ReRe Hello Chapter 30 Recap

From the manga magazine Betsuma which came out September 12th
Summary written by Trans. You can look at the Chinese scans here.

Much to her disgust, Towa bumps into Minato at the train station. When she realizes that Minato has noticed her, she runs off and in her hurry, drops a keychain which Minato picks up.

Meanwhile, Hata and Lilico both receive a message from Towa telling them that she’s gone off to school first. Lilico apologises to Hata for getting him involved, and Hata takes the opportunity to ask if Lilico was about to tell Towa and him about her dating Minato. Lilico is shocked that Hata knows (DUH!). From Towa’s expression just now, Hata feels that Lilico should not break the news suddenly on Towa and Lilico agrees.
Just then, Minato joins Hata and Lilico on the train and asks about Towa’s absence as he wants to return the keychain he found to her. Lilico is shocked and asks if Minato has managed to have a conversation with Towa. Minato shakes his head, and says that Towa had stared at him so intensely that he wondered if he’d be killed, or if he had done something hateful to Towa.

The scene shifts to Towa who’s hiding in a toilet. She overhears 2 girls talking about a secret, and one of the girls swears the other one to secrecy. Towa reflects on her own behavior towards Lilico, and starts to wonder if she’s wrong in ignoring Lilico’s attempts to tell her about her relationship with Minato since Lilico’s obviously keeping this from others at school.
She finds Hata and Lilico who’re waiting for her outside her classroom to return the keychain to her. When Lilico and Hata turn to return to their classroom, Towa stops Lilico and asks her about the stuff Lilico wanted to tell her about. A shocked Lilico, mindful of Hata’s advice, tells Towa that it was nothing special and that she has already forgotten about the matter. Towa runs off in anger, and when Lilico tries to stop her, Towa exclaims angrily that in the end, Lilico only cares about Minato and no one else, so Lilico’s trying to brush her questions off with lies. Hata finally steps up and tells Towa that Lilico’s not like that, but that upsets Towa even more and she tells him to shut up. Towa runs off to cry in some corner and wonders if Lilico no longer trusts her, and worries about Hata now hating her.

In the next frame, we see Lilico at the library looking at some recipe book. She calls Minato to ask what kind of food he’d like to eat on Sunday, and Minato surprises her by asking if she’d like to go out on a date instead on Sunday since they haven’t gone out on a date yet. Just then, Lilico recollects Towa’s earlier outburst and tells Minato that she doesn’t feel good about enjoying herself when she’s just had a major argument with Towa. Minato persists, and suggests that the 4 of them go out on a date together at a place that Towa likes. Although Lilico is initially excited and thinks that this is a good idea, she isn’t confident of Towa being willing to come out to join them, so she decides against Minato’s suggestion.

Towa has again gone home by herself as she’s ashamed of her earlier outburst and can’t face Hata and Lilico. Suddenly, she hears someone call out her name and realizes that it’s Minato. Minato apologises for using her first name like how Lilico does, but he doesn’t know Towa’s name so he declares that he’ll stick to calling her Towa. Towa tries to run away, but Minato grabs her arm and gives her an envelope, telling her that he’s going to the zoo with Lilico on Sunday, and that he’s put the relevant information and tickets inside the envelope. To Towa’s surprise, Minato simply walks off after delivering his message. Towa is confused by Minato’s actions, and to top it off, Minato suddenly turns around and gives her an evil glare (note: this is in Towa’s imagination lol lol), telling Towa that he’ll take it out on Lilico should she not appear on Sunday.

On Sunday, Minato tells Lilico that he’s sick of the usual supermarket and that he wants to go to somewhere further out. To her surprise, he takes her to an interchange station without getting out of the station, and seems to be looking out for someone.
Soon after, a subdued-looking Towa and Hata appear in front of Lilico and Minato, and Minato calmly admits to Lilico his ruse. Minato points out that Towa has come because she doesn’t want anything untoward to happen to Lilico, which relieves Lilico immensely as she has been so worried about their friendship. (Towa actually hides behind Hata and uses Hata as an excuse for her appearance at the train station). The 2 girls make up as Towa apologises for her abhorrent behavior, and Minato is formally introduced to Towa and Hata as Lilico’s boyfriend.

The group of 4 finally head off to the zoo, and Towa is having so much fun taking shots of the lions that she’s lost.
Meanwhile, while Lilico’s out searching for Towa, Minato asks Hata if he’s the one who convinced Towa to come. Hata recounts how an agitated Towa ran back to school after Minato’s “confrontation” and insisted that Hata accompany her to the outing as she was sure that Lilico was in grave danger. Hata muses wistfully that Towa’s concern for Lilico made Towa come to him even though they had a “quarrel” of some sorts earlier that day, so Lilico is really #1 in Towa’s heart.
Just then, the 2 girls return, and Lilico gleefully recounts how Towa thought that Hata was the one who’d found her and called out his name with unabated happiness. This makes Hata blush a deep red and Minato takes this opportunity to whisk Lilico away and give Hata and Towa some time together alone. While walking around the park, Lilico takes this opportunity to thank Minato for the surprise, but Minato simply pats Lilico and says that he did everything for his own sake since he simply wants Lilico to be like her usual self and smile without any reservations.

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