Yuugure Light Chapter 15 Preview & Recap

From the manga magazine Betsucomi which came out September 13th
This is Ceecile, bringing you another summary from Paula. Be sure to thank her 🙂

The chapter starts with Chinami looking at the picture from the previous chapter and thinking ‘idiot Yuudai’ for suddenly taking a picture and sending it to her. Scene switches to Yuudai who is also looking at the same picture (d’awwww). Then Kanata walks in to confirm with Yuudai that he and Kazune are coming to Kanata’s high school’s cultural festival. Kanata then gives Yuudai three tickets. He asks if Chinami is coming too (what he implied before by saying Kazune-“tachi”, which basically means Kazune “and other(s)”). “Probably,” Yuudai says. He then stares at Kanata, so the latter asks what’s wrong, and Yuudai answers: “I thought I’d just say it. You said that Chinami is ‘special’ to you, but she’s ‘special’ to me too.” Kanata answers: “I know. So what?” which pisses Yuudai off, so Yuudai goes out to run again.

Flash forward to the cultural festival, Kanata asks the three middle schoolers if they’re going to take the entrance exams in this school. Kazune wants to take the exams, Chinami is having her doubts. “Eh? Weren’t they difficult here?” Kanata says that it’s not that hard, and that Yuudai is taking the exams too. Chinami looks at Yuudai (who is looking at her) and thinks “I see… Yuudai, too…”

Then Kanata asks Chinami where she wants to look around, but she says it doesn’t really matter. Kazune wants to go to the haunted house, but Yuudai immediately says that he refuses to. Chinami asks him if he’s scared of such things after all, but Yuudai says that it’s just boring. Kazune says that he’s definitely scared, and tells Chinami about how when they were little, even though he was scared, he always came with her to haunted houses. She says that she used to be bad with ghost houses too when she was little, but that Yuudai held her hand and told her that everything was okay. Because of that, she calmed down and now she’s not scared of haunted houses anymore. Chinami (though a bit hesitant) says that Yuudai must have felt that he had to protect Kazune. Kazune blushes a bit and says “you think so?” (By the way, Kanata and Yuudai are walking quite a bit in front of them, so they don’t hear this part of the conversation.)

Kanata looks behind him and sees the two, and tells Yuudai that he’s going to walk around the festival with Chinami, and that he should walk with Kazune. The three of them are all like “Huh?” And Kanata says that the four of them all have different places they want to see, and that it’s easier to move around with four people. “Huh?! Don’t decide that on your own!” Yuudai objects. “Eh?” Kanata asks. “Did you want to walk around with Chinami?” Tsundere Yuudai says that that’s not the case. “So it’s decided then,” Kanata says while grabbing Chinami’s hand, dragging her along, leaving behind a very annoyed Yuudai.

Chinami asks Kanata what he’s thinking, but Kanata says that he just wanted to walk around with Chinami. “Liar,” Chinami says. Kanata laughs, and then with a more serious tone he says that he was thinking that it could become complicated with the four of them together. Then a girl appears. “Ah, Kanata! I finally found you!” she says. She was thinking about walking around together with him, but Kanata apologizes and says that he has someone with him, which makes her stare at Chinami… not so kindly. Still holding her hand, Kanata brings her to a Japanese-style café. On the way there everybody is staring at them, wondering “who that girl is.” It’s even worse at the café, where the girls verbally harass Chinami (“Get away from him, midget” and “her legs and arms are short” and “she’s like a little brat”). Kanata says that it’s okay and that he’ll protect [her] (Note: there’s no specific pronoun used) once she enrolls, but Chinami heroically says “you mean Kazune, right? I can fight on my own. If it’s a battle with words, I have no intention to lose.” (Note: She’s just so cool. I love her. Oh, and the text around her says “come at me, if you dare”.) Kanata is baffled for a second and then bursts out in laughter, making Chinami wonder if she said anything weird. “You’re so dependable, Chinami-chan!” he says, still laughing. The Kanata-fangirls are surprised to see Kanata laughing like that, since that almost never happens.

Meanwhile, Kazune and Yuudai were looking for Chinami and Kanata, but there were too many people, so they decided to walk around on their own. Kazune is looking at a poster where they dress you up cutely, and Yuudai asks her if she wants to go. Kazune says that it wouldn’t suit her, and says that it would be better if it were Chinami, but Yuudai says that she’s probably better suited for these kinds of things. So the people inside start dressing Kazune up (while they keep calling Yuudai her boyfriend, ignoring both of their attempts to say otherwise). She comes out and Yuudai compliments her, saying she looks very cute. Kazune says that she can’t see it very well herself so Yuudai says he’ll take a picture. The girl says that if he’s her boyfriend, she’ll take a picture of the two of them, but Yuudai says that he’s not her boyfriend and takes a picture. Then Kazune changes back. Yuudai asks her why she did that, and Kazune answers that she didn’t feel at ease like that, but that she’s glad she did it. Yuudai is happy for her. Kazune looks at the picture on Yuudai’s phone, and then swipes to the previous picture, which is the one of Yuudai and Chinami together. Needless to say, she’s rather shocked.

They then see a struggling Chinami and Kanata, who is trying to get her into a haunted house. Kanata then suggests the four of them go in together, followed by a very extreme reaction from Yuudai and Chinami, who absolutely don’t want to go in. “Oh, we’re agreeing on something,” Yuudai says. “I’m glad that you’re a scaredy-cat too,” Chinami says. “I’m not scared!” Yuudai objects. Kanata asks Kazune if she wants to go with just him then, but Kazune, seeing Yuudai and Chinami talk and remembering the picture, says that she wants to go with everyone.

In the haunted house, Yuudai is pretending not to be scared, and Chinami remarking that he’s bending over (“lowering his waist”). Kanata says that the two of them are lagging. Kazune then trips over something. They ask if she’s alright, and she says that she’s fine, she just stumbled. Then Chinami starts screaming and in tears she says that she felt something wet, but didn’t see it. Yuudai tells her not to cry and holds her hand. “You can go on like this, can’t you?” he asks. Kazune looks at them and is bothered by it. Chinami is super happy when they finally get out, and Kanata says that it was nothing really scary, but Chinami says that the darkness was enough to scare her. Kazune seems unwell and Chinami asks her if she’s okay. Kanata brings her to the infirmary. There, he asks if it’s about Yuudai. Kazune is crying and says that she doesn’t know why she came to feel this way, but that she doesn’t want Chinami to take Yuudai away from her. Chinami is standing just behind the curtain and hears this with a shocked expression on her face.

And here we go. Now the ~real drama begins. The way Chinami’s character has been written, I can guess how this will go. Hopefully the manga will surprise me, (in a good way of course).
It seems Kazune hasn’t realized she loves Yuudai yet.


3 thoughts on “Yuugure Light Chapter 15 Preview & Recap

  1. You’re right, it’s the start of the drama, god I wish the love square won’t happen….but kind of inevitable now. Usami Maki, WHY!? Haha but this is one of her good works.


  2. That’s true. Chinami will more likely try to ignore Yuudai in the next chapter. She already did that before when she felt and thought that kazune seem to like him.
    As for kanata, he may take advantage of that situation to have their relationship progress.


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