Hinadori no Waltz Chapter 16 Summary

From the manga magazine Margaret which came out 8/20
This is Ceecile! Trans wrote a summary of the chapter for you all, be sure to thank her 🙂
You can see a preview of the chapter here.

If you can read Japanese and would also like to recap or summarize a manga, leave a comment!

Shiina continues to press Hina for the reasons behind her strange behavior. Hina tries to deny anything’s wrong, but Shiina tells her that her behavior doesn’t allow him to think that everything is fine. Hina is confused since she thinks that Shiina has a girlfriend, and knows that Shiina doesn’t like to touch girls. Luckily for Hina, Wakui comes to her rescue and tells Shiina that he should not scare Hina like that. To defuse the awkward situation, Hina tells both guys that she needs to get the paintbrush, and Wakui volunteers to accompany her. After leaving Shiina a distance away, Wakui turns around to tell Hina that if anything has happened to her, he’ll rush over to save her. He then tells her to go back to the classroom since he’ll go get the paintbrush, and Hina complies. In reality, Wakui is upset with himself for being unable to tell Hina the truth about Hata and Shiina.

The next day, Shiina approaches Hina and apologises for his behavior. Hina also apologizes for her strange behavior, earning her a stare from Shiina who retorts, “So you realized your behavior was strange too!” Just when Hina is at a loss as to how to answer Shiina, he points out that there’s paint on her cheek. Hina tries to rub away the paint, but ends up spreading it further across her face. Shiina cannot help but laugh at Hina, which does bring relief to Hina since she hopes that she’ll be able to keep being friends with Shiina. Unbeknownst to Shiina and Hina, Hata is watching their playful banter angrily. A group of guys pass by Hata, and they’re talking about setting up a date with some of the girls of this school. One exclaims loudly that he just wants a girlfriend badly. Hata uses this opportunity to tell the guy that a girl likes him.

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