Sai x Ai Chapter 4 Recap

I’m writing this recap taking into consideration that you should be looking at the scans at the same time as I’m going to skim over the descriptive stuff (like their actions, expressions) and even pages which I judge are not worth it or are self explanatory. If you have any question or if something is not clear leave a comment.
I wrote this because I got a request for it but I haven’t decided if I’ll do the rest. There are only 5 chapters left so I might. If I do they’ll be shorter summaries though.

I don’t remember if this was put in the English scanlation so I’ll include it here.
Characters’ profiles:
Tsugumi Yoshino, 17. 1m48 & 42kg. Gemini. Blood type O. Right now she’s discovering life, she likes to eat.
Shizuka Kamijou, 25. 1m85 & 63Kg. Aries. Blood type AB. His cigarettes’ brands are Garam and Short Hope. He likes tea and coffee.

Chapter 4 Chinese scans
It’s already night so Kamijou tells Yoshino to pack her stuff because he’ll walk her (to the bus stop). Yoshino asks to stay a bit more, since they don’t have class together the next day they won’t see each other before the end of (I assume the week but she’s cut off by Kamijou)… Kamijou tells her no, they’re going to be noticed if they see each other every day and after it’ll be much harder, does she still want to take the risk? She sulks and says she’s going home. He says she’s got a nerve for someone who is being escorted every night.

She thinks that she only wanted to stay with him, she knows they have to be careful but… They didn’t even kiss. She wonders what would happen if others were to learn about it and why is it even forbidden.
He takes her hand and tells her “until the bus stop”. She nervously says that they might be seen but he says it’s too dark, nobody will recognize them. She thinks that he’s not being that careful. Kamijou tells her that even without that (guessing he means the dark here, sorry the translation isn’t very clear) she doesn’t have to worry. Tsugumi thinks she loves that smile.
The next day they are going to visit his university and he’s also going to be there to guide them.
She thinks that when he holds her hand she’s so happy that nothing scares her.

After Kamijou chases the college students away Tsumugi’s friends say too bad about his looks but his classes are nice. Tsumugi thinks that she loves when he is complemented. Then her friends say that if you look carefully he’s not that bad. He’s tall, his voice is sexy, he’s the same age as the guys from earlier but he’s more mature. He’s already almost employed, he’s an adult. They wonder if he has a girlfriend and then say it’s too bad they can’t go out with one of their teachers, that would be realllyyy bad, better to leave that as a fantasm only.
Students ask the other teacher about his wife who is a former student of his (how they met, how many years apart they are, etc…). Tsumugi asks how did they go out, at school? The teacher categorically answers that obviously that’s not the case and are they joking? Can they imagine if it had been found out, she was a minor so she would have been protected but as for him, he would have been scorned, socially speaking there’s no getting back up from that. Tsumugi screams “Why?!”. She says that age doesn’t matter in love so why should only one take responsibility for that. The teacher says she’s not entirely wrong but society is like that, the laws make it that way. Her friends ask if she didn’t even know that. They say that if something like that became known, the teacher would have many problems but it wouldn’t be easy on the student either as in the end, they would have been responsible for his downfall.

Later Kamijou is calling out to Tsumugi, telling her to look at him but she refuses. He turns her head towards him sees her crying face. He says she’s bothered by what she heard after all. Tsumugi says she thought she knew/understood… She recalls the teacher’s words. She thinks that their relationship is forbidden, and recalls her friends’ words. She says she put him in danger, she was so happy that she only thought about herself. She thinks about how ashamed she is. She wanted to know him so much that she forgot the most important thing. Just like a capricious brat. She says she wants to quickly be an adult. She won’t even be able to help him if something were to happen. She says she’s just a child and he agrees. That she has no power, he agrees. That she didn’t even think about enough, again he agrees and adds that she also hates homework, to which she agrees. He says she’s impatient, she agrees. She always says what she’s thinking right away, she agrees. She’s always tripping because of her daydreaming, she’s small, hum… After a pause Tsumugi yells at him, asking what he thinks he’s doing. Kamijou just says that finally she’s reacting. Didn’t he already tell her that everything would be ok? She remembers what he told her when he walked her to the bus stop and she thinks he has the same smile as that time. She thinks that he told her that even though he knows what would happen if… Kamijou hugs her and tells her to stay as she is, he’ll protect her. In her head she apologizes to him because she had no idea. She asks him why he’s always so caring with her when she has nothing to offer for him. He asks if she still doesn’t get it, is there need for a reason to protect the woman one loves? He says that if she has nothing to offer then they’ll see about that later but, if that were really true then nothing would have ever happened between them. As for what they’ll become to each other or both of their paths, they’ll just have to wait and see. Tsugumi wonders (in her head) that she’ll someday become someone for him (I know it sounds weird :S It does in the French version as well). She thinks about how she wants to know if there’s something she can do for him, so she’s ready for anything.
Kamijou says to stop with the suppositions now. Actually, does she remember the penalty they had for this place? She remembers the scene (kiss her when she calls him Sensei). He says he’s taking a lot of risks so it’s the least she can do. He asks if she’s ready, she says yes and they kiss. She thinks about how no one can ever find out.

End of Chapter 4


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