Hinadori no Waltz Chapter 15 Summary

From the manga magazine Margaret which came out 8/5
This is Ceecile! Trans wrote a summary of the chapter for you all, be sure to thank her 🙂
You can see a preview of the chapter here.

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Wakui confronts Shiina and asks if he knows anything has happened between Shiina’s girlfriend and Hina. Shina is stunned but clears the air about Hata being his girlfriend, saying that those were simply rumours. Shiina decides to confront Hata and tells a shocked Wakui not to worry.

Meanwhile, Hina and the rest of her class are busy preparing for the Sports Festival. The other girls notice Hina’s lack of enthusiasm for everything and try to cheer her up., saying that it’s unlike her to be so down. Hina decides to forget everything and to work hard for the Sports Festival. During the preparations, Hina walks past Wakui who seems to be spacing out. Concerned, Hina asks Wakui if he’s ok, but he excuses himself because he doesn’t know whether he should tell Hina about the truth behind Shiina and Hata’s relationship.

Hata confronts Wakui and tells him that she hasn’t done anything to Hina. Before Hata leaves the scene, Wakui tells her that he has mistakenly told Hina that Shiina and Hata are in a relationship. Hata shrugs and says that she doesn’t think there’s a problem since it’ll become the truth one day. After all, Hata believes herself to be the one who understands Shiina the best, and is the one who’s closest to Shiina. All girls hanging around Shiina are a nuisance to Hata, so she let Hina misunderstand the relationship between Shiina and herself so as to get rid of Hina. Wakui is incensed by this and starts to tell Hata off, but Hata points out to Wakui that he stands to gain from not telling Hina the truth, and that stuns Wakui into silence.

In the next scene, we see Shiina positioning himself next to Hina on the floor. He bluntly asks Hina about what has happened between Hata and herself. Hina denies anything has happened, but avoids Shiina’s gaze. They continue their painting of the class banner in silence, but when Hina accidentally topples the paint’s container, Shiina takes her paintbrush away from her and helps her clean up the floor. On the pretext of getting a new paintbrush, Hina takes this opportunity to make her escape. However, Shiina surprises Hina by running after her, and asks if he has caused her unhappiness by something he has done. Hina tries to get Shiina to let her go, but Shiina refuses to because he knows that she’ll run away if he lets go of her arm.


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