! (I love cats! <3)
    Like their owner, they probably like mangas as well? w

    Thank you for all the previews that you've uploaded so far!
    You can save your money for the digital tankoubons now ww (especially shipping fees)


    1. That they do! Although it’s a different kind of love as I try to keep them intact while they love to destroy them TT
      Definitely, the shipping is probably why I won’t buy them anymore, they’re otherwise pretty cheap I think, especially with the exchange rate. The shipping is more expensive than the total price for the actual goods. Plus they take a lot of space (and I’m a bit of a hoarder so throwing them out is impossible for me XD), and they do smell!


      1. Their love takes shape in a different form xD

        Yeah, the shipping fee hurts a lot. I could buy twice the number of manga magazine with the total cost TTATT

        I know what you mean!! I like keeping them as well but the ones from 7 years ago turned yellow so I took out the colour pages to keep and threw the rest… ;-;


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