Coffee & Vanilla Chapter 6 Preview & Recap

From the manga magazine Cheese! which came out September 24th
A huge thank you to Chacile for writing this recap!

“I WILL NOT HAND OVER RISA TO ANYBODY.” The cause of Fukami-san’s provocation is!?
Coffee & Vanilla Ch 6_1
In front of her apartment, Risa thanked Fukami for sending her home. Holding her hand, Fukami said that he would’ve wanted to be together for a bit longer, and they could meet tonight if only he didn’t have a business trip, so sorry. As Risa said that it’s nothing, the driver reminds Fukami that they should be heading to the airport soon. Looking at his phone, Fukami realized that it’s about time to go. Looking at him, Risa thought that he’s the “President” of the Fukami Holdings.. thinking again, she’s going out with such an amazing person. While spacing out, Risa also thought that since he is busy, could it be that they wouldn’t meet for a while. Looking back at her, Fukami bid goodbye, and she told him to take care. Suddenly, Fukami went back and kissed her, telling her that once he’s back, he’ll contact her immediately so be a good girl while waiting for him. Risa happily agreed, thinking that she’ll wait for him (with the dog Risa being patted on the head by Fukami).
Coffee & Vanilla Ch 6_4
Days went by and Risa is sitting at a bench thinking out loud if Fukami isn’t back yet. Realizing that she spaced out again, again, she lifts up her head reminding herself that she must be a good girl and wait for him. She then got an idea of welcoming Fukami with some home cooking but was immediately reminded that he’s a better cook than her, and sighed.
She was surprised when Yoshiki asked her what is she sighing for? She was astonished to see him looking closely at her from behind the bench. Climbing the bench, Yoshiki apologized if he frightened her and explained that she looked troubled, so he called out to her. Risa sweat dropped in surprise, thinking that this person is really friendly.
Yoshiki asked what’s up with cooking, for he heard her saying it. Risa said that she just want to be more skilful at cooking. With a friendly smile, Yoshiki said is that so, and if that’s the case, should he refer her to a cooking class. While Risa was surprised, he continued that his cousin is doing it and that beginners are also welcome. Hearing it, Risa thought that taking a cooking class might be a good idea, and if she can cook a delicious meal then definitely.. (she imagined herself being praised by Fukami). Yoshiki also mentioned that they can study by observation so is she interested. As Risa agreed hesitantly, he grabbed her arm while telling her that they’ll go and take a look immediately. Before she can protest, Yoshiki is already holding her hand and took the lead.

By the door, a post states that it’s close for the day. Aghast, Yoshiki apologized. Risa told him not to mind it and thanked him for telling her about it, and that she’ll try it next time. Blushing, he told her to at least let him take her to her house. Risa immediately refused but was cut off by Yoshiki and insisted to please allow him.

While walking to her house, Risa thought that having someone other than Fukami send her home is kind of.. at that thought, she was reminded of Fukami’s comment that Yoshiki likes her. Thinking that even though Fukami might be joking, she mustn’t go easy about it, turning to Yoshiki, she told him that as she thought it’s a bad idea and she’ll go from there. Holding her shoulder, Yoshiki said “don’t be reserved Ri-chan”, being called as such, Risa blushed in surprise. Yoshiki explained, that isn’t calling her “Ri-chan” cuter rather than the typical “Risa-sama”. Sweat dropping, she realized that being overwhelmed by Yoshiki-kun’s pacing, she forgot her being “Risa-sama”. Yoshiki then added that he knows that being “Risa-sama” is only a rumour and that actually, he saw her half a year ago, crouching nervously after she was hit upon. Blushing, she tells him she didn’t know and she’s embarrassed about it. Yoshiki continued, and if I said “since that time, I’ve always been interested in you”, what would you think about it? Seeing Yoshiki’s blushing face as he continued holding her shoulder, Risa realised that he likes her.

Before she can say anything, Fukami arrived and called out to her. Seeing him looking at her, she blushed immediately and thought that he’s back. Fukami said that he tried contacting her once and proceeded to go meet her at her house. Risa immediately check her phone and muttered that she didn’t notice. Fukami greeted Yoshiki, and as Yoshiki returned the greetings, he immediately explained that “it’s his (Yoshiki’s) fault why his (Fukami’s) call was not noticed, it’s because Ri-chan had always been with me till now”. Surprised, Risa thought that even though that’s the case, she doesn’t want it to be misunderstood suspiciously. She tried to explain it but Fukami just said “I see.. thank you for taking Risa home. If you would like, I can take you home with the car, would you like to ride in?” Blushing, Yoshiki commented, “what’s up with that composure”, turning his back, he told him that he’ll walk home and that he isn’t giving up on Ri-chan yet.

Flustered by the confession, Risa thought what to do. Fukami then called out to her, and that first of all, they’ll get in the car instead of standing around while talking. Looking at his back, she’s anxious of what could Fukami thinks about it, she remembered his reminder to be a good girl as she waits for him and thought what to do if he got angry.

Inside the car, Risa apologized and she wasn’t able to answer his call and also about Yoshiki-kun. Without waiting for her explanation, Fukami just said that he understood so it’s alright. Without looking at her, he asked if she’s hungry for it’s already 6pm. Risa said that she’s not hungry and wondered if Fukami isn’t really bothered by it. She thought that if it had been her, she wouldn’t like it if the other party is together with someone else and being confessed to while she’s not around. She continued to wonder if she’s just bothered too much about it. As they were both silent in the car, Fukami cast a glance towards Risa.
Coffee & Vanilla Ch 6_24
When arrived at their destination, Risa was amazed for it is a high class hotel. Heading towards the room, Risa wondered why are they in that place. Upon entering the room, she commented that it’s spacious. Fukami called her to look through the glass window, for the night view is beautiful. Seeing the view, she smiled happily in agreement. Fukami then said “thank goodness, you’re smiling at last” and touched her cheek. Blushing, she asked if he brought her here for that reason. Patting her head while blushing, Fukami answered that he just want to see her smiling face. Thinking that Fukami wanted to please someone like her this much, she uttered an apology for what happened today. But then again, before she can finish, Fukami took her in his arms told her that she’s a hopeless girl.

While he’s carrying her to bed, she asked if he’s still bothered about Yoshiki. Fukami replied that he generally understood that kind of situation, much to Risa’s surprise. Upon putting her to bed, he started kissing her, after which, he told her that it makes her not bothered by it anymore right? While undoing his necktie, Fukami told Risa that he likes her and Risa answered that she likes him too.
As they proceeded to make love, Risa thought that she’ll properly refuse Yoshiki-kun next time.
On the bed, Fukami is staring at Risa who is sleeping peacefully and touched her cheek and hair. After a while, he lowered himself to her while saying “punishment”.

Ceecile note: I’m guessing the punishement is a kiss mark? Mangas sure do love those and the whole branding the girl thing *sigh*

16 thoughts on “Coffee & Vanilla Chapter 6 Preview & Recap

  1. @ Ceecile: Indeed, it would have to be a highly visible kissmark. Lol

    While I’m very happy about the thought of this series reaching more than one volume (horray!!!), I’m also very satisfied as regards Fukami’s consistency. 😆Rather than seeing it as lacking of character development, I see him as a very consistent adult who knows exactly what he wants and will fight tooth and nail to protect his interest whithout exposing his weakness to the enemy. Instead of lashing out his jealousy, he preferred to make an effort to win his woman’s heart in order to ward off the other guy. Ah, that calm and composed look he gave to Yoshiki after that misleading explanation made me grin and think “this character is a veratan in a lot of ways, he’s not a president at a relatively young age for nothing!!”

    Ahhh.. Akegami-sensei, you caught me hook, line and sinker with this handsome and dreamy character.. He is very direct and vocal, yet his actions only adds up to his sweetness as a character, this is indeed the vanilla like love that Risa had been looking for.

    The only problem I see is Risa’s submissiveness and lack of confidence on her self. I guess, she’ll eventually grow and muster some confidence as the story progress. Though she currently views herself as a pet toward it’s master as regards Fukami, seeing how she intends to close their gap (e.g. cooking prowess) one at a time, she’s getting there.. she’s slowly getting there and it’s rather adorable to see her do her utmost best sincerely.😊

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  3. Thank you for summarizing the manga for me! IT WAS SO GOOD! I got the feel for it as I was reading. (THUMBS up) I’m wondering if Coffee&Vanilla will update again? Is it?


    1. Hi! You’re welcome 🙂
      The manga is still ongoing with, as of today, 13 chapters. However since I stopped buying CHEESE! (the magazine it is published in) I won’t be posting anymore from this manga.


      1. Oh.. Thank you for letting me know. It may end but I’m looking forward to your other manga(s).
        Your summaries are very interesting. I could feel what the character are feeling as I’m reading 🙃


  4. I have a question for you. (Sorry I’m still new with commenting and stuff) do you if the manga will update again? (If you do, do u maybe know when) thank you FIGHTING ^v^


  5. Hi ceecile.. Your translations are very clear and easy to understand.. This I’ve been looking for the chapter 2 of this manga.. Do uou happen to have it? Thank you very much..


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